Best Cat Carrier Backpacks

best cat carrier backpacks

When looking for the best backpack carrier for your cat, safety and practicality is what you are looking for.  A backpack is a great idea if you want to start traveling more with your cat because it is a hands free option.  This will make hiking, going to the store, or even going outside for a quick walk much easier and enjoyable for both you and your cat.  Here is a small list of my top picks for the best backpacks that you can carry your cat in while on the go. At the end of the article I also go over a few frequently asked questions.

Lemonda Portable Travel Cat Carrier Backpack

The Lemonda portable cat backpack is one of the most popular backpacks to wear on the market right now.  You can check the current pricing by clicking here to see it on amazon.  This backpack is a sleek way to take your cat on the go.  It’s design is similar to a space capsule which makes it look awesome.  The design is lightweight so all you have to worry about is your cat.

As you can see in the picture, it has a transparent window that allows your cat to enjoy the sun and view as you are traveling.  Not only is it awesome for your cat, but it will also attract attention from others while you are out on the go.  The material of the backpack is made up of canvas and hign density acrylic material which allows for great breath ability which will help ease your cat’s anxiety.  This is a plus because we all know that cats hate to be trapped in small places.

There are also a few safety features that help make this design work.  Inside is a built-in lock that will keep your pet safe from running away when the bag is open.  Another great feature is that this backpack is waterproof.  No worrying about your cat getting wet while it’s raining.

There are also very large ventilation holes on the side of the bag to help promote the air circulation and help keep him cool.  The maximum weight this backpack can hold for a cat is up to 14 pounds.  The backpack also comes with multiple different options for color to suit almost anyone’s needs.

This bag is great for a quick trip to the store or park.  If you plan on taking your cat on longer trips it would probably be a better idea to go with something like the next option I have found.

PetAmi Deluxe Cat Carrier Backpack

You can check out the current price of this by clicking here to see it on amazon.  The PetAmi cat carrier backpack is one of the best all around bags you can purchase.  This bag isn’t as eye popping as the first bag, but has a lot more usable space which makes it great for a trip like hiking.  The bag was designed with convenience and practicality in mind.  The pure outdoors man cat backpack.  Your cat will be very comfortable inside this bag.  It was designed for the best airflow and circulation to help easy anxiety your cat may encounter.

There is a two-way entry for easy access to your cat.  Inside the bag is a comfortable sherpa lined bedding that your cat can rest and relax on while on the go.  Safety was another big factor when this bag was designed.  There is a sturdy reinforced structure on the inside to prevent the backpack from collapsing on itself while you are traveling with your cat.

For added safety, there is also a safety strap and buckle provided on the inside to help secure your cat and prevent him from escaping.  It also comes with chest and waist buckles to give you extra support while wearing the backpack.  There is great storage space with this backpack.  There are side pouches and a front pocket to store any essential items like pet food, snacks, and toys.  Also inside is a collapsible pet bowl to feed and keep your cat hydrated while traveling.

The material the backpack is made of is of very good quality.  It’s made out of 600D high grade polyester that is made to last.  The backpack comes in multiple colors to suit your needs.

Petsfit Comfort Cat Carrier Backpack

The Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack is another great option for you and your cat.  You can check the current price on amazon by clicking here.  This is a basic backpack made for optimal storage and transporting of your cat.  It is durable, light, and comfortable for your cat.  There is enough room for your cat to be able to spin around.  This is important at keeping your cat anxiety free.  There is nothing worse than having your cat stay in a tight, cramped area for a prolonged period of time.

The backpack comes with a handle as well as straps that can be tightened for easy transportation.  Your cat will be able to see outside and stay completely ventilated due to the mesh sides of the backpack.  This also makes it easy for you to check up on your cat without having to open up the backpack.  The mesh is very durable so you do not need o worry about your cat scratching through it or escaping.  Inside the backpack is a tether to secure your cat on the inside.

There are not many extra storage options included with this backpack.  It’s whatever you can fit on the inside as well as a pouch on the side for storing small items like treats, food, and toys.  The backpack is good for cats up to 15 pounds.  Once you are done using the backpack, simply fold it flat for easy storage.

Are Cat Backpacks Safe?

Although there are no “regulations” that need to be adhered to when the manufacturers are making these backpacks, most of the ones on the market are safe.  You also need to do your best judgement before purchasing one of these backpacks for your cat.  A few things to consider are the weather, how long you will be wearing it with your cat inside, how big the backpack needs to be to be comfortable for your cat, and making sure the backpack has enough ventilation.  Also don’t forget to read the customer reviews.  If there are a lot of negative reviews stating how their cat almost died, then this backpack is probably not the one you are looking for.

It would probably be a good idea to purchase a backpack that is made of a high quality material and won’t rip at the slightest paw from your cat.  If you have never used a backpack for your cat before then you will be unfamiliar with how they will respond.  Some cats may start to panic which will cause them to start meowing and clawing at the bag, while others may be completely calm.

Where Can I Take My Cat in a Backpack?

New to adventuring?  For an in depth look at fun places to take your cat you can check out my article here.  In summary, there are a lot of places that you can take your cat.  Camping or hiking with a cat is starting to become very popular.  You can either use a leash and harness or keep your cat in a backpack with you.  Using a backpack is the safest option as your cat won’t be able to run away.  Using a leash and harness in the woods can be risky.  Your cat might slip out of the harness or you may lose hold of the leash.  In both of those scenarios you give your cat a chance to dart through the woods.

Another popular place to take your cat is the store.  Every store has different pet policies so it’s best to research it before bringing your cat.  Most pet stores are animal friendly and would be a great place to take your cat for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect backpack for you and your cat depends on what you will be doing.  If you are very adventurous and will be taking your cat hiking, or to the beach, then it would be best to purchase a durable bag with a lot of room.  If you will just be going to the store or for a quick walk, then a smaller backpack like the first option would suffice.

Also keep in mind where you live.  Is your weather mostly hot or cold?  You may want to purchase a backpack that has a lot of ventilation to prevent your cat from overheating.  Especially if you live in a very hot area.  On the other hand, a backpack that is very warm and doesn’t have as much ventilation may be best for colder weather.  Use your best judgement on selecting a backpack depending on where you will be taking your cat.

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