Why Do Cats Watch You Poop? (5 Answers Finally Revealed)

cats like to watch you poop

The answer to why cats watch you poop is not that simple, because scientists don’t really know why. While cat experts don’t have a definite answer, they do have a few theories, which we will discuss one by one.

Have you noticed your cat is always following you around? Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, throwing the trash out, or washing the dishes, your cat always seems to be only a few inches away from you. And this doesn’t exempt going to the bathroom. When you poop, your cat is always there – staring, caressing your legs, or curled up in the bathtub.

If you’ve always been curious as to why they do this, then you’re in luck, we’ve gathered some of the most logical assumptions for why your cat loves watching you take a poop.

Reasons Why Your Cat Watches You Poop

These are mere theories and assumptions and don’t really explain the reason why. Scientists base these assumptions on a cat’s natural instincts, such as their propensity to stay in cold and cozy places, as well as their natural inclination to always want to be around their owners. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons:

1. They Want to Be Around You

Cats love spending one-on-one time with their pet owners. Have you noticed they’re always following you around? If you haven’t, then maybe you notice it more when you’re pooping because you’re not really doing anything else other than sitting on the toilet. When you’re sitting there for several minutes, you’re not really doing anything else, so your cat may love lying down by your feet or simply sitting beside you.

2. They’re Curious About What You’re Doing

The bathroom door is mostly shut, and they may be curious about what you’re always doing in a room that’s not open for them to stay in. They may think, “Is she playing with another cat?,” “Is she dancing inside?” When you shut the door, your cat may wail and scratch because it simply wants to know what you’re up to.

3. They Like the Coziness of the Bathroom

It may be cozy under some towels or blankets in the bathroom

Cats love to stay in cozy, tight spaces, and the bathroom offers just that. The bathroom is a small room with many small and tight corners and since the bathroom door is almost always closed, it’s their opportunity to play and stay in an off-limits room. Since you’re inside for more than a few minutes when you take a poop, your cat may be taking advantage of the opportunity to explore or enjoy the bathroom.

4. They’re Scaredy Cats

Cats are predators in the wild but they also know that they can be prey just as easily because of their small size. And with you in the bathroom for several minutes, they may feel vulnerable to potential predators when you shut the door when taking a poop. Their persistence in getting inside the bathroom with you when you poop may be a sign that they’re scared of being alone.

5. They Want Your Attention

Cats love attention and it’s evident in how they cuddle, curl up on your feet, sit on your lap, and call your attention whenever they want. They may have learned that when you take a poop in the bathroom, you’re basically not doing anything else and so if they’re staring at you, and you stare back, they’re getting undivided attention, which can rarely happen if you’re out and about around the house.

These are only some of the assumptions as to the reasons why cats love watching their owners poop in the bathroom. Other simple reasons include cats loving the cold and smooth tiled floors and sinks, and cats loving the sound of running water in the bathroom. One reason, as explained by a scientist, states that cats may even love the smell of your poop.

Because cats love getting to know their pet owners, a cat expert believes that felines love the smell of poop from their owners because it’s a familiar scent and it makes them feel secure and comfortable. But of course, this is just a theory with no scientific explanation to back it up. But since cats have a keen sense of smell, this may be a viable explanation.

Related Questions

  • How do I make my cat stop watching me when I poop?

If you’re uncomfortable with your cat watching you as you poop, you can simply shut the door. If they’re wailing and scratching, try to give them a treat or place a toy by the door so they stay outside but they’re preoccupied. You can also remove your cat from the bathroom when they start to come in. Though cats are persistent, they’re smart and usually get the message that they’re not welcome.

  • Why is my cat staying in the bathroom?

Your cat may love staying in the bathroom because of the smooth and cool tiles, sink, and bathtub. This can also be a sign that they’re living space may not be as comfortable, so make sure their litter box, bed, and play area are comfortable for your cats to stay in.

  • Is it true my cat is guarding me as I poop?

Cats regard pooping as a vulnerable act and they may watch you to help protect you from potential dangers. They may be staring at you to watch out for possible alarms or emergencies. Some experts say your cat may be waiting for something to happen to you so they can protect you or call out for help. But again, this is just another of the many assumptions why your cat stares at you while you poop.

Cats love being around their owners and it’s no surprise that they love being around you even at your most vulnerable moments, such as pooping in the bathroom. If their stares are bothering you as your bowel movement is moving, you may need to shut the door or distract your cat, such as giving it a treat or toy to play with outside the bathroom door.

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