The 5 Best Pool Table Covers for Cats: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

best pool table covers for cats

Cats are curious creatures and will get into and onto almost anything. This includes your expensive pool table. Whether your pool table is just a piece of decoration or the most played piece of equipment in your game room, protecting it from your cat’s claws will save you hundreds down the line.

Your pool table may have come with a cover already, or you may have purchased one in the past. The only problem is it probably isn’t going to defend itself well against your cat’s sharp claws. The difference between a pool table cover that will protect against your cat, and one that won’t is the material and thickness of the cover.

One of the strongest materials to use is leatherette. It is durable, thick, and strong enough to withstand your cat walking or trying to claw the top of your pool table. Not sure on which pool table cover to choose for the best defense from your cat? This overview highlights everything you need to know about pool table covers


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Imperial Fitted Pool Table Cover
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Top Pick: Boshen Pool Table Cover
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Han’s Delta Pool Table Cover
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1- GSE Games & Sports Leatherette Pool Table Cover

This pool table cover by GSE Games & Sports is another great option for your pool table. It’s made from a heavy duty vinyl, and is wrinkle free. This means you can easily take it off an reapply it without worrying about how it will look every time.

The measurements for the drape are 112″ X 62″ from each edge. The side drape is 7″ from the top. It’s designed to fit most 9 ft. pool tables so be sure to read the reviews to get a better idea if it will fit your pool table, or contact the manufacturer with your exact pool table measurements before ordering.

The corners are weighted and machine sewed for added durability. This is a spot where most covers fail when trying to fit it to your pool table.

What we like

  • Very thick and durable
  • Fits many pool tables well
  • Excellent build quality

What we don’t like

  • Can rip or tear when stretching it over bigger pool tables
  • May need to order slightly above your actual pool table size
  • Measure pool table before ordering

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2- Boshen Leatherette Pool Table Cover

This is our top pick for the best pool table cover when it comes to protecting your pool table from your cat. It’s very heavy duty with a cotton fleece backing, and is made to last for long term use. The material is composed of a heavy leatherette which is our recommendation for a good cover.

Not only will it protect your table from your cat, but it will also help protect against spills, dust-buildup, and other possible damaging environmental factors. The corners are machine sewn and weighted for extra durability.

The measurements without drape is 100′ L X 56″ W, and will fit most 8 foot tables. Boshen also offers domestic shipping with a return and money back guarantee. You can freely contact them at anytime.

What we like

  • Very strong, durable, and scratch resistant
  • Comes in a massive variety of colors to suit almost every person
  • Great Price
  • Fits most pool tables without issues

What we don’t like

  • Measure pool table before ordering

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3- Imperial Fitted Pool Table Cover

Another good option for protecting your pool table. It is made of heavy-duty naugahyde which is extremely durable, and capable of withstanding more abuse than vinyl covers. It provides protection for the top and sides of your pool table.

Protects great against accidental spills, dust build-up, dirt, and most importantly pets. This style isn’t as fitted as the other products listed here which caters to some people. If you are looking for a very snug-fit cover, then this one probably won’t be the one for you.

It also comes in a variety of sizes made to fit 7, 8, or 9 foot billiard tables. The color selection is pretty small, but the colors it does have are pretty universal by most standards.

What we like

  • Very durable
  • Can remove and apply very fast since it is not fitted
  • Great build quality

What we don’t like

  • Price range is a little high
  • Size may be a little bigger than expected
  • Measure pool table before ordering
  • Not fitted
  • May wrinkle after multiple uses

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4- Han’s Delta Leatherette Pool Table Cover

The Han’s Delta pool table cover is an awesome, high quality vinyl cover with a leatherette finish. The seams are reinforced with double-stitching to help withstand stretching and pulling.

This pool table cover is specifically designed to fit a 7 ft. pool table. The measurements without drape is 51″ W X 91″ L. The cover is based on the outside measurement of the pool table, and not the playing area. Although this may seem obvious, the manufacturer decided to add this disclaimer to their product.

Unfortunately at the time of this review, the manufacturer only produces this item for 7 ft. pool tables. They may expand to further sizes in the future so be sure to check it out!

