Best Cat Toothpaste for Gingivitis

Best Cat Toothpaste for Gingivitis

Some cats may unfortunately be affected by gingivitis.  There are many different ways to treat gingivitis in your cat.  You can use special treats, different types of food, or even toothpaste.  Using a toothpaste on your cat may seem weird at first, but it is very effective!

In order to use toothpaste on your cat’s teeth, you will first need to make sure that it is designed to be used on cats!  Normal toothpaste contains ingredients that are harmful for pets and should not be used.  Luckily, there are many different types of toothpaste in today’s market that is specifically designed for cats.  Some products even come with a toothbrush for your cat so all you need to do is apply it.  Here is a small list of the few best cat toothpastes for gingivitis that you can get for your cat.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste with Brush for Cats

This toothpaste by Virbac is a great first choice that you can use on your cat that has gingivitis.  This product is priced well and comes with everything you need. To see the current price of this product click here to see it on amazon.  This kit is especially good because it already comes with a toothbrush for your cat.  This toothpaste is specifically designed for pets with a no foaming agent.  That means when you apply the paste, it will not foam and cause a mess while you are cleaning your cat’s teeth.

The paste uses a dual enzyme formula that will help prevent and reduce the buildup of plaque on your cat’s teeth.  This particular toothpaste is a poultry flavor which will make it easier for you to clean your cat’s teeth and gums to help get rid of the gingivitis.

Don’t worry if your cat swallows the paste.  These special pastes were designed to be safe to swallow so there is no rinsing involved whatsoever.  This toothpaste is easy to use.  Simply apply the toothpaste onto the supplied toothbrush and brush your cat’s teeth.  You can apply this daily or as directed by your vet.  If your vet gives you specific directions make sure to follow their advice closely.

User Reviews

The overall ratings for this product on amazon are very positive.  Lost of users have commented stating that the toothpaste was easy to apply and their cat actually liked the flavor.  On the other hand, there were also a few negative reviews where users have stated that their cats did not like the flavor at all.  The toothpaste is overall effective, but if you cat will like it or not depends solely on their taste buds.

Paws & Pals Pet Cat Dental Kit for Oral Hygiene

This is another great kit to battle gingivitis and is manufactured by Paw & Pals.  To check the current price of this product click here to see if there are any specials on amazon.  This toothpaste is another excellent choice because it comes with toothpaste and a dual headed gentle massage bristled toothbrush.  This advanced care toothpaste will protect your cat’s teeth and gums if used on a regular basis.  It also combats plaque, bad breath, tooth decay, gingivitis, and tartar build up all in one.  Before using this product you should first consult your cat’s vet to make sure it is safe to use.

The main ingredients are water, sodium benzoate, tetrasodium pyprophosphate, and sodium saccharin.  All ingredients used have a beef flavor to make it more appealing for your cat.  paw & pals offer a customer satisfaction guarantee with their product.  If you are not happy with the product then you can return it at anytime.

User Reviews

The overall amazon reviews of this product are mainly positive feedback.  Many users have reported that their pets enjoy the taste and that this product has a reasonable price tag.  Some negative reviews from users have stated to not use this product because some of the ingredients are known to cause cancer and are toxic.  A few users have also complained that this toothpaste leave a bad smell in their pet’s mouth after each use.

Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

The Sentry Petrodex dental kit for cats is another great kit you can buy to treat your cats gingivitis.  To see the current price on amazon click here.  This is mainly a hydrogen peroxide producing enzymatic formula.  This type of formula will help reduce and prevent plaque buildup.  It also does exceptionally well at reducing tartar buildup as well.  This is also another non foaming toothpaste so there is no need to rinse after using.

The paste was actually developed by a veterinarian which means it has everything in it for complete oral care for your cat.  A finger toothbrush is included with this kit.  The finger toothbrush is easy to use on animals and gently removes plaque, food and debris with the ultra-soft bristles for a nice and easy application.  You can even use the finger brush to lightly massage your cats gums if they are affected by gingivitis to help ease the pain.

