Can Cats Eat Tuna?

Can Cats Eat Tuna

All cats love tuna, but can cats eat tuna from the can as we do and does this satisfy some of their dietary needs?

I can answer this, and it’s not as clear-cut as you probably think…

First of all, there is a big difference between canned tuna and fresh tuna. As well as canned tuna in water, brine, and oil.

Tuna that comes in oils or brine is a definite no. Oil and brine are bad for cats, it’s hard for their bodies to process and can cause some stomach upset.

Tuna from a can in water is OK in small amounts.

The main problem with canned tuna is that it typically contains small amounts of mercury. Not enough to cause us any problems of course, but for a cat, it makes them sick.

Tuna is also lacking in certain minerals and vitamins that cats need in their diets, such as vitamin E in particular.

It’s a misconception that all fish is good for cats. It’s true that they would catch and eat fish in the wild, but they can’t live on fish alone.

Can Cats Get Addicted to Tuna?

Yes, cats can get addicted to tuna if you’ve been giving them too much and spoiling them with this treat.

If they have been eating it a lot they will start holding out on other food waiting for more tuna. As well as stalking your every move in the kitchen and their ears will perk up at the slightest sound of a tuna can or similar being opened.

Tuna, much like pork, ham, and other fish and meats has a very strong smell and taste and cats love it, so it’s very easy for them to become obsessed or addicted to tuna.

And because it’s not the best food for them to be eating in large amounts this can become a real problem if you’ve been unknowingly giving them some of this tasty treat.

The only real advice I can give to treat them like any addict. Go cold turkey on the tuna and break their will to hold out for it.

See if they will take to healthy tuna flavored cat food, and do your best to make sure they never get a whiff or a taste of tuna again.

Can You Feed a Cat Tuna Everyday?

No, tuna does not have enough of the nutrients and vitamins to be a sustainable food for cats to eat every day.

It’s great as a treat and cats love tuna. But you should keep it to an occasional treat and make sure the bulk of their diet is quality cat food.

In Summary

The ASPCA says that it’s safe to feed your can tuna as an occasional treat, and seeing how much most cats enjoy tuna it’s a nice thing to offer them.

There are plenty of healthy cat foods that come in tuna flavor too though. So consider these if your cat loves the smell and taste of tuna.