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6 Essential Supplies You Need To Take A Cat Camping

By Kristin

Camping with your cat can be pretty exciting if it’s new for you.  If you need to read a full guide on how to take your cat camping I have wrote an article you can read called taking cats camping – the complete guide.  If you feel you don’t need a guide then I will […]

How to Hike with a Cat

By Kristin

So you’ve traveled with your cat to a few places, and now you are wanting to get more adventurous.  Believe it or not, hiking with a cat may seem strange or impossible, but it’s actually becoming quite common.  More people are starting to take their cats to various places, and taking your cat to the […]

Can I Bring My Cat On Amtrak?

By Kristin

Can I bring my cat on Amtrak?  The short answer is yes! Amtrak now allows small animals aboard their trains.  There are a few guidelines you need to adhere to in order to bring your cat on Amtrak.  I’ve outlined a simple guide for you on how to do this. Make a Pet Reservation In […]

How to Set up a Hotel Room to Be Cat Friendly

By Kristin

I bet you are wondering why on earth would you ever have to know how to setup a hotel room to be cat friendly?  The simple answer is to provide your cat with the best hotel experience.  Different types of situations can come up where you would need to keep your cat in a hotel.  […]

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