Why Do Cats Jump on Your Back?

Why Do Cats Jump on Your Back

Why do cats jump on your back when you bend over to do something or they see an opportunity to do so?

There are a few reasons why cats enjoy jumping on people’s backs as I will explain:

You’re a Toy to Them and It’s Fun

Cats are mischievous and fun animals, and when they want to play and jump around that’s what they’ll do, regardless if it’s you that becomes their climbing frame.

It’s often just too tempted for them to resist if you bend over in front of them and present a nice landing pad that is your back.

My cat will almost always jump on my back, run up to my shoulders and try and make herself comfy if she sees the opportunity to do so.

It’s Their Way of ‘Owning’ You

Cat’s like to lay claim to things. You may have noticed this if there is something in the middle of the room, you ever noticed how your cat will go and sit on it?

They like to own anything new, different, odd, or anything that takes their fancy. If that includes your back because it looks like a nice place to sit, then that too.

They Like Being Close to You

As their sharp nails are dragging down your back you could see it as a compliment. My cat keeps jumping on me because it likes being close to me.

This is why they crawl up onto your shoulders too. It’s the best place for them to find a comfortable position to lay down and relax, even if that’s the last thing on your mind.

They Love Being up High

Cat’s love being up high. It allows them to look down at everything that’s going on, feel safe, and get the first glance at potential prey.

If you make your back available to them they will see it as a platform to use for this purpose. You’re high off the floor to them, even if you don’t feel like it yourself.