Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door? (It’s a Good Thing)

Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door

Does your cat sleep outside your bedroom door every night?

If you’re wondering why they choose to sleep outside your bedroom door instead of their nice comfy bed (or on yours), here are some of the reasons why cats choose to sleep outside doors.

They Are Guarding You While You Sleep

Despite cats having a reputation for being loners and being loyal to anyone who feeds them, there’s a lot of evidence to show they do form strong bonds with their owners.

As cat owners, we’re all very aware of this. We have special bonds with our cats, even if they don’t show it like dogs do.

I read an interesting article in the New York Post that had some compelling evidence backing up the fact that some cats are actually more attached to their owners than dogs. Combined with their highly tuned senses, they are able to alert us of dangers well before we’re even aware of them.

Something else that’s not as evident as with dogs is that it’s also part of their instinctual nature to look out for pack members.

If your cat is sleeping outside of your bedroom door it’s highly likely they are guarding you while you sleep. They will have worked out that the doorway is the only entrance and exit to and from your room. So, any predators will have to go past them first to get to you.

Now, we know there are not dangers that will approach us in the night. At least, I really hope there isn’t. But cats display a number of behaviors that can be tied back to their wild cousins, it’s just in their DNA.

It Presents Two Escape Routes for Them

Cats sleep outside bedroom doors to have two escape routes

Cats typically look for a few things when choosing where to sleep;

  • Somewhere they can see anything that’s approaching
  • Somewhere that gives them a clear escape route if needed
  • Somewhere warm and comfortable

Again, just as I explained in the point above a lot of these behaviors are displayed by big cats in the wild. Domestic cats have a lot of the same behavioral traits, even though they’re in the safety of our homes.

Their main reasoning when choosing somewhere to sleep is finding somewhere safe and comfy. Two things we can’t fault them for. Being outside your door gives them a couple of escape options, and it’s obviously not too shabby on the carpet or they’d move.

Doorways Are Where the Action Is At

Cats like doorways in general. They know that by being in a doorway or outside of a door, they’re going to see people going past them.

Most cats like to balance finding somewhere quiet, while still getting plenty of attention. Sometimes they want to take a swipe at someone walking past, or maybe they will follow you to see what’s going on.

Either way, they feel like they’re missing out sometimes if they’re tucked away in another room. Which is why doorways and doors are the perfect places to not miss you on the move.

My cats do not currently sleep outside my bedroom door. They have done in the past, though. Currently one of my cats sleeps outside of my office door during the day when I’m in here for much the same reason.

When I leave she picks herself up and follows me to see if there’s any food going. I literally just turned around and took a pic for you. Apologies for the low-quality iPhone image!

My cat guarding my office doorway
Just blocking the doorway so I don’t miss anything – how does that deserve a picture?

They Know Your Morning Routine

Cats are creatures of habit, and they like their daily routines. If you’re pretty routine with the time you get up every day and leave your room, it’s very likely they have picked up on this.

If there is also some motivation or reward for them at this time; such as being fed, following you into the bathroom, or being let out – they’ll sleep where they’re not going to miss you. Outside your door.

The only thing you need to remember is that they’re there. Don’t go tripping over your cat in your half-awake state.

Related Questions:

Why Does My Cat Meow at My Bedroom Door in the Morning?

The most likely answer is that your cat is hungry. We all wake up looking forward to breakfast, I know I do, and cats are no different.

If it’s light, past the time they usually eat, or if your cat just has the munchies the way they can tell you is by meowing.

There are some other possible reasons, however. If you have an aging cat they may become vocal due to failing health. Older cats tend to get a little confused as their eyesight and hearing worsens. There is also the possibility they are meowing because of a health issue, so it’s worth giving your cat a check over.

Why Do Cats Scratch at Closed Doors?

If you have lovely plush carpets as I do, one of the most annoying things a cat can do is scratch and rip at the carpet under the door. I’ve had to deal with this a few times over the years, and seen my fair share of shredded tufts of carpet!

If your cat is scratching at a closed-door the most likely reason is that they want it to be opened and get into the room. Some cats just hate doors being closed. There may not be a valid reason why they want to get into the room, they just want the door open.

For other cats, they may have a spot in mind where they want to sleep in that room. Something might have caught their nose that’s leading them to the door, and so on.


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