Best Supplements With Vitamins for Cats to Gain Weight

best supplements with vitamins for cats to gain weight

Is your cat struggling to gain weight? There are many different causes for a cat to be underweight. Whether it’s because they are having difficulty eating, absorbing nutrients, or have medical issues, it is important to keep your cat at a healthy weight. If your cat is struggling with their dietary needs then it may be time to intervene before your cat becomes ill due to malnutrition and a low weight.

There are many different types of products on the market to help your cat gain weight. The most common types of products for weight gain are supplements and food designed specifically for weight gain. One of the easiest ways to help your cat gain weight is by the use of vitamins or supplements. I’ve put together a small list of the best supplements with vitamins to help cats with gaining weight.

These products serve a purpose to help get your cat back to a healthy weight if they are sick or underweight. At the end of the article I also go over weight gain tips and frequently asked questions about vitamins.

Are you in a hurry? For the quick answer, I recommend this supplement with vitamins by Tomlyn on Amazon out of all the products listed below.

Under the Weather High Calorie Supplement With Vitamins and Minerals for Cats

This first vitamin supplement by Under The Weather is a powerhouse of a product. It provides calories, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats to bring your cat up to nutrition while helping improve weight gain. This product is a fast seller and it’s hard to find it in stock. Click here to check the current price and availability on Amazon.

This supplement comes in a syringe like container. The tubing is measured so you can give your cat the proper dosage as required. This is a perfect supplement to use if your cat is not getting enough calories and vitamins from their everyday diet. If your cat is having issues eating food, then you can even put the supplement on your cats lips or in the mouth. It contains a high amount of calories that will help aid your cat with gaining weight with or without the help of actual food. The flavor is a natural fish and malt which means you can easily mix it into a variety of cat foods while not having to worry about your cat not liking it. This supplement contains 9 vitamins, 7 minerals, and also has essential fatty acids.

User Reviews

The general feedback of this item is very positive. Many users stated that this product was successful in helping their cats to gain weight or prevent them from dying altogether. It’s excellent to use on its own as well without mixing it with food. Another thing that many users were satisfied with is the amount of paste you get in the syringe. It lasts a very long time if using the proper dosage.

Some users that did not leave good feedback mostly stated that their cats did not want to eat it and did not like the taste.

Miracle Vet Weight Gain Supplement With Vitamins and Minerals for Cats

This weight gain supplement with vitamins and minerals from Miracle Vet has one of the highest fat contents on the market. This makes this product excellent for helping your cat gain weight while supplying them with all the vitamins and healthy fasts they need for healthy development. To check out the current price click here to view it on Amazon.

Every ounce of this product contains 150 calories. 130 of the calories are coming from the fat content in this product. The fats that are used in this supplement are healthy fats. Fish oil is the number one ingredient used and is considered to be healthy, has no trans fats, and is a powerhouse when it comes to nutritional value. To mix with the high quality healthy fats, Miracle Vet also uses a high quality protein. The protein used in this product is a whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is a high quality form of protein that is also popular in weightlifting protein powders. This is one of the highest qualities of proteins you can find on the market for both pets and humans.

This supplement is very easy to handle and use. It comes ready to serve in a liquid form. There is no mixing or shaking required with this specific product. Similar brands or products will usually settle after sitting which will require shaking and mixing. The ingredients used in this product are all natural and safe. There are no artificial colors, glycerin, or trans fats.

User Reviews

Many of the users had positive reviews about this product on Amazon. It does exactly what it claims. Many customers stated that this product was literally a life saver for when their cats would not eat food. This supplement with added healthy fats will help give your cat the needed calories to sustain weight gain.

Some of the negative feedback users reported were mostly related to stomach indigestion. A few users reported that their cats threw up and a few servings while others said that their cat hated the taste of it. Many of the complaints are around pets throwing up with this product.

Tomlyn High Calorie Nutri-Cal for Cats Supplement

This high calorie gel supplement by Tomlyn is very versatile and potent. It comes in a gel form which you can give directly to your cat, or mix with food. To check the current price of this product click here to see it on Amazon.

This high calorie dietary supplement is one of few recommended by vets. The main ingredients in Nutri-Cal for Cats is Vitamin A, D, E, Phosphorus, Thiamine, Calcium, Manganese, Iodine, Potassium, Iron, Folic Acid, Ribloflavin and a few other essentials. Administering to your cat is also very simple. This supplement comes in an easy to use gel form. Simply place the recommended amount of gel on your finger to give to your cat. You can also place it on your cat’s paw or mix it with their food. It’s best to try multiple different ways to see what works best for you and your cat. Not all cats are the same so you will have to figure out the easiest way to give it to your cat.

