Best Anxiety Jackets for Cats

best anxiety jackets for cats

The best anxiety jackets for cats are the ones that fit nice and snug. There are many different times in your cat’s life that can benefit from using an anxiety jacket. Going to the vet, traveling in a car, or being in a new environment is enough to stress out and cause anxiety in your cat.

There are many different symptoms of anxiety in cats to look out for. Some are obvious, while others may take a little more effort to spot.

Finding the right jacket for your cat is like trying to find the perfect fitting shoe. It might take a little effort to find just the right size for your cat. Here is a small list of a few of the best anxiety jackets for cats.

Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket for Cats

The Thundershirt anxiety jacket for cats is the first excellent choice in this scarce market. You can check the current pricing and availability on amazon by clicking here. This anxiety jacket makes for perfect use when trying to calm your cat down during vet visits, groomers, traveling, or with just general anxiety problems.

ThunderShirt For Cats
$39.95 $19.99
  • Great for calming cats during vet visits, groomers, travel, or with general anxiety problems
  • Easy to create a snug, comfortable fit which is essential for its effectiveness in treating anxiety
  • Attractive, durable fabric that resists collecting hair. Machine washable for when necessary and it lasts at least the life of the initial user
  • Large size for cats with chest size 17" up to 24" and greater than 13 lbs (adjustable)
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10/15/2023 10:20 pm GMT

This anxiety vest for your cat comes in two different sizes. The medium size is used for cats that weight about 9 to 13 lbs. The large jacket is for cats that weigh greater than 13 lbs. With this jacket it is easy to make a nice snug, comfortable fit which is crucial in treating any cat with anxiety.

The jacket is made up of a durable fabric that resists hair collection to keep it looking nice and clean. If it does get dirty all you have to do is simply toss it in the washer since it is machine washable. The jacket is very durable and should last for many many years.

This shirt gently applies constant pressure to your cat which has a proven calming effect for most cats. This item has been recommended by many veterinarians as the go to anxiety jacket for your cat.

User Reviews

This product has an absurd amount of positive reviews. There are not many cat anxiety jackets on the market which makes this item very valuable. Many users have claimed that this jacket has calmed their cats to the point where they can now travel in a car without issues.

Many users have the same results with all their cats. This product is no miracle cure, but the difference is definitely worth the purchase.

Some users are leaving negative feedback about the model of this jacket. It seems as though the manufacturer is selling the old version of the jacket on amazon, but the new one on their website. If this is an issue you may want to contact the seller.

Urijk Anxiety Jacket for Cats

This is another great anxiety jacket for cats by Urijk. To see the current price on amazon click here. The effect of an anxiety jacket for a cat is just like swaddling an infant. It creates comfort and warmth as if they were in the womb. The same goes for a cat.

The constant pressure from the snug jacket applies just enough pressure to help ease your cat’s fear and anxiety. It’s made up of a soft and comfortable material. The jacket is lightweight and is made up of a breathable fabric which helps prevent your cat from overheating and becoming too stuffy in the summer.

The fabric is very soft to the touch and will not harm your cat during prolonged periods of use. The jacket is very durable and is machine washable allowing for easy cleaning. It comes in four different sizes. Be sure to use the size chart to make sure you purchase the correct size for your cat.

The manufacturer wants you to be fully aware that if your cat is very fluffy, the jacket may not work as well as intended. The jacket needs to fit snug around your cat’s body. This jacket is best used for your cat’s anxiety during vet visits, traveling in a car, fireworks, crating, and many other scenarios.

The jacket is very easy to put on and take off your cat. It uses simple hook and loop fasteners to make adjusting easy for almost any sized cat. There are no complicated buckles or straps involved. Adjust the straps freely for the perfect fit for your cat.

User Reviews

This product has mixed reviews, but are mainly positive. Many users stated that the product is very good quality and works. This product is for both dogs and cats.

