Best Cat Treats For Training

best cat treats for training

When looking for the best cat treats for training your cat you will want to look for treats that your cat will be begging to get more of.  You also want to find a treat that has some nutrition for your cat since you will be feeding them these treats often.  I have provided a brands of cat treats that are exceptional when it comes to training your cat.

Temptations Classic Treats For Cats

Temptations classic treats for cats is a good choice to pick when training your cat.  Check out the current price on amazon by clicking here.  There are many different treats on the market that you can pick for your cat for training, but this one does it well.  One trait you should look for in a cat treat is the taste.  This treat has a small variety of flavors mixed into every bag.  These include: shrimp, tuna, and salmon flavors.

Each treat also only has 2 calories per treat which means they are great if you are trying to watch your cat’s weight.  The last thing you want to do is train your cats with treats and by the end of it your cat is obese or overweight from all the treats.  With having 3 different flavors in the bag, this will make sure your cat does not get tired of them.  The texture of these treats have a crunchy outside with a soft inside.  This is very good for older cats as well that have bad teeth.

In addition to the soft inside, the treats help control tartar and support dental health.  Another trait to look for in cat training treats are nutrition.  Temptations cat treats are 100% nutritionally balanced and complete for an adult cat.  Since you will be putting treats into your cat, it is a good idea to make sure it has some nutritional content since you will be replacing part of their diet with these.

Most of the reviews for this product on amazon come back as positive.  The main concern people have with this treat is that they find that their cats are very addicted to these treats.  Now this may be a good or a bad thing depending on your situation.  This will help encourage your cat training, but once the training is over it may be an issue.  Some owners have reported that their cats will constantly meow for more treats.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats

These cat treats by blue buffalo is another great choice.  You can see the current price on amazon by clicking here.  This comes in a variety pack with 4 different flavors.  The flavors are chicken and duck, chicken and trout, chicken and salmon, and chicken and turkey.  These treats will help keep your cat wanting more as you rotate through the different flavors while you are training your cat.

Another great thing with these treats are that they are made only with real meat.  There are no fillers, artificial preservatives, no corn, soy, or wheat.  This ensures that your cat gets a complete and balanced nutritional treat.  The texture of these treats are soft and moist making it easily edible and digestible even for the pickiest of cats.  One downside to this product is that the bags are only 2 ounces each which means your cat will go through these treats rather quickly.

This cat treat has mixed reviews on amazon.  Some of the users have reported that the cat treats are always fresh and that their cats love it.  Some users, on the other hand, have stated that the texture of these treats are too crumbly to give to their cat.  A few other users have reported that their cat does not like the treats at all which can backfire if your main goal is cat training.

Churu Lickable Creamy Cat Treat

The churu lickable cat treats is a great alternative to hard cat treats.  Click here to see the current price from amazon.  What makes these treats unique is that they are given to your cat in a puree form.  It comes with a pack of 5 different flavors to keep your cat intrigued.

It comes with chicken, tuna with chicken, chicken with scallop, tuna with scallop, and plain tuna.  Since this is a puree, there is no chewing needed.  Simply place some of the puree into your cats favorite cat bowl and serve.  You can even pair this treat with others as a topper to make other treats for appetizing if they have grew tired to them.

These treats are grain-free and there are no preservatives or artificial colors.  Most of the reviews from users are positive with this cat treat.  There a very few negative reviews.  Some of the negative reviews are targeted towards digestion.  A few of the users have stated that their cat’s stomachs did not handle the treats very well which led to a mess in the litter box.

In Conclusion

Finding cat treats for training your cat may be tricky.  You will need to read all of the products descriptions and know your cat before purchasing a cat treat.  If your cat prefers a softer treat instead of a puree then you will need to go with a treat like blue buffalo or temptations.  A cat treat that is lower in calories is also a good thing.  Try to watch out for higher calorie treats as they can lead to excessive weight gain.

Since you will be replacing some of your cats nutrition with treats, it’s a wise idea to make sure it has nutritional value so you are not feeding your cat empty calories.  These treats I listed above do all of these exceptionally well which is why I recommended them.

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