Like always, be sure to consult your cat’s vet before use and to get proper usage instructions.  Some vets will recommend brushing your cat’s teeth daily, while others will recommend something totally different.  Be sure to follow your professionals advice.

User Reviews

The overall reviews of this product on amazon are mainly positive.  Many users have stated that they have seen great results after using a toothpaste on their cat.  Some users have also suggested that you buy an electric toothbrush for a better overall effect.  There are also a few negative reviews associated with this product.

A few users have stated that the toothpaste has caused their cat to have diarrhea.  Others have also stated that their cat’s disliked the taste and have thrown up the toothpaste shortly after being treated.

How Often Should You Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

  1. Brush your cat’s teeth every day!  If you have toothpaste and a toothbrush for your cat then there is no reason you shouldn’t be brushing their teeth every day.  You brush your teeth every day right?  I sure hope so.  If you can’t manage to brush your cat’s teeth every day then it is also okay to brush them a minimum of three times per week.  Plaque builds up on teeth regularly and is managed by constant brushing.
  2. Don’t forget to visit a vet yearly for dental checkups.  This is again similar to the way you should be visiting a dentist for your own teeth.  Annual checkups for your cat are good so a vet can spot signs of tartar or gingivitis in your cat’s mouth before it gets out of hand.  It’s good to incorporate dental checkups at least once a year at one of your regular cat’s check-ups.  If you have never cleaned your cat’s teeth before, then it is highly recommended that your first cleaning be done with your vet.
  3. Provide chewy treats to help with dental health.  Oral hygiene shouldn’t just stop at brushing.  Chewy treats or snacks can also have a good benefit on your cat’s overall dental health.  Their are also specific treats that are designed to help with their teeth.

Tips for Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth at Home

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when cleaning your cat’s teeth at home:

  • Find a comfortable area in your home.  Find a nice, well lit room where there isn’t much noise.  Once you have found a calm area, you can place your cat in your lap or a comfortable spot to rest your cat during your teeth cleaning session.
  • Use specially designed equipment.  Do not use human toothpaste or toothbrushes.  There are specially designed toothpaste and brushes for cats for a reason.  Human toothpaste can be very harmful for cats if swallowed.  Human toothbrushes may also be too rough for your cat.
  • Let your cat sample the toothpaste.  If this is your first time cleaning your cat’s teeth then you want to make sure you start slowly.  First introduce a little bit of the toothpaste into your cat’s mouth to see how they respond to the taste and texture.
  • Gently lift your cat’s lip to expose the gums and teeth.  Always be gentle.  You want your cat to have the best experience possible every time you clean their teeth.  This event is already stressful on your cat, and being gentle will help keep your cat calm while you clean.
  • Brush with gentle motions.  Gently brush your cat’s teeth and gums like you would a toddler or infant.
  • Be sure to reach the canines and back upper molars.  These areas tend to quickly build up tartar since they are the most used teeth in your cat’s mouth.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your cats oral hygiene is very important, especially the older they get.  Don’t waste anymore time.  Be sure to purchase some sort of toothpaste and toothbrush for you cat and start brushing their teeth today.  I recommend getting some sort of finger brush to make it easy.  Set a routine schedule where you brush your cat’s teeth at least once a day.  If it’s too hard for you to keep a once a day schedule, then be sure to do it a minimum of three times per week.

Don’t forget about cat treats.  The special cat treats for dental hygiene are a great added bonus to help keep your cat’s teeth in good shape.  Be sure to purchase the chewy types if possible instead of the hard types.

Remember to take your cat to the vet for yearly dental exams.  It’s always a good idea to let a professional examine your cat’s teeth to make sure they are in good health.

It’s never too late to start brushing your cat’s teeth.  Start today to help give your cat great oral hygiene.

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