10 Ways to Stop a Cat Being Bored

10 Ways to Stop a Cat Being Bored

Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor cat, cats get bored from time to time. Just like we do if we don’t have enough to keep us entertained.

So as a cat owner, it’s up to you to find ways to stop a cat being bored. This doesn’t need to be a chore, it’s actually quite fun.

It’s more common with indoor cats of course. Being an animal with explosive energy, cats need some stimulation and space to exercise.

However indoor cats require a lot more attention from their owners seeing as they can’t amuse themselves chasing wildlife.

A bored cat can be extremely annoying and destructive. Often turning to damaging items around the house and fussing around you for attention.

So it’s within your interest to keep your kitty happy and not bored. This can be done by making a few simple changes around your home.

9 Ways to Stop a Cat Being Bored

Make Sure There Are Interesting Views

Cats love looking out the window and watching the world as it goes by. Make sure they have good access to a window. Take a look out the window too and see what the view is like.

If it’s pretty boring do something about it. Add a bird feeder to attract some birds for your cat to watch, be creative. Add a comfy bed on the window ledge too so they can comfy up.

Always Have a Scratching Post

As mentioned earlier, a bored cat can become destructive. You should always have a scratching post around the home if you own a cat.

Cats love to sharpen their claws after having a good stretch. Bored indoor cats are much more likely to need a post.

Create a Safe and Quiet Area

Cats need somewhere where they can be alone and feel safe. This gives them a chance to have a good sleep, catchup on some grooming, or just do what cats do best – nothing.

Sometimes a cupboard will become their new preferred place. Or maybe you can make a space somewhere discreet. Like behind the sofa, or under the stairs.

Find Toys Your Cat Enjoys

All cats enjoy playing with different toys. Some are perfectly content to amuse themselves, while others need you to be on the end of the toy interacting.

So find what your cat enjoys, and make the necessary time to play with them. Playing is a great way to satisfy their need to hunt and burn off some energy.

Introduce New Toys

Don’t just assume your cat will make do with the same old beast up toy for ever. Introduce new toys on occasion, especially if some are chewed to bits.

Try out different toys. Your kitty needs to keep their brain stimulated with new and interesting things. Toys that help mimic the hunting mentality are great.

See If Your Cat Likes Catnip

Around 50% of cats enjoy catnip. But when they do enjoy it, they really enjoy it! If you have never given your cat catnip it’s something to experience.

A cat will roll around in joy, seemingly having the time of its life. There are numerous reports that cats hallucinate, or go into some daydream state. Either way, it’s a certain boredom cure.

Use a Laser Pointer If You’re Tired Out

Rolling around on the floor keeping a cat entertained can be tiring work. If you want to sit back, give your kitty some exercise and still have a laugh. Invest in a laser pointer.

They are inexpensive, and give hours of fun. A kitten will literally chase the dot wherever it goes. Just be careful not to catch them in the eye.

Set up a Fish Tank

You’re probably not thinking about adding any more pets to your home. A simple fish tank is surprisingly easy to set up and low maintenance however.

It will give your cat hours of entertainment. Make sure there is no way your cat can remove the lid or get in however. They are crafty and will find any possible way.

Set up Cat Friendly Obstacles

There is a lot you can do around your home to make it more cat friendly. It doesn’t have to get in your way either.

Cats like to be high up. So think about adding cat shelves. Or a couple of simple cardboard boxes does the trick to keep cats amused.