User Reviews

The overall ratings of this product are positive. Many verified users have commented saying that their cats absolutely loved this supplement and some cats even looked forward to having it. Many users that had elderly cats said it worked well with keeping their weight up.

Most of the negative reviews had to do with some cat owners’ cats not liking the taste at all of this gel.

Lexelium Weight Gainer Supplement and Appetite Stimulant for Cat With Vitamins and Minerals

This is weight gainer supplement with vitamins by Lexelium is another great choice. You can simply supplement your cat’s current food with a scoop of this powder to add to their overall caloric intake and nutrition for the day. The added calories and nutrients will have your cat feeling and looking better after regular use of this product. To check the current pricing and availability click here to check it on Amazon.

Lexelium claims that all the ingredients in their formula is clinically backed and supported to help your cat gain weight and can all be found on their website. The product is an all-natural weight gainer and appetite stimulant. This means not only will it help your cat gain weight by providing extra calories, but it will also make them want to eat more. That means your cat will be gaining more weight on this supplement than others that do not stimulate appetite.

This product also differentiates itself from many of the others by coming in powder form. Most other products come in a liquid or gel form. Although this product comes in powder form, it still mixes very easily with wet and dry cat food. This product also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is a 30 day refund policy if you are not happy with the product.

User Reviews

There are a fair amount of positive reviews for this product on amazon. Many users stated that this product worked very well for their sick pets. This seems like an awesome product for a cat that is sick or just coming out of surgery.

Some negative feedback from users included their cats not wanting to touch their food once the powder was mixed in it. There were also a few people that said the formula did not work at all for their pet.

What Vitamins Help Cats Gain Weight?

Vitamin B-12 is one of the most important vitamins to help your cat gain weight. Vitamin B-12 has many different functions in the body. It supports red blood cell production and energy. Without adequate B-12, your cat’s appetite may decrease and make it harder for them to consume food which will overall lower their caloric intake. A diet that is rich in protein should provide ample amounts of Vitamin B-12 for your cat. Good protein sources include: chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. These are all very high in protein and will help stimulate your cat’s appetite.

Can You Give Cats Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 can come from high protein meats in your cat’s diet. But can you give cats Vitamin B-12? The answer is yes you can supplement your cat with B-12. There are over the counter B-12 drops that you can give your cat without a prescription. If your cat is diagnosed by a vet to have B-12 deficiency then they will need to be supplemented.

Depending on the causes of your cats low B-12, you may need to either supplement it orally or your vet will have to give injections. Injecting B-12 is the most effective method of Vitamin B-12 supplementation. Doses are typically given weekly for many weeks, followed by every two weeks, and then finally monthly. If you feel comfortable with injecting your cat yourself, your vet may give you the option to. Blood tests are the only way to see if your cat’s B-12 levels are back to normal. It is always best to first consult your cat’s veterinarian before supplementing with any form of Vitamin B-12.

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Underweight?

  • The first thing you can do is feel your cat’s ribs. I bet your wondering what feeling your cat’s ribs has to do with being underweight right? When feeling your cat’s ribs you should be able to feel flesh in between its skin and ribs. If all you feel is mostly bone with barely any flesh your cat may be underweight.
  • The next thing you can do is to feel around your cats spine. A very underweight can will actually have an almost protruding like spine that you can see without even having to touch it. If this is not your cat, then proceed with feeling your cat’s spine. You should be able to feel the bones, but not too excessively. You want to be able to feel your cat’s spine, but also have flesh so it doesn’t feel too knobbly or sharp. If you can barely feel your cat’s spine then you may have the total opposite of an underweight cat.
  • Another sign that you may have an underweight cat is loose skin. Your cat’s skin and fur should tuck nicely around its belly and ribs. Loose and hanging skin may be a sign your cat is underweight. Just keep in mind that looser skin in this area is usually normal and common in older cats.

Final Thoughts

Out of all the products I’ve listed, I recommend this supplement with vitamins by Tomlyn on Amazon as my top pick. There are many different reasons why you would need to supplement your cat to gain weight. Surgery, an illness, a picky cat, or an elderly cat are all general reasons as to why you may need a supplement like this. These products also come in an array of forms like liquid, powder, and gel. It seems that gel would be the most versatile to feed your cat with since it is essentially a soft solid food. You can place it on your finger into your cats mouth, spread it on food, or even place it on your cat’s paw.

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