Best Steps for Cats With Arthritis

Best Steps for Cats With Arthritis

Handling a cat with arthritis can be difficult at times.  Making sure your cat can navigate around your house to all his normal spots is essential in keeping your cat comfortable.  Constant jumping and leaping can cause your cat’s arthritis to worsen.  One of the best interventions you can do for your cat is purchasing cat steps.

Cat steps will help minimize stress on your cats joints while he is roaming to his favorite spots in the house.  A few things to keep in mind when searching for cat steps are: the weight, size, strength, and durability.

I have listed a few of the best steps for cats with arthritis that will help limit the jumping your cat will have to do on a daily basis. At the end of the article I also go over a few frequently asked questions as well as a few tips on dealing with arthritis in a cat.

Armarkat Pet Stairs/Steps for Cats

These cat steps by Armarkat are an excellent choice due to their durability and size. Its size is perfect for allowing your cat to reach higher places that they would normally need to jump to access. To check the current pricing and availability of these steps click here to view it on amazon.

Armarkat has been internationally recognized as one of the moat reliable brands for quality, affordable pricing, and endurance for the last 20 years. This cat tree is visually appealing and will blend in nicely with an array of furniture setups in your home. This product has a very sturdy base and foundation which makes putting it together easy. These steps are made with pet friendly materials that are harmless to both you and your pet. These stairs are made to last for a very long time, and if you ever need replacement parts you can order them directly from the manufacturer.

The material covering the steps is made of faux fleece while the board material is pressed wood. The overall dimensions of these steps are as follows: 25 inches tall, 25 inch deep, and 17 inch wide. The maximum holding capacity is 70 pounds which is enough to withstand even the heaviest of cats.

User Reviews

The overall comments for this product are positive. Many users are happy with how easy it is to build as well as how sturdy it is. It also makes a great scratching post. Many of the customers have purchased several over the years because they work so well.

There are a few complaints about this product. The stairs come with a brass plate with the companies brand on it that can potentially be a safety hazard for your cat. Other complaints were about the life of the product. If your cat regularly uses this as a scratching post, then it may not be the best choice for you.

New Cat Condos Large Pet Stairs For Cats

These pet stairs from new cat condos is a great choice for a cat with arthritis.  You can check the current pricing by clicking here to see it on amazon.  As mentioned before, cat steps will help your cat reach places without having to jump or leap.  This helps relieve unneeded pressure and tension on your cats joints and promote healing.  These cat steps will come fully assembled which means that it is ready to use once you take it out of the box.  No additional assembly is required.

When choosing a cat steps for your cat you want to make sure it is sturdy.  These steps are made from solid wood and uses house grade carpet for the best effect for your cat.  These steps can withhold up to 100 pounds, but is not recommended for human use.  If you are wondering about the size of these steps the dimensions are as followed: 20″W x 20″D x 20″H.  They are fairly sized which means it wont be in the way.  Being made of solid wood can be both bad or good depending on your preference.  Cat steps that are made of solid wood tend to be a lot heavier than steps that are made of compressed wood.  This can make it a hassle to move the steps around your house.

The manufacturer of these steps have noted that the posts are made from all natural wood posts that may have cracks or natural defects.  They will not affect the strength and integrity of the cat steps in anyway.  The color shades and textures that you see in the image may vary from step to step, but overall quality will be excellent.

The amount of positive reviews for these cat steps are very high.  New cat condos delivers what they have promised.  Strong, durable, and effective cat steps at a reasonable price.  You can’t go wrong purchasing these for the added safety for your cat.

Dallas Manufacturing Co Pet Steps

These steps from Dallas manufacturing is another great option for your cat.  Check the current pricing by clicking here to see it on amazon.  The main difference that these steps have from from steps are that they are very lightweight yet still durable.  The steps are made up of a unique technology that is called DuraCore technology.  Its a unique cardboard configuration that creates an incredibly dense, but lightweight step.  This make moving the steps around your house easy.  The different approach in building material that Dallas manufacturing has chose, makes this an awesome choice if you don’t want to purchase solid wood steps.

The maximum weight supported for these steps is an impressive 150 pounds!  There is no need to worry about the safety of your cat with these steps.  Also included to help with transportation is a handle on the side.  Simply grab the carrying handle and move it to your desired location in your house.  When it comes to cleaning, simply remove the cover and throw it into the washer.  Once dry, replace the cover onto the steps.

On the bottom of the steps is a non skid surface for added safety.  This is to ensure the cat steps are well planted into the ground and will not slide around while being used.  This is key for the safety of your cat.  There are a few options that are available with these steps.  You can purchase two, three, or four steps based upon your preference.

Most of the reviews from the owners have left positive reviews for these cat steps.  The build quality tends to remain robust from purchase to purchase which shows that this manufacturer has good quality control on their product.

Majestic Pet Portable Cat Stairs

Another great option is the majestic pet portable cat stairs.  These steps are a bit more on the pricey side.  See the current pricing here on amazon.  These cat steps are probably the best steps for cats with arthritis.  They were specifically designed with cat arthritis in mind.  The size of these steps are as followed: 24″D x 20″H x 16″W.  These are perfectly sized for any sized pet that need the extra help to get onto the couch, bed, sofa, chairs, or any other object in your house.

