7 Reasons: Why do cats sleep on their face? Is It Good or Bad

Why do cats sleep on their face?

Cats are one of the most adorable pets. They adopt many unique and joyful behaviors like little kids to entertain us. Some of these behaviors are considered normal, while some may irritate you and your feline in the future. Like babies, cats often sleep in crazy positions, such as sleeping on their faces. So  Why do cats sleep on their face?

Cats are very flexible creatures by nature. On many occasions, your cat can sleep in a very crazy position just for comfort. However, there may be some behavioral or health issues in rare cases. 

This article is a comprehensive guide about why cats bury their faces when sleeping? Is this normal? And if not, how to stop your feline from this behavior. Reading this article will answer all your questions about cats’ sleeping positions.

Why do cats sleep on their face?

A cat can sleep face down for many reasons such as comfort, the posture of security, Ailurophobia, trying to hide, protecting their eyes from the light, keeping itself warm, feeling upset, stress and anxiety, etc. In our research, we have concluded that in 95% of cases, kitten sleeping face down and burying their faces is normal. However, 5% may be a sign of some health or behavioral issues that need to be appropriately addressed. 

Why do cats bury their faces? According to pet experts and behaviorists, a cat can sleep on the face or bury its face for many reasons. Some of these are considered normal, while some need to be concerned about. 

Let’s now learn in detail about these reasons one by one.

7 Reasons cats sleep on their Face

cat sleep face down

1. For Comfort

The very first answer to your question about why my cat sleeps on its face is that your feline feels comfortable in the position.

You may probably think that this position may hurt your tom or queen, and they are uncomfortable, but you may be wrong. Different cats may have different sleeping positions.

Some may sleep on their back, some on their face, and some hide their face in bedding.

Your kitty is a very flexible creature, and they can adopt many positions not only in sleeping but eating, playing, bathing, or even resting that make them comfortable.

2. Prevents Eyes from light

We humans often irritate when light enters our eyes while we sleep. We usually switch off the light or use sleeping bands to prevent eyes from the light. Same your cat ma trouble too when something disturbed its rest time.

A cat can lay on its head down or may hide its eyes with paws while sleeping to protect the eyes from the light for a restful and comfortable sleep. 

3. To keep its Nose and Face warm

Do you know? Cats are slightly warmer blooded than other animals and us. That’s why you may have observed that your feline often likes to lay in the warm places or sun. Know about how much heat a cat can tolerate? 

To keep themselves warm and to regulate their body temperature, felines often adopt some behavior, such as curling up themselves in the cold weather.

Cat nose and face are susceptible and easily exposed to cold. A cat can lie face down on the bed or even sleep on its face to keep its nose and face warm.

4. Ailurophobia

Ailurophobia is an intense fear of cats that compel your kitty to panic and anxiety. Your feline can suffer from Ailurophobia for many reasons, such as other pet attacks, punishing, yelling, fireworks and thunderstorms, etc.

Threats and fear compel humans and animals to adopt many strange and uncertain behaviors. A hiding face could be a security posture or protect itself from worry. 

Other signs of Ailurophobia in cats are:

  • Pain or tightness in the chest
  • Increased in a hearth beat
  • Wet paws (sweating)
  • Agitation, dizziness, or nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Upset stomach

5. Trying  to Hide

Do you have babies in the house? Do you observe when they put their hands on the eyes, hide their heads in a blanket or put it down on the bed to hide itself? And try that no one can see them.

Cats are naturally similar to babies in many behaviors. Your cat can hide its eyes by its paws or may sleep down on its face to hide. 

6. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety is the leading cause of behavioral issues in pets, especially in cats and dogs. Pet experts believe that a stressed and anxious feline will be uncomfortable in its life and will irritate its owners.

Due to stress and anxiety, sleeping down on the face is rare in kittens. However, suppose your cat starts sleeping on the front, and you also observe the below-mentioned symptoms alongside.

In that case, your cat is probably suffering from stress or anxiety, and your vet may help you in such situations. 

Common symptoms of stress in cats are:

  • Eating non-food items
  • Avoid eating
  • Excessive eating or drinking
  • Over grooming
  • Poor appetite
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Urine Spraying
  • Excessively Scratching
  • Aggression (Food Aggression)
  • Frequent hiding
  • Loudly and excessively meowing

7. Health Issues

Cats face down on the bed or sleep on their face due to health issues are rare. However, there are still chances that some health issue compels your kitty to adopt the behavior, such as eye illnesses or pain in the nose, head, or ears.  

If your cute pet is also sleeping in this position, share your experiences with us in the comment section.


Cats are not the only animals that sleep on their faces. Other species, such as dogs and bunnies, sleep face down. This is not due to any physiological difference between cats and other animals but because of their social habits. 

This has led to several theories about why kittens sleep on and bury faces?  Some say it helps them stay warm in winter or cool in summer; others say it is because they are afraid of predators or prey and need protection from them; others say it is because they prefer resting. 

In short, serve cats concluded that in 95% of cases, felines sleep faces down is normal; however, 5% may be a sign of some health or behavioral issues that needs to be appropriately addressed. 

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