Why Does My Cat Sit on My Chest While I Am Sleeping?

Why Does My Cat Sit on My Chest While I Am Sleeping

Of all the curious behaviors my cats have, sitting or sleeping on my chest while I’m sleeping is one of the more annoying (and endearing) things they do.

Most cat owners will have their cats sleeping on them (or attempting to) in the night. And, let’s be honest, it’s hard to push them away sometimes when they are being affectionate, right?

In my opinion, it’s one of the most peaceful and soothing things there is watching a cat sleep and listening to them purring.

Even if they are uncomfortably trying to force their way up onto your chest when you’re trying to get snuggly for the night.

Whether you allow your cat to have their way and sleep on you, or give in to what they want – here is some insight into why they enjoy doing so:

Why Does My Cat Sit on My Chest While I Am Sleeping?

Your Cat Wants to Be Close to You

Cats love being close to their owners. Sure, they can be a bit standoffish at times and act like they only want to see us when we’re feeding them.

But those moments when they show us how much they love us makes it all worthwhile, right?

Maybe your cat chooses sitting on you while you’re in bed to show you they appreciate you. It’s not that uncommon, do with it what you will.

Believe It or Not – Your Cat Is Protecting You

Cats are protective over us. Even with all those seemingly selfish acts, I outlined above, cats are protective and will take up a strategic position to be aware of what’s going on at night.

Sitting on your chest gives them a great view of what’s approaching (nothing right?), and they know you’re safely behind and beneath them.

Your Heartbeat Is Soothing to Your Cat

Listening to a heartbeat is soothing. I know I like listening to the rhythm of a heartbeat, so it’s no surprise that cats do too.

It works both ways too, I think there are few things more relaxing than listening to my cat purring as she sleeps.

It’s likely your cat likes the sounds, feel, and your scent as he/she is resting on your chest.

Your Cat Is Bonding with You

Your Heartbeat Is Soothing to Your Cat

Cats sleep near or on people when they want to spend some time bonding with them. Just as they do when they choose to sit on your lap.

This is why it always raises the dilemma of, “Do I push them away because I want to have a good night’s sleep, or is that what I signed up for being a cat owner?”

It’s a tough one. To help you feel a little better, I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that they won’t be that offended.

It’s a Warm and Comfy Place

Cats like to find warm and comfy places to sleep. You may be wondering why they don’t pick the end of your bed on the duvet, but if that spot on your chest works for them then that’s where they’ll settle.

Combined with some of the relaxing and safe reasons I’ve outlined above your chest becomes more appealing. Now, how fidgety are you when you’re sleeping?

It’s Lonely Elsewhere in the House

In the dead of the night, the home is a different place. Sure, there are some nice quiet spots to sleep and hang out, but can you blame your cat for wanting to be where the action is?

It’s a personality thing most of the time. I’ve had a few cats, some wanted to sleep on top of me, some didn’t.

I hope you found this article, why does my cat sit on my chest while I am sleeping? Interesting and informative.

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If you have any further thoughts, funny stories about your cats sleeping habits, or any comments at all, please drop me a note below. Thanks.

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