On the contrary, many users were disappointed by this product. Some say that this material is very light like a t-shirt which isn’t usually the best for an anxiety jacket. Other users had a bad experience with the sizing chart stating that the item that they received was way bigger than expected.

Maxx Cat Anxiety Jacket

This is another great cat jacket by Maxx. To see the current pricing and availability on amazon click here. This anxiety jacket is a little different from the others. This doubles down as a medical jacket.

What this means is that this jacket is effective for calming your cat’s anxiety as well as being useful for wound healing. The jacket comes with a zipper for easy access to wounds. It also has an internal pocket to keep a gauge or cold packs. It has a big opening at the rear to still allow your cat to use the restroom normally without having to remove it or roll it up.

This jacket has a very snug fit to calm your cat’s anxiety and help warm up your pet. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

This item comes with wearing instructions. In order to hold the jacket on your cat firmly, you need to insert the neck collar belt into the two satin loops at the inner side near the label or neck of the shirt. This will help keep the jacket in place during use.

User Reviews

This product has only a few reviews at time of writing this article. There are a few positive reviews saying that this jacket was really helpful for their cats. The owners were completely satisfied with their purchase.

On the other hand, there was a user who left a negative feedback saying their cat was able to pull their hair out which cause a lot of problems.

Suitical Cat Anxiety Jacket

This suit or jacket by Suitical is another great choice. To check out this products current price and availability click here to check it out on amazon. This jacket was not specifically made to be an anxiety jacket, but has all the right features to perform well as one.

This cat jacket comes in a variety of sizes. The main purpose of this suit is for wound recovery, but is also used to relieve stress and anxiety. This suit is made up of a stretchy cotton that snugly fits over your cats body.

The fabric is very breathable which gives your cat complete freedom to move around without being too restricted. There is a hole in the rear to allow your cat to use the bathroom freely. There is a size chart available so be sure to take the correct measurements to insure you purchase the correct size.

User Reviews

This product has an amazing number of positive reviews from customers. Many customers were happy with the solid construction and fit of this suit/jacket. It works great as long as you get the perfect fit. Some users also stated that the product has lasted many uses and is very durable.

There are a few negative reviews left by some customers. Many of the negative reviews were due to sizing errors for their cats. There is no official sizing chart available, just one submitted by a customer which makes sizing a little difficult. Some users just said that the product did not work out well for their cat.

What Is a Thunder Jacket/Anxiety Jacket?

A man named Phil Blizzards is the one who invented the first anxiety jacket. It was a pet-calming shirt that was designed to ease anxiety. His inspiration for inventing this product came from his family’s dog. Since its creation, many users have been successfully using these jacket and shirts to calm their pets through many intense moments.

Moments like fireworks, traveling, being in crates, and going to the vet are just some of its most useful scenarios. Since its release, there have been quite a few manufacturers that have made these jackets in various sizes to fit many different animals.

How Long Should Your Cat Wear an Anxiety Jacket?

If the jacket is sized correctly, then it will fit very snug around your cat’s body. It is not recommended to have it on your cat for more than one to two hours at a time. Remove the jacket and inspect your cat for any irritation points.

If your cat seems okay, then you can go ahead and continue using it again for another hour or two. The main purpose is to make sure your cat is not being harmed in the process of wearing the jacket for prolonged periods of time.

Check Sizing Charts for Correct Jacket Size for Your Cat

I cannot stress this enough. You want to make sure you double and triple check the sizing charts for your cat. If you receive an anxiety jacket and it is way too tight, then it could potentially cause more harm than good. If your jacket is too loose, then it will be totally pointless and a big waste of money.

Final Thoughts

An anxiety jacket is a magnificent arsenal to have if your cat gets really bad anxiety. Before making any purchases be sure to fully read many of the customer reviews.

Every jacket listed above has its own pros and cons. Only you would know which one would suit both you and your cat’s needs. Also again, make sure to look through all the sizing charts if available to make sure you get the correct size for your cat.

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