Huge List of Nerdy Cat Names for Your Kitty

Nerdy Cat Names

Being a nerd is cool, it opens you up to such a wide range of interesting and unusual things like comic books, cult movies, video games… (If you agree with them then you’re definitely a nerd 🙂 )

Ok, maybe I’m a bit bias… but tell me it’s not true.

If you’re into comic books, sci-fi, niche films and books, video games, and any of the other stereotypical nerdy things, then what better place to draw inspiration from to name your cat.

It’s a great conversation starter, and when you meet someone else who knows what your cat name means or where it’s from – you know you’ve met a fellow nerd!

So, without further ado, here are some nerdy cat names to browse. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect nerdy name for you and your cat!

Loads of Nerdy Cat Names

Nerdy Sci-Fi Names for Male and Female Cats
If this picture doesn’t say nerdy is cool – well you’re about to be exterminated.

Nerdy Sci-Fi Names for Male Cats

Few things scream nerdy more than sci-fi! I love a good sci-fi film or series, and it’s the perfect place to look for unusual names.

Here are a few of the best and the movie/TV show they are from:

Anakin – Star Wars

Apollo – Battlestar Galactica

Ben – Star Wars

Chewbacca – Star Wars

Connor – The Terminator

Emmett – Back to the Future

Finn – Star Wars

Fox – The X-Files

Hans Solo – Star Wars

Holden – Blade Runner

Jonas – Stargate SG-1

Lando – Star Wars

Leonard – Star Trek

Luke – Star Wars

Miles – Star Trek

ObiWan – Star Wars

Poe – Star Wars

Riker – Star Wars

Sam – Quantum Leap

Spock – Star Trek

Wesley – Star Trek

Ziggy – Quantum Leap

Nerdy Sci-Fi Names for Female Cats

Aayla – Star Wars

Athena – Battlestar Galactica

Beverly – Star Trek

Dana – The X-Files

Delenn – Babylon 5

Ezri – Star Trek

Janice – Star Trek

Kathryn – Star Trek

Kira – Star Trek

Leia – Star Wars

Maggie – Sliders

Mara – Star Wars

Monica – The X-Files

Padme – Star Wars

Rey – Star Wars

Ripley – Alien

Serina – Battlestar Galactica

Tasha – Star Trek

Uhura – Star Trek

Zhora – Blade Runner

Nerdy Techy-Related Names for Cats

Nerdy Techy-Related Names for Cats
Technology makes for things to sit and/or sleep on.

If you’re a techy geek then these names will be very familiar to you and might just make for the perfect name for your kitty!
















Nerdy Video Game-Related Names for Cats

Nerdy Video Game-Related Names for Cats
Think about it, it’s not so weird, you could name your cat after one of these.

Here are some awesome and well-known video character names from the past to the present to choose from:


Mario or Luigi



(Princess) Peach

Lara (Croft)










Donkey Kong


(Princess) Zelda


Diddy Kong


(Kid) Icarus

Earthworm Jim



Comic Book Character Names for Cats

Huge List of Marvel Themed Cat Names

Comic books and nerds, a marriage going back since the early 1900s when comic books started to become a thing.

If you enjoy comic books you’ll be familiar with most of these names. Plenty of them make for awesome kitty names!

Spawn – Spawn

Captain Haddock – Tintin

Deadpool – Deadpool

Astro Boy – Ambassador Atom

Daredevil – Daredevil

Hellboy – Hellboy

Venom – Spiderman

Lex Luther – Superman

Swamp Thing – Swamp Thing

Obelix – Asterix

The Punisher – Spiderman

Iron Man – Iron Man

Hulk – The Incredible Hulk

The Thing – Fantastic Four

Magneto – X-Men

The Joker – Batman

Judge Dredd – 2000 AD

Spiderman – Spiderman

Wolverine – X-Men

Batman – Batman

Superman – Superman

If you couldn’t find a suitably nerdy name that you liked enough from this list for your kitty don’t stop here.

Check out these lists of Black cat names, Disney inspired cat names, or Asian cat names for more imsporation.

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