Fun Places to Take Your Cat

fun places to take your cat

You’re a cat person and proud of it.  You want to give your cat the most out of his time he gets to spend with you and the best way to do that is taking him with you.  There are many fun places to take your cat.  Believe it or not, there are actually many places you can take your cat and still have a great time.  Some of these places can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.  If you are well prepared for all of these trips then I see no need to worry.  Here is a small list of places to take your cat.

1. Take Your Cat to the Beach

Taking your cat to the beach is a very fun place to bring your cat.  The beach is an awesome place to hang out with you and your friends.  Add a cat to the mix and it can be that much more awesome!  Cats love to sit near a window with the sun beating down on their furry coats.  Imagine taking your cat to the beach with you and your buddies.  You could even walk your cat along the shoreline.  Of course, in order to do this,  you would need a leash and a harness.  This leash and harness from amazon is priced well and is perfect for walking with your cat.  Just be careful not to get too close to the water or your cat may get swept up into the ocean.  Also be sure that your cat is properly leash trained before taking him out.

Most cats do not like water, but if yours does you can slowly introduce him to the little waves that come in and out of the shore.  If you decide to stay late for a bonfire make sure to contain your little friend in a crate.  It can be very dangerous if his leash were to get caught in the fire.  Don’t forget to bring a travel kit for your cat.  Travel kits are essential for any types of trips or adventures you decide to bring him on.

2. Take Your Cat Camping

Next time you plan a camping trip go ahead and invite your little furry friend into the mix.  Taking your cat camping is one of the most fun things you can do with your cat.  There is nothing better than the natural outdoors.  You get to experience the wilderness, no outside noise from cars, less air pollution, and a sense of being free.  Your cat will also have a sense of freedom and curiosity.  You should always have control of your cat because he can dart into the wilderness in the blink of an eye.

When taking your cat camping be sure to properly pack your cat’s supplies.  This is probably one of my favorite places to take a cat.  Not only can you camp, but you can also take your cat out for a hike.  You can kill two birds with one stone.  Just remember to pack plenty of water if you plan on taking your cat for a hike.  Since your cat will be exposed to wildlife, it would be smart to pack bug repellent to help protect from fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.

3. Take Your Cat Shopping

Start by taking your cat to a pet friendly store like PetsMart.  Do your research before you decide to pack a bag for your cat and run out the door.  Not all stores are pet friendly and may escort you out of their store if you were to sneak in your furry little friend.  The best way to take your cat shopping with you is to put them inside a pet travel backpack like this one so you can shop while knowing your cat is safe.

Keeping them in a backpack is the best option when taking them shopping.  An item like this is very convenient because it is essentially a hands free way to travel with your cat.  You will still need to take your cat out to give him water or food if you plan on staying out for an extended period of time.  The main thing to consider is that your cat will be safe and secure.  You won’t need to worry about your cat escaping.

4. Take Your Cat to a Pet Convention

Bring your cat to a pet convention.  There are people in the pet industry that are familiar with trade shows like the Global Pet Expo.  Unfortunately this pet expo is not open to the public, but it is an awesome place to take your cat as they treat all animals like stars.

If you ever meet someone that has access to this expo I would definitely give it a go.  There are also many events that are held to the public which allow animals.  Do research for the town you live in to find these special events.  This is definitely one of the most fun places to take your cat.  Going to an event with like minded people is refreshing because you know that their are other people out their that are even crazier than you about cats!

5. Take Your Cat to a Pet Hotel

Did you know that they actually have a hotel for your pet?  A pet hotel can definitely be a fun place to take your cat.  Some people take their pets to a pet hotel if they will be leaving for a vacation and can’t take them along for the trip.  There are indoor and outdoor play areas at these large hotels.  Your pet will be with many other pets where they will be able to play and have fun together in a supervised environment.

If you are skeptical about leaving your pet don’t worry.  Some high end pet hotels have security cameras that you are able to log into to make sure your furry friend is well taken care of.  It would be a shame to leave your pet in an abusive hotel where you have no idea what they are doing to your pet while you are away.  It’s always best to lookup reviews about the pet hotel you are thinking about taking your cat to before you decide.

