How to keep cats off the bed? 8 Proven Tips

how to keep cats off the bed

Generally, every pet, including a cat, are supposed to stick with their owners and may accompany them everywhere, even sharing their bedroom with them.

However, some people don’t like their pets to be with them in their beds. And they always tend to keep them out of their private room.

So, if you are curious to know how to keep cats off the bed, stay with us! We will try our best to help you out of your problem.

How can I keep my cat off the bed?

Few of the cat owners emailed us saying that ‘I don’t want my cat on my bed so How can I keep my cat off the bed?

We will share proven tips and tricks with you to change your kitty’s mind from jumping and lying on your bed.

1. Provide personal bed to your cat

how to keep cats off the bed

Many cats use their owner’s bed because it is comfortable and furry. If your bed is so fluffy and warm, your cat might make it their comfort zone.

We would like to suggest that you provide a personal and comfortable bed for your kitty so that they feel relaxed there. Also, make sure that their bed seems more attractive and cozier to them than yours because there is no guarantee that your cat will stop roaming in your bed, no matter how hard you try.

Place their bed in a quiet and attractive environment so that they may get used to it. For example, some cats love sunbathing and enjoy watching birds flying in the air whenever they get out of bed in the morning.

If your cat sleeps in such a beautiful and healthy spot, they will definitely prefer it upon your bed.

2. Use cat repellent spray

Cats usually are allergic to citrus scents and avoid a strong citrus smell. So, prepare a robust citrus solution of vinegar and lemon at your home or buy it and sprinkle it around your bed. In this way, your kitty won’t dare cross the line.

You can also try cat repellant spray available online on Amazon and other platforms, which is entirely safe for cats.

3. Train your cat not to do so

Ideally, train your kitten at a very young age not to use your bed. Educating cats earlier makes them strictly follow that behavior.

However, if you are late, it might be laborious to keep them from this annoying habit. Anyhow, convince your kitty consistently and patiently by any means of positive reinforcement so that your kitty starts hating your bed in the best interest of you.

4. Make your bed undesirable

Cats are psychologically anxious to strange noises and textures; you can use this trick positively. Cover all your bedsides with aluminum foil; this noisy foil will deter your cat from using your bed.

You can also pick something online specially designed for cats to keep them away from your bed.

This furniture training mate, for example, works perfectly by producing disturbing noise and making your bed uncomfortable.

5. Keep your bedroom door closed

Restrict your cat from entering your sleeping room; take them there rarely. Keep your bedroom door shut whenever you tend to sleep or when you’re not around. This behavior will realize your cat that the place is not meant for them.

Another alternative might be to keep their sleeping room separate so that you can confine them easily. But that would only be possible if you are willing to spend your night away from your pet.

6. Assign them cat furniture

how to keep cats off the bed

Cats spend most of their time in elevated places due to their animal nature. To fulfill their desire, make sure cat furniture for them. Plenty of options are available for you in the market; you can choose the best one for your queen.

Teach your cat to get used to it; we are confident that they would love to spend most of their time roaming around that furniture. A cat tree is also a good option; other relative accessories in your house might fill the gap.

7. Use double-sided tape

Cats mostly avoid sticky and viscous things. They tend to pull back whenever something glues their paws.

Surround your bed with double-sided tape; the cat won’t be able to cross that barrier, as the sticky tape will compel her to pull back. In this way, they will not bother your bed.

8. Pay off with treats

If you tried all the tricks mentioned above but all in vain. Here is the last but not the least trick for you.

Whenever your kitty tries to enter your bedroom, distract them by playing different games with them and keeping them busy outside your bedroom. You can also present their favorite treat during that time to divert their mind.

There are also a lot of Cat toys available in the market particularly designed for them. Purchase different toys for your cat and place them where you want your kitty to spend time instead of your bedroom.

Is it OK to let cats sleep in your bed?

To be honest, there is no risk or issue involved while your cat rests on your bed. Many cat owners allow their pets in personal-bed without any hesitation.

However, the choice is yours, whether you are willing to share your bed with them or keep them off the bed.

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Due to the special bond with pets, keeping them out of the bedroom seems nearly impossible. However, maintaining boundaries with your cat might be helpful.

Train them from the beginning not to enter your bedroom and also refrain them from jumping in your bed.

You are also encouraged to follow the 8 tips and tricks mentioned above to demotivate them from adapting to this annoying habit.

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