Best Medicine For Cat Ear Mites

Best Medicine For Cat Ear Mites

Your cat will encounter many different bugs and insects throughout his life.  These can range from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and ear mites.  When dealing with ear mites it is very crucial to treat it early.  I have gathered a small list of the best medicine for cat ear mites that will help you decide which is best for your cat.

PetPost Cat Ear Cleaner Wipes – Treatment For Ear Mites

The petpost cat ear cleaner wipes are a great choice when it comes to dealing with your cat’s ear mites.  You can see the current price by clicking here to see it on amazon.  These are one of the most effective ear cleaner wipes on the market today.  It works excellent at clearing away the wax and dirt inside of your cats ear that ear mites love to snack on.  This means a cleaner, healthier, and happier cat in the grand scheme of things.

This product is even recommended by groomers and vets to be safer than traditional ear mite treatments.  Other treatments may include harsh chemicals, medication, pesticides, or irritants that may harm your cat during treatment.  The wipes are incredibly soft and are made of cotton.  This makes getting into your cat’s ears easy.  Since the medicine is in the wipes, there is no need for spilled medicine, measuring capfuls, cheap pads, and treatments that don’t work.  Petpost also designed their product with the environment in mind.  They use all naturally derived ingredients, recyclable packaging, and eco-friendly cotton pads.  This would be a great choice if you are for supporting an eco-friendly environment.

There is really nothing to lose with this product.  Petpost offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their product.  If it doesn’t work, or you are not satisfied with the results, they will replace the product or give you your money back with no questions asked.

The majority of the reviews on amazon for this product are mainly positive.  The product has worked quick and easy for a lot of users.  There are also a few negative reviews as well.  In the small amount of negative reviews, most users stated that it just did not work well for their cat.  A few other people were dissatisfied with the size of the product, complaining that it is very small and the pictures are deceiving.

PetPost Natural Coconut Oil Solution For Ear Mites

Another great product from petpost is their all natural coconut oil for cat ear mites.  You can see the current price on amazon by clicking here.  This is another solid approach if you want to get rid of your cat’s ear mites.  Petpost has taken a more natural approach with this coconut oil formula.  This is a special formula that is derived from plant based ingredients.

This formula will treat your cat if they are itching and scratching at their sore ears.  It will also remove disgusting ear wax and dirt that is clogged inside the ear canals which attract ear mites.  Any nasty odor your cat may have coming from their ears will also be treated.

It’s also perfect if your cat has an ear infection, ear mites, or a yeast infection.  Petpost believes that the main problem found in other ear cleaners on the market for cats is that they use very harsh chemicals.  These chemicals can actually damage your cat’s sensitive ears.  This is where their ear cleaner is different.  The extra-powerful plant based solution contains the highest of quality extracts from coconut and palm.  This means it will gently remove the ear wax, dirt, and debris.

It will also help soothe your cat’s ears and help prevent future problems if used on a regular basis.  All the the bottles come with an easy-application nozzle at the end.  This helps prevent messy spills and makes administering the cleaner effortless.  Like other petpost products, this product comes with a money back guarantee.  If you are not hap[y or the product fails to work, you can request a replacement or a full refund of the product.

Most of the reviews of this product are positive.  Many users have reported that their cat’s ear mites started to heal after just a few days of regular use.  There are a few negative reviews from some of the users of this product.  A few have reported that with constant use, the solution has dried out their cat’s ears which has cause inflammation and swelling.  Some people have also stated that the product did not work at all for their cat’s ear mites.

PetMD Otic Clean Ear Cleanser

PetMD otic ear cleanser is another great product you can choose to rid your cat’s ears of ear mites.  Check out the current pricing here on amazon.  This is a scientifically designed cleanser used to treat ear mites.  This formula was designed by veterinarians to deodorize, clean, dry, and acidify ears.  This will eliminate the build up of wax, fluid, dirt, and debris in your cat’s ears to stop him from scratching.

There are no harsh chemicals found in this cleanser which means it is safe and gentle for daily use.  It will not sting, burn, or aggravate your cat or kitten.  There is a pleasant sweet pea scent left by the cleanser to leave your cat’s ears feeling good and smelling fresh.  This formula is made in the USA and is made in a federally regulated manufacturing facility to ensure its quality and safety.

There are mostly positive reviews found about this product on amazon.  Users have experienced great success in using this in their cat’s ears.  Also, others have said the solution worked great on their dogs as well which makes this a well rounded product if you have lots of animals.  There are also a few negative reviews about this product.

Some users have reported that their animal’s ears worsened after using this product.  Like any product on the market, you will be using this at your own risk.  Some animals may have a negative reaction towards a product, while another animal may have great results.

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