Why Do Cats Insist on Sitting on You?

Why Do Cats Insist on Sitting on You

Wondering, ‘Why do cats insist on sitting on you and cozying up on your lap?

Having a cat choose your lap to sit on it quite the honor. Cats are very selective and fussy when it comes to choosing where to sleep.

It’s an interesting part of their personality and behavioral traits, however. There are a few possible reasons that may explain why your cat enjoys sitting on your lap:

Why Do Cats Insist on Sitting on You

Your Lap Offers a Safe Places to Relax

Cats like to settle somewhere they can feel safe and have a good vantage point all around them, which most laps offer.

They will know they are safe with you, otherwise they wouldn’t settle on you. Although this is an instinctive action, don’t get it wrong, your cat loves you.

Your Lap Is Warm and Snuggly

We know most cats like to settle somewhere warm and cozy. There aren’t many places warmer than a human lap generating all that heat.

They also draw comfort from being near to you. It’s reinforcement of the bond you two have, enjoy it and give your kitty some quality fussing.

You’re Their Favorite Person

Cats choose their favorite humans. It’s usually based on who feeds them, fuses them the most, and shows them the most attention. Although sometimes it seems random.

They will let their guard down around people they trust and think nothing of cozying up on their lap and sleeping. Safe in the knowledge you’ll look after them.

They Know You Need Comfort

Cats get a bad rap for not being the loving, ‘happy to see you’ animals that dogs are. But they are very emotionally tuned into how their humans are feeling.

If they sense you are emotionally hurting, in pain, or needing the love they can give, they will happily snuggle up with you and stay close to you.

They Have a Social Personality

A lot of questions around cats often come down to the same conclusion – it’s just part of their personality.

Some cats are lap cats, some aren’t. And there is little you can do to change them whatever their preference is. If you have a lap cat embrace it, that’s my advice. Most owners with cats that sit across the room from them wish they had a lap cat.