What we like

  • Very low price compared to other covers
  • Great build quality
  • Fits most billiard tables without issues

What we don’t like

  • Not much variety in colors
  • Measure pool table before ordering
  • Size selection

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5- Iszy Billiards Leatherette Pool Table Cover

The Iszy Billiards pool table cover will work great in defending your pool table from your cat. It is an 8 foot heavy duty leatherette cover with cotton backing. There quality of this product is exceptional. It is designed to fit most 8 foot tables, but may struggle to fit on some.

The total measurements of this item is 115.5″ L X 71″ W. The measurements without the drape is 100″ L X 56″ W. This item is a fitted cover which means that it’s meant to fit snugly around your pool table cover unlike some other covers which fit loosely. You won’t have to worry about the cover being pulled or ripped apart by your cat.

This product comes in a variety of color sets, but they don’t seem to appeal to the masses. I personally did not find the colors appealing, but everyone will have their own opinion on this.

What we like

What we don’t like

  • Does not fit on an 8 inch pool table easily. Possible ripping or tearing may occur.
  • Fitment issues
  • Color selection
  • Measure pool table before ordering

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What to Look for in a Pool Table Cover

To find the best pool table cover for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Size of Your Pool Table

This is the most important factor when looking for a cover for your pool table. Not all manufacturers create a cover to fit all sizes of pool tables. Be sure to check how big your pool table is by either measuring it or checking your owner’s manual.

Material of the Cover

A pool table cover made of a thick leatherette will work excellent against your cat’s claws. Do not settle for cheap or thin vinyl materials as they just aren’t strong enough to protect against your cat.

Fitted or Not Fitted

This is purely based on user preference. However, a cover that is fitted is more likely to stay on your pool table than one that is not. A non-fitted cover will usually fit your pool table loosely and can be somewhat easy to dislodge, but is very quick to apply or remove.

A fitted cover also has its flaws. If you are constantly applying and removing the cover, you may eventually end up damaging or tearing the cover all together. You may want to consider a non-fitted cover if you plan on using your pool table often.


I would recommend settling with a more neutral color like black or a dark brown. You can’t really go wrong with either one since they pair well with many pool tables.

If you decide to get something more colorful, be mindful that what you receive in person may differ vastly from what you saw in a photo.

Best Pool Table Cover Brands


Boshen is located in China, and was founded in 1993. With over 200 workers, Boshen provides genuine leather service for many fashion brands. They are a huge company and work with many famous brands all around the world.

They specialize in the production of small leather goods such as briefcases, handbags, backpacks, belts, wallets, and customer orders tailored for small businesses and manufacturers.


Games & Sports Expert specializes in a variety of sports and outdoor items. From pool tables, to volleyball, this brand has got you covered. They are a fairly new company, but have carved out a space for them in this competitive marketplace. Their customer reviews speak for themselves.


Q: How are pool tables measured?

A: This is an excellent question because pool tables are not measured from edge to edge. Pool tables are actually measured from the inside of the playing area from one tip of the rail cushion to the other.

This is done because some manufacturers equip different sized railings which can cause the pool tables to be bigger or smaller. Playing fields, however, are standardized into four sizes throughout the industry to keep measurements consistent.

Q: How much does a pool table cover cost?

A: Pool table covers vary in cost from about 10$ to 50$. The average price for a well made cover is around 30$. Anything less than this price can mean that you are getting a lower quality material which will most likely not hold up against sharp cat claws.

Q: What are the different size pool tables?

A: Like I mentioned earlier, pool tables come standard in four different sizes. These sizes are typically referred to as 9-foot, 8.5 ft, 8 ft, or 7 ft tables. In all of these scenarios, the table is a rectangle with a 2:1 ratio (e.g. 8 x 4 ft).

Final Thoughts

Pool tables are not cheap. The standard covers that come with them do not offer much protection at all other than keeping dust off of them. Purchasing a premium cover for your pool table helps protect your investment for the long term.

The Boshen Leatherette Pool Table Cover does an excellent job when it comes to pool table protection from your cat. It beats the competition in terms of quality, price, and variety. Other covers generally fail in one or more areas of quality, durability, or selection choice.

Whichever pool table cover you choose, I hope this guide has been a helpful resource for helping you decide.