Dealing with Cat Allergies: How to Still Enjoy Your Cat

Dealing with Cat Allergies How to Still Enjoy Your Cat

If you are allergic to cats and find it difficult to be near them, you may have accepted that you will never own one.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. There are a lot of ways to manage your allergies, and there is a good chance you can live happily with a cat.

Some people develop allergies over time, having been perfectly fine around cats previously. This can be devastating if one of the members of your family is a fluffy kitty.

Here are some tips how you can manage allergies. It’s worth working through the list and seeing if it helps you.

Having those puffy eyes, feeling stuffy, or even having skin conditions break out because you came in contact with your cat is not fun.

So here are some tips that may prove very useful.

Dealing with Cat Allergies: How to Still Enjoy Your Cat

Get Tested for Allergies

The first thing you should do is get tested by a doctor. It is a possibility that you are allergic to something else and not a cat. It’s worth ruling this out either way.

It’s normal to just assume you are allergic to a cat if you find you are having outbreaks, or reactions after coming into contact with a kitty.

It’s a common assumption that it’s the fur too. Which is not the case. It’s actually a protein particle that causes allergic reactions to kick off.

This particle is found in cat saliva, urine, and skin, it’s not produced from the fur directly. The fur does help spread the particle however, so that’s why the connection is made.

Allergies are often limited to certain types of cats. So don’t rule out ever owning any type of cat, try stroking and spending time with different breeds. You may be pleasantly surprised.

For example, the Devon Rex and Sphynx breeds have far less fur than your typical breed and will shed less. So this is an avenue to go down and do some investigating.

Be Aware That Soft Furnishings Aid Allergies

Furniture around your home may be making your allergies a lot worse. Think about fabrics that have the potential to trap and hold on to those particles.

Soft furnishings such as; carpets, curtains, and fabric sofas are the main culprits. I’m not suggesting refurbishing your whole home, but going forward it should be something you consider.

Use HEPA Filters and Air Filtration

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It’s a form of filter that is designed to trap harmful particles that cause allergies and other health problems.

For example, a vacuum without the filter will kick out all kinds of particles into the air. Worsening any affects you are feeling.

But a HEPA vacuum will trap these particles, giving you cleaner and more pure air. Much better for breathing, and much better for those with allergies.

There are lots of air purifiers you can add to your home. They are easy to clean and relatively low maintenance. Certainly not a lot of effort if it soothes your symptoms.

Consider Medications

No one wants to add medications to their daily life. But it may be necessary. There are a lot of low dosage, safe medicines available over the counter that can work wonders for some people.

Antihistamines are the most common. They work by limiting your body’s allergic reaction to a number of particles. Most people find these do the trick.

There are also some products to soothe the symptoms. Such as eye drop if you get puffy and watery eyes. Inhalers to clear the sinus passages, and creams for itchy skin.

Thorough Cleaning Can Go a Long Way

I am not suggesting that you are living in a dirty, or untidy house by any means. But giving your place a more thorough clean than most people need to might do the job.

Use a HEPA vacuum as explained earlier, otherwise you are just spreading the particles. Do a little, more often, to make a bigger impact.

Carry out an obsessive routine for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Like a lot of these tips, it’s trial and error to some extent. Everyone reacts differently and have different severities.

What You Can Do with Your Cat to Help

Seeing as your cat is the source of your allergies, there is good reason to look at it and see what you can do.

I’m not going to suggest anything as drastic as getting rid of your beloved pet, so don’t panic.

Instead, how about grooming and brushing them routinely to collect all of those loose hairs. Cover your face while you’re doing this of course, you are literally in the danger zone.

Check your cat has healthy skin and fur. Use premium food as this is better for nutrition and health.

In combination, these tips should go a long way to making your life with your cat a lot more enjoyable. Causing less allergic reactions, and a lot less symptoms.