Can Cats See Guardian Angels? (Signs of Spiritual Connections)

Can Cats See Guardian Angels

It’s been long believed that cats can see guardian angels and other spiritual things that we can’t see.

This is largely due to countless stories cat owners have shared about their cats sensing danger and warning them before it happens, acting ‘strange’ by meowing at/or being fixated on something we can’t see, and more.

It’s a fascinating topic, and something I’ve always been interested in.

I usually need scientific evidence or some kind of proof to say I believe in something. But in the case of cats, I have to say there is something mystical going on that we can’t see.

In this article, I’m exploring more about whether or not cats can see guardian angels and some of the other interesting, mystical, and curious cat behaviors that are hard to explain.

Can Cats See Guardian Angels?

Whether or not a cat can see a guardian angel comes down to your personal belief, and possibly an experience you’ve had.

There are certainly a lot of people who believe that cats – and some other pets – can see guardian angels, and this explains why cats have been known to sense and warn people of dangers.

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What Are Guardian Angels – What Does It Mean to You?

Guardian angels are types of angels that are assigned to guide and protect people, or groups of people.

The feeling that we have a guardian angel watching over us is incredibly comforting for some.

Guardian angels really mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a belief that someone they’ve lost is watching over them, often when they made a promise to do so.

For others, they just believe that someone is watching over them. Often due to an event in their lives where they were spared some kind of life-changing event.

Depending on who and what you believe, there may be signs you have a guardian angel.

But one thing that is consistent is that people say you can’t see or physically feel the angel yourself.

Cats, on the other hand, have a sixth sense and some other intuitive powers that we do not.

Signs Your Cat Can See Your Guardian Angel

If you want to pay closer attention to your cat to see if they’re seeing guardian angels or other spiritual things, here are some of the signs that are believed to indicate your cat is seeing spirits:

Staring at ‘Nothing’

We can’t be sure what cats can actually see when they’re aware of the presence of a guardian angel, but if they’re focusing on ‘nothing’ – they’re seeing something we can’t.

Cats are very astute animals, they don’t often focus or use energy unless they can see or sense something that is heightening their awareness.

If your cat keeps staring at an area that looks empty to you, they may be looking at your guardian angel. 

Pawing and Meowing at a Specific Location

Much like focusing on a specific area, some cats will paw and meow when they’re seeing or sensing the presence of something spiritual.

This may be a one-off occasion, but it may also keep happening at the same times or in the same places.

For example, I had a friend whose cat would meow at 10 pm every night outside her bedroom.

She was convinced that her cat was seeing the spirit of her late husband who would go to bed at that time and always give their cat a little pet.

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Bringing You Items That May Mean Something

I’ve read a number of accounts from cat parents whose cats started bringing them objects that mean something special to them.

It’s usually items that relate to someone they’ve lost, like a personal possession that belonged to that person.

This is a way that that person can send a message that they’re looking over you.

Suddenly Running Away and Hiding

Some cats will be interested by the sight or presence of a spirit, but some will be spooked and run away.

Some people believe this means that they’ve seen an evil spirit. But others think it’s a natural reaction to seeing something they can’t understand and didn’t expect to see!

Can Cats See Things That Humans Can’t?

From a scientific perspective, it’s believed that cats can literally see things that we can’t.

This is because according to this NBC News article, unlike us, cats and many other animals can see ultraviolet light and a wider spectrum of colors than we can.

For those who do not believe in guardian angels and the spiritual world, this explains a lot of the signs I covered above that cats are seeing your guardian angel.

For those who do believe in spirits and guardian angels, the signs above confirm what they believe – that cats can see guardian angels and other spirits. 

What you believe is up to you. Your own experience and how you see your cat behaving is going to be personal to you.

Can Cats Sense When Something Is Wrong?

I’ve been hearing stories and old wives’ tales for as long as I can remember about cats sensing danger, illness, when something bad is going to happen, and so on.

There are always going to be people who doubt it, some people need to see some tangible or physical evidence before believing something.

That’s fine, and I respect that. But there is such a large amount of anecdotal evidence and stories that suggest cats can sense when something is wrong, that I believe.

It’s generally believed that cats can sense certain things because they have such a sensitive and powerful sense of smell.

Cats can smell chemical and hormonal changes in people’s bodies, which goes a long way to explaining why people believe some cats can sense illness.

They’re also able to sense changes in mood, which is often attributed to a cat’s ‘sixth sense’. This sense comes in handy in the wild, giving cats the ability to pick up on danger before it’s too late.

In Summary

There is no doubt that cats can see and sense things that we cannot. Things that are far beyond our understanding, and it’s one of the most fascinating things about cats.

Whether or not cats can see guardian angels is going to come down to your own personal beliefs and experiences.

Sometimes it takes a deeply personal and profound experience to open one’s eyes to the spirit world and the possibility that your cat has seen your guardian angel.

You may have had that experience – or it may be in your future.


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