Best E Collar Alternatives for Cats

best e collar alternatives for cats

At some point in your cat’s life they may need to wear an e-collar. Whether its from a wound or surgery, an e-collar will be required to keep them from reaching that area. The only problem with the e-collar you get from the vet is that they are usually hideous and do not always fit the best. They come in this big ugly white cone shaped piece of plastic that looks like an upside down dunce cap.

Not to mention it is probably very uncomfortable for your cat to wear. Luckily there are actually after market e-collars that get the job done in style. Not only are these collars for your cat stylish, but they also greatly increase their range of motion and mobility while being worn. Here is a small list of some of the best e collar alternatives for cats

Bolbove Pet Plastic E-Collar

The Bolbove e-collar for cats is a great alternative to the plain white plastic cone. To see the current price click here to check it on amazon. This e-collar comes in two different sizes for your cat. The small size will fit a neck girth of 5.5″ to 7″ with the overall depth of 3.5″. To measure your cat’s neck, simply use a flexible tape measure to measure the girth of your cat’s neck. Once you have measured your cat’s neck, it is recommended to go one size up for the comfort of your cat.
There are also a few different colors to choose from depending on your personal preference. This e-collar fits kittens, cats, small breeds, puppies, rabbits etc.

The main focus of this e-collar is to be stylish while still maintaining its purpose. It prevents your cat from biting and scratching injuries, rashes, surgical sites, stitches, and wounds. The collar is made of a lightweight plastic with soft fabric edges. This aids in your cat’s daily activities like eating, sleeping, drinking, or just laying their head down. It also features a unique button closure which enables you to secure the collar on without it falling or being pulled off by your cat.

User Reviews

The majority of reviews for this product are positive. Many users have stated that this e-collar is a great alternative to the cheap plastic one given by veterinarians. Their cat’s were able to easily eat, drink, and sleep with this unique flexible e-collar. Other positive remarks were about how well it fit their cats. The sizing is remarkable and is definitely worth it.

There were a few lower reviews from customers. Some stated that the e-collar was cheaply made and did not stay on their cat. Some collars broke prematurely with normal use. Other negative comments were about the cone not stopping their cat from licking their stitches or wounds. This definitely isn’t the most expensive collar on the market, so that leaves room for improvement.

SunGrow Cute Comfy Cone for Cats

The SunGrow e-collar for cats is another excellent option to go for. To check the current pricing and availability click here to check on amazon. This is an awesome alternative to a plain white cone. There are a variety of different colors and sizes available for this collar. This e-collar is cushioned and very comfortable for your cat to wear for prolonged periods of time. The collar is very lightweight which makes mobility for your cat easy. It works perfect post-op. This collar will stop your cat from biting or licking at wounds or surgical areas. This collar even works great for cats with skin conditions. It will let your cat’s wounds heal effectively.

This e-collar was designed with maximum comfort and visibility in mind. This collar does not interfere with your cat’s peripheral vision or their daily activities like eating and drinking. They will also be able to sleep and lay down in comfort. One of the cool things about this collar is that it has an adjustable loop type fasteners. When you place this collar around your cat’s neck, you simply use the fasteners to tighten or loosen as required. This cone is ideal for necks measuring 9-10 inches which includes both large cats and small dogs.

User Reviews

Many of the reviews received by this product are positive. A majority of the users stated that this collar fit their cat perfectly while looking stylish at the same time. The main thing is that it prevented their cats from reaching those problem areas that need to be protected which is the real reason for an e-collar. You can be sure that if you take the correct measurements, then this collar will be perfectly suited for your cat.

Don’t forget the negative reviews about this product. There are a few users who did not experience the same results as others while using this product. Some cat owners stated that it did not protect their cats from getting to their wounds or problem areas. Others complained that the Velcros lifted too easily as well as the cone folding in with not much effort. The main negative reviews comes from users stating that the cone is not sturdy enough to stop their cats from scratching, biting, or licking their wounds.

AnnaEye Pet Recovery E Collar

The collar is held together with a Velcro enclosure which enables you to easily adjust the tightness. The soft flexible material of this cone allow your cat to freely eat, drink, and lay down like normal without much issue. Before purchasing this product it is recommended to measure the circumference around your cat’s neck to help select the correct size.

This next e-collar by AnnaEye is another great alternative to the standard white cone you get from your cat’s vet. To check its current availability and pricing click here to see it on amazon. This collar provides a safe and humane alternative method of preventing your cat from aggravating a healing wound or injury. This excels in preventing your cat from licking, biting, and scratching. The lightweight flower petal design is very soft and comfortable. Be sure to watch your cat in case they start to chew on the collar since it is very soft. This is primarily used for cats and small dogs.

User Reviews

This e-collar has a majority of positive reviews from verified users. Many customers stated that their cat’s mood changed for the better when they replaced the standard white cone with this one. Many users commented positively about how soft, but big the collar is. It’s soft enough to let their cats eat and drink, but also big enough to wear they cant get to the injury or wound. This e-collar is overall a highly recommended purchase.

There are a small amount of negative reviews left for this product. Some users actually thought the collar was way too long for their pets. Not the neck part, but the actual length of the cone. This can be both a bad and a good thing. Beware if purchasing this product, many users actually reported that they received a totally different product.

Petbaba Recovery E-Collar for Cats

Yet another great e-collar alternative for cats. Petbaba has created a simple, yet effective collar. Click here to check the current pricing and availability on amazon. This collar comes in a few different styles and sizes. Always be sure to measure your cat’s neck circumference to make sure the collar will fit correctly. The shape and size of this collar efficiently prevents pets from licking or scratching wounds to help encourage healing. This cone can be used after surgeries, or even as a grooming occasion to help reduce the aggression from a cat or puppy. The material is made of a lightweight PVC collar that does not obstruct your pet’s vision or affect daily life.

User Reviews

Despite this products horrible landing page and description, there are a decent amount of positive reviews. Many users are very satisfied with this product. It is very cheap compared to other products on the market and gets the job done better than most of them per customer reviews. One thing to note is to order the bigger size. The smaller sized cone is only for kittens. This has to do with the poor item description.

A few customers left negative reviews about this collar. Some stated that the collar is so soft that after a few days it stretched out and was rendered useless. Others had issues with their cat being able to remove the collar altogether.

Why Is It Called an E Collar?

This is probably the question that everyone is asking. What exactly does e-collar mean? The e-collar was named after the Elizabethan collar from Queen Elizabeth. She made the collar fashionable during this era. This collar that was named after Queen Elizabeth is now referred to as an e-collar which is a helpful medical device. The device is mainly used to prevent dogs and cats from excessively scratching, licking, or biting an area or spot after surgery that needs healing.

How Long Do You Keep a Cone on a Cat After Neutering?

Neutering a cat is one of the most common surgeries causing your cat to need an e-collar. It’s very important to remember that the site that is healing starts to get itchy about 5-8 days later. This is the most important time the collar is needed. You want to stop your cat at all costs from biting or scratching this area. You must keep the cone on your cat for at least fourteen days. This can be hard with a traditional style cone. This is why it is highly recommended to go with an aftermarket e-collar. An aftermarket cone will be much more comfortable and tolerable for your cat.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of e-collars on the market. Every collar has its pros and cons. It also highly depends on the size and activity level of your cat. Some of the user reviews from these collars are complete opposite of what the others have stated. One collar can be great for one customer, but horrible for the next. It seems the best type of collar to get would be one that is big enough to protect your cat’s wound, but soft enough to wear they can still eat and drink without issues. Be sure to read about return policies before purchasing in case the collar does not fit or work on your cat.

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