Why Do Cats Jump in Boxes?

Why Do Cats Jump in Boxes

Wonder why do cats jump in boxes or like being inside the boxes as soon as you place one on the floor?

It’s a behavior that’s common to most cats. Certainly, all the cats I’ve ever had have found it simply too hard to resist investigating a new box.

But why do cats have this fascination with cardboard boxes?

Here are some of the reasons that can explain this cat behavior:

Why Do Cats Jump in Boxes?

Cats Are Curious and Boxes Need Investigating

Cats are curious creatures by nature and will investigate anything new or different that comes into the home, as I’m sure you know all too well.

Some cats will jump in a new box to check it out, get bored or find something else to do and move on. While others will decide to settle down in the box instead of their bed once they’ve made the effort to jump in.

Boxes Are Secure Places to Sleep or Relax

Cats will usually take advantage of places that provide a nice snuggly and secure setting, so a box fits the bill nicely.

It’s part of their natural instinct to settle somewhere safe from predators. I know they couldn’t be further from the wild in their domestic setting, but it’s still part of their innate behavior.

Cardboard Boxes Provide Some Fun

I bet you found some fun uses for boxes when you were a kid, right? If you have a young cat jumping in and out of boxes and playing with the flaps they’re getting some entertainment from it.

You can even turn a box into an interactive toy by adding some holes and poking toy mice or other things they enjoy chasing in and out.

The Scent Is Soothing for Some Cats

Cardboard boxes and made from wood, which still retains an outdoors forestry smell, which is a lot strong for cats with their sensitive sense of smell.

Some cats love this scent as it gives them that feeling of being outdoors, chasing mice and other prey, and is soothing for them.

Cardboard Makes for Good Scratching Material

Some cats will use cardboard boxes to sharpen their claws. Or just shred strips off and bite holes in because it’s fun.

The good news is that if they’re doing this to the box they are not doing it to any of the furniture in your home!

So next time you see your kitty jumping into one of your boxes give them some time to investigate and get comfortable in it.

Maybe you can even make it a permanent feature for them. Until of course they get bored and move onto something else… as cats do.