These cat steps are specially designed with a cushion that greatly helps reduce the risk of injury in the case of weak legs or bones.  This makes it perfect for arthritis in your cat  The sturdy foam insert was also designed with the owner in mind.  If you bump into these steps at night, you don’t have to worry about bruising or hurting your shins like other steps that are made of solid wood.

Cleaning these steps are also easy.  Simply remove the cover and put them into the washer.  Wash it on a gentle cycle and finish it off with a tumble dry.  The steps also come in a variety of colors to suit your taste.  You also have the option between choosing 3 or 4 steps based on your preference.

There seems to be many conflicting reviews on amazon based on these cat steps.  Some users have reported that these steps are great quality, while others have said they can barely support their 10 pound pet.  This may shed some light on the quality control that majestic pet has on their products.

What Is Arthritis in a Cat?

Arthritis in cats is similar to arthritis in humans.  Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is also known as osteoarthritis.  As a cat gets older, the cartilage of the bones start to degenerate or wear thing.  As this happens in your cat, his body will try to repair it but the new surface will start to become increasing irregular or incomplete.  These differences in the surface of the joint is what causes the pain and inflammation when the bones meet up with each other.  The most frequently affected areas are the shoulders, elbow, ankle, and hips.  Basically areas that have constant pressure, or are being constantly utilized throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean other parts of your cat’s body cant get arthritis, like the spine.  These are just the most common areas that it will affect due to the nature of how a cat’s body functions on a daily basis.  The more a joint is used, the higher the risk of arthritis.  An obese cat is at a higher risk for arthritis due to the extra load being stressed on the joints.  So how do you know if your cat is suffering from arthritis?  There are many signs and symptoms that you need to look out for in your cat if they are experiencing osteoarthritis.

Signs Your Cat May Have Arthritis

Every cat will exhibit different signs and symptoms of arthritis.  This is mainly due to how much pain they are experiencing and how developed the arthritis is.  Some behaviors you can look out for are changes in bathroom or eating habits.  If your cat is using their litter box less then it may be painful for them to hop in and out of it in order to do their business.  Your cat may also show less tendency to eat due to having to kneel over and place pressure on the shoulders and limbs which are common areas that arthritis affects.  These might sound like small signs to look out for, but they are signs nonetheless.

More prominent signs that your cat may have arthritis may include:

  • Limping, stiffness, favoring one leg over another
  • Wobbly walking (altered gait)
  • Shows signs of difficulty getting up after lying down
  • Is less mobile in general (inability to jump)
  • No longer goes to his favorite spots if it requires excessive jumping or maneuvering (window sills)

Although arthritis isn’t life threatening to your cat on its own, it can still greatly affect his quality of life as a cat.  We all know cats are known to be lazy, but arthritis can bring this laziness to a whole new level for your cat which can be unhealthy and lead to greater health concerns later down the road.

What Can You Give Your Cat for Arthritis Pain?


Normally if you’re feeling the affects of being stiff and sore, you might take a couple of painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen.  This simply isn’t the case for your cat.  Tossing a few pills at your cat for joint pain can make him very ill and may even kill him.  Many of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used by vets to treat dogs have very harmful effects if used on a cat.  Most cats are extremely sensitive to these types of medications.  There is an exception to this and its called meloxicam.  It’s marketed under the name of Metocam.  Your best option is to speak with your cat’s vet for proper dosing of this medication before you decide to medicate your cat.


There are many different products on the market that is sued to relieve arthritis pain in humans.  Many of these products also have a feline counterpart which you can purchase for your cat.  The most common form of this is called glucosamine.  This supplement helps to promote joint health by preventing cartilage degeneration which is the main issue with arthritis.  There are many studies showing this to be effective and safe fro controlled studies.  These pills are available in the common fish or chicken flavored capsules that you can mix in with your cat’s food everyday.


Methyl-sulfonate-methane comes in a powder or pill form.  It’s a natural sulfur source for the body.  It can be purchased over the counter and contains anti-inflammatory effects.  Msm also aids in promoting cartilage repair.  Many supplements contain this as one of their ingredients.  If you want to give this to your cat by itself, then you can mix it in with his food or feed it to him as a pill.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a very popular supplement for human joint support.  This is no surprise that this is also good for your cat.  What cat doesn’t like fish?  It should be simple to supplement you cat’s diet with some form of fish oil whether its from pill form or liquid form.  Fish oils are great for joint support because they contain omega-3 fatty acids which contain anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s best to consult with your cat’s vet about the best fish oil supplements to give your cat.

Final Thoughts

Arthritis in cats should not be taken lightly.  Try to make your cat’s favorite areas more accessible by adding steps throughout your home.  Adding steps will help your cat stay mobile and motivated to continue his daily routines.  Don’t forget to provide your cat with proper treatment or supplements to help reduce or prevent arthritis altogether. 

If your cat suffers from obesity then this can be a main contributor to arthritis.  Take the action to help give your cat a better diet or he may suffer from more than just arthritis.  Obesity doesn’t just lead to arthritis, but it is one of the leading causes for diabetes in cats.

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