Why Do Cats Look Out the Window? There Are Several Reasons

cat looking out of window

Cats are intelligent animals and they are always curious about everything that’s going around them. Could this be the reason why cats are often seen looking out the window? Read on as we delve deeper into this topic to better understand why these felines seem to be lost in thought while observing the world outside of the window.

It may be common for people to see cats looking out the window but most of us humans still remain baffled about this fascinating behavior. Cats looking out the window have become a common scene in movies and there are even songs written about it. However, the question remains – Why do cats look out the window?

Well, there’s a plethora of reasons why they do so and that includes keeping an eye on their territory, feeding their insatiable curiosity, keeping warm, and hunting for food. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why cats look out the window in order for us to have a better understanding of our feline companion.

To keep an eye on their territory

If you see a cat looking out the window, then it may be because it’s guarding its territory to ensure the safety of its home range. Just like many animals, cats are territorial species which means that they do establish a home range that they will guard and defend. A cat considers its human family to be very much like them and treats the family’s home as its own.

It is the main reason why cats always look out the window as it is required in their instinct to protect their human companions as well as their home. Looking out the window is their way to deter unwanted visitors or intruders that may wreak havoc in their territory. Also, cats are curious creatures who like to investigate people from afar which works both to the cat’s and the family’s advantage.

To feed their insatiable curiosity

Cats love to be in high places as these areas provide them with better vantage points that afford them a good view of their surroundings. Whenever you walk into a home with cats, you will most likely notice the felines perching on top of a bookshelf, refrigerator, or any other high areas in the home. Although it seems odd, this behavior is highly common among cats as these areas allow them to see everything that’s going on.

However, observing the household is not enough to feed the cat’s insatiable curiosity. This is the reason why they often need to escape the indoor mundane and take their position on the window sill. The view from the window opens endless possibilities for enjoyment as there’s a lot more to observe outside of your property. From there, they can get a good view of the external surroundings while enjoying the comfort and safety of home.

To keep warm and to hunt

Cats may look lazy at times but they’re actually playful and active. This is the reason why cats love the sun as it can grant them the energy to remain active all throughout the day. Aside from getting energy from the sun, cats also do like to be warm all the time which often leads them to seek refuge in warm places. Since the window allows them to enjoy the heat of the sun, they will tend to spend a lot of time in this area especially if the indoor temperature is cold for the feline.

Another possible reason why they’re looking out the window is that they could be hunting for food. As a predator and a perfect carnivore, it is in a cat’s nature to hunt for food and to eat meat. The window provides them a great view of one of their most exciting prey which is the bird. Although they may not be hungry, these felines are always in for the thrill of the hunt and they love a good chase.

How to prevent cats from looking out the window

While it is totally normal for cats to always look out the window, some cat owners can not help but feel concerned about it especially if the feline stays at the window longer than usual. If you want to prevent your cat from looking out the window, then there are easy tricks that can help you to get out of the dilemma.

  • First, consider using a natural spray deterrent as it is one of the most effective ways of keeping your cat out of the window.
  • Second, you can also consider sticking double-sided tape on your window sill because stepping on the sticky tape will create a weird feeling on your cat’s feet which discourages the feline from returning to its spot on the window.
  • Third, if you want a gentler approach, then consider providing toys to your cat or better yet add another cat to play with so that you can keep your pet busy.

Why do cats love jumping out of the window?

If you have your windows shut at all times, then having your cat jump out of the window may be the least of your concerns. However, it pays to know that cats do love to jump out of the window because of their curious and predatory nature.

There are a lot of possible reasons why cats would do this and the best thing that you can do is to avoid it from happening. If there’s a window that you want to open, then the best safety precaution that you can do is to install a screen on the window to prevent the cat from jumping out.

Why is my cat scratching my window glass?

If you find your cat scratching at your window glass, then the most likely reason is that it has potential prey outside your property. Cats are natural predators and it is their desire to hunt that most likely led them to the window.

They may look hypnotically transfixed while staring at their prey but when their target comes closer, they can get suddenly excited that they would scratch the window glass. To avoid your cat from hurting itself and destroying your property, it would be best to stop them from staying at the window.

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