How to keep cats from using Dog door? 5 Proven Tips

How to keep cats from using Dog door

Many pet owners in the United States like to keep cats and dogs without any conflict as a pet. Usually, cats and dogs like to live in the same household but sometimes be aggressive in their territory nature and may cause trouble and leads them to conflict. So How to keep cats from using Dog door?

Using the same door for felines and dogs may be uncomfortable for the pet owners and the pets as well. The best solution to avoid this dilemma is to use Cat proof dog door. 

In this blog post, we will let you know about the use of cat-proof dog door, their benefits, and how to protect felines from dog door?

How to keep cats from using dog door?

According to the pet experts, the best and ideal solution to prevent cats from using dog doors is to use Cat proof dog door. However, many other possible solutions can help a kitty owner to banish the cats from invading the dog’s territory.

Below, we list some of the proven tips to keep cats from using the dog door.

1. Using Cat proof Dog Door

Cat-proof dog door, also known as electronic dog door, helps create separate doorways for both the dogs and cats to prevent any uncertain situation and minimize the risk of aggression against each other.

Many electronic pet doors are available in the market; we recommend using them. These cat-proof dog doors will help keep your cats safely indoors

2. Early Training

Early training is considered the ideal way to adopt or discourage any pet behavior. Train your kitty at a very young age to follow your commands either by words or action.

To keep a cat from the dog door, you should discourage the behavior whenever your kitty tries to invade the pooch territory. Make sure to offer some best cat treats when he follows your instruction.

3. Adjust Pet Door Magnet Strength

Increasing the magnet strength of the dog door flap is the best way to strengthen the canine door strong enough so that the cat won’t be able to push through.

Provide maximum magnet strength to the canine door flap to keep your kitty away from the dog door.

The ideal solution is to use Endura Flap Pet Doors, the best choice for this uncomfortable situation, as it has a customizable magnetic pet door.

Increasing the magnet strength of the dog door flap is the best way to keep the cat out of sight for the dog since the cat won’t be strong enough to push through.

Another option is by adding strong magnets to the pet door flap to make it strong enough to not open by the feline. This will increase the difficulty for your cat while making the dog walk freely.

4. Surround the Door with Deterrents

Try to make the dog door annoying for the cat to keep them away and inside. For this purpose, you can use aluminum foil by placing it in front of the pet door.

The texture and sound of aluminum foil are also irritating for kitties and are also favorable to control your cat from the puppy door.

To ensure the safety of the feline pet, this is a must for every kitty owner to select the safe deterrent that does not hurt your feline.

5. Use Positive Reinforcement

The best way to solve this dispute among the two pets is to use Positive reinforcement, but that should be fun and kind. Train the cat a few times to give them their favorite food whenever your dog desires to leave through the door.

In this way, the cat would prefer to catch the food instead of facing the dog in their way.

Also, you can use cat toys to keep your cat busy and to play. So, your cat would be discouraged from using the dog door.

How to keep stray cats from coming in dog door?

dog door

Stray cats are hard to keep away from coming in dog doors compared to a pet cats. However, you can keep stray cats from approaching dog doors by using electronic cat prop dog doors.

You can also use some techniques such as Early training by Surrounding the Door with Deterrents, strengthening the door flap magnet, etc. Read more What do Stray Cats like to eat?

Cat Proof dog door for Sliding Glass Door

The majority of people prefer sliding glass doors instead of wooden doors. There are easy ways to install a cat-proof dog door in the fixed doors. However, when it comes to finding a perfect cat-proof dog door for sliding doors, then you must choose the best to prevent your cat from using the canine door.

Below, we list some pet experts recommended Cat-Proof dog doors for houses with sliding glass doors.

PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Doors

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor


Preventing cats from dog doors may be difficult for some pet owners. However, they can overcome the situation using the ideal door and safe techniques.


Do cats go through doggie door?

Yes, there are many chances that a cat will go through the doggie door.  If your cat is large enough or the shareholder with the dog for the same door, then your cat might use the dog door; it would be best to make proper arrangements to avoid any unpleasant incidents between them.

Sharing the same door by cats and dogs may create hurdles among them and for the owners. Some kitties may go through the doggie’s doors because of their size.

However, many specially formulated pet doors are available to avoid feline invading the dog’s doors.

How do I keep animals out of my dog’s door?

Many animals such as rodents, rabbits, cats, and other small livestock can approach your dog door. However, there is a solution to this problem.

Install a magnet flap dog door that only allows your dog to enter through.

However, it should be strong enough for other animals.

You can also install deterrents in front of the door to prevent other animals from approaching.

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