6. Take Your Cat to the Park

Another fun place to take your cat is a park.  Make sure to pack an extra bag next time you go to the park.  That’s right.  You can bring your cat along with you on a picnic trip to the park.  Pack a nice big carrier, bring a leash and harness, his favorite cat toy, and a handful of snacks.  The park can be a fun place to take your cat because he will be able to enjoy a little bit of wildlife.  You both can get some exercise by walking along the trail.  Just make sure to take precaution as with any other outdoor activities and bring bug repellent to prevent any fleas or ticks.

Word of Caution: Pet owners like to bring dogs to the park.  Be on the lookout for people walking their dogs.  If their owner is not paying proper attention when their dog spots your cat then you may be in trouble.

7. Take Your Cat on a Hike

Taking your cat on a hike can be one of the most fun adventures to do with your cat.  You both get to be active and enjoy the thrill and cardio of hiking.  There are a few things you should keep in mind when hiking with your cat outdoors.  Make sure to select a trail or path that is not too difficult.  If a trail is too difficult you will soon find that your cat will need to be carried the rest of the way back due to exhaustion.  You will also need a harness and leash in order to make sure your cat stays with you at all times.

Another element to look out for when hiking with your little friend is the weather.  If you plan on hiking during the day try to choose a time where the sun is at its coolest.  12 noon to 5 pm are usually the hottest hours of the day.  Try to schedule a hike either before that window or after it.  This means an early morning hike or a hike just after dawn.  Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks for the both of you to refuel during the hike.

8. Take Your Cat to a Restaurant

The first thing you do when you get checked in to a new city is look for the best places to eat.  Instead of leaving your cat at home go ahead and bring him along to a pet friendly restaurant.  Finding one or two pet friendly restaurants is not as hard as you may think.  The first step to finding a restaurant is to look for outdoor seating.

If you can find a restaurant with outdoor seating then you may be in luck.  Find a few restaurants like this and it will give eating out a whole new experience.  Bringing your cat to a restaurant can be a great conversation starter.  You may even have onlookers come up just to say hi and tell you how they had wished that they had also brought their pet.

Another great way to take your cat to a restaurant if you don’t want them to be on the outside is to use a cat backpack or carrier bag.  With a backpack you can simply eat with your cat safe and sound in your backpack.  You can also try using a carrier, but it is less portable and less convenient than just using a cat backpack.

9. Take Your Cat for a Walk

All you need to do this is a harness and a leash.  Before taking your cat for a walk around the block you can start simple.  Take him into your backyard to see he responds to being on a leash.  Some cats will hate to be tied down to a leash, and then you will know whether or not it’s a smart idea to take them around the block.  If your cat responds well to being on a leash in the backyard then you can take it one step further by going for a walk around the block.

Cats are very finicky animals.  They get startled easily and will usually jump into the air or run to hide when they are abruptly frightened.  Loud cars, motorcycles, street construction, birds, and other pet owners walking their dogs is something you will have to keep in mind when walking your cat.  Be prepared at any time for your cat to get spooked.

10. Take Your Cat on a Cruise

There are a few major cruise lines that will accommodate your little friend.  One example is Cunard.  This ship’s kennel master feeds the cats and keeps the kennels clean.  Every animal aboard this ship will receive a gift pack that includes a food dish, toys, a name tag, treats, and much more.  You are able to spend as much time as you want with your pet during the visiting hours.

Once the visiting hours are over, you will have to leave your cat in the designated pet area.  You will not be allowed to take your cat to sleep or spend time with you in your room.  Make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot for your cat beforehand because spots usually fill up fast and are also limited.  You will need to meet special pet travel requirements as well as have a pet passport.

11. Take Your Cat to a Friend’s House

Take your cat to a friends house who also has cats. You can have a cat play date. If your cats have never met before, be sure to watch them in case a brawl or fight starts. Cats are very territorial and may feel threatened if another cat invades their territory. If your cats get along nicely, then this could be a pretty fun experience for all of you.

Final Thoughts

The main goal is to get your cat out of the house.  Go somewhere you enjoy and take your cat with you.  You might get weird stares from people since you will most likely stick out in the crowd, but that’s normal.  Some people may even approach you to talk to you about your cat.

Play it smart and always research about a place or topic before taking your cat.  Being well prepared for whatever trip you plan on going to will largely affect your decision if you will ever want to take your cat out again.

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