10 Signs of a Cat Spirit After Death

Cat Spirit After Death

If you’re dealing with the loss of a cat, it can be a difficult and emotionally draining time. During the days, weeks, or longer after losing their cat, many cat owners report seeing signs or feeling the presence of their cat spirit after death.

Communicating or experiencing signs that your cat is still ‘with’ you after death is not unusual.

It’s not something most people think about until they see or feel something that makes them believe their cat is visiting them. I’ve personally experienced it myself, so it’s a topic close to my heart.

If you’ve had an experience of this yourself, or if you’re wondering what signs you should be looking out for, hopefully, these 10 signs of seeing or feeling a cat’s spirit after they’ve passed will help:

10 Signs of a Cat Spirit After Death

1. You Hear Their Purr

We become accustomed, even in tune with the sound and vibration of our cat’s purr over the years we spend with them. A cat’s purr is soothing, even therapeutic for some. It’s no surprise, as the vibration they make is on a similar frequency to that used in vibration therapies.

A lot of cat owners talk about hearing their cat’s purr after they’ve passed. Sometimes while there are no distractions, such as when they’re in bed. Or even through the background noise as it’s such a distinctive and noticeable sound.

2. You Hear Their Collar / Bell

If your cat had a bell on their collar you’d hear them approaching and your brain would know that sound meant your cat was close. If you hear that same bell after they’ve gone, it will stimulate the same feelings in your brain.

3. You Hear Their Meow

This is the sign I hear about most from cat owners, and it can cause the most profound feelings. If you hear your cat meowing after they’ve passed, it can be a very deliberate sign that they are letting you know they’re present.

A lot of people pass off these sounds as just something in their minds. But if you believe in the spirit of your cat, it’s a clear sign that they are trying to get your attention.

4. You Feel Them near You While You Sleep

If your cat slept on your bed with you, you’ll know what it feels like to know when they are close to you. After they passed, you will have slept in your bed and had a very different feeling.

If you get that same feeling in the night, only to wake and be reminded you’re alone, it’s a sign that they made their presence known.

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5. You Smell Their Smell

All pets have a certain smell that we become familiar with when we’re spending time close to them. It doesn’t make sense to smell their smell long after they are gone. But if you do, it’s a sign that they are still with you in spirit.

6. You Think You See Them

One of my cats would often open my bedroom door a little and I’d see her in the dim night light leaving the room and going down the stairs when she was alive. I saw the exact same sight a couple of times in the weeks after her death.

I don’t know why, or exactly what I was seeing. But my door opened a little, and I saw the same shadowy figure of my cat leaving the room out of the corner of my eye. Have you had any similar experiences of seeing your cat after they’ve died?

7. You Remember Some Happy Times Vividly

I’ve read a decent amount about clairvoyant communication, and it’s believed that pets send us happy memories or thoughts to lift our spirits when we’re down. If you see your cat and have some of those feel-good feelings when you’re down, this may be a sign.

8. You Hear Other Familiar Sounds

You may hear some other familiar sounds that were not necessarily something you paid a lot of attention to when your cat was alive. You may hear scratching at the door, the sound they made when walking around, eating, or anything else.

If it stimulates those same feelings you had when you heard these noises when they were alive, it’s a sign that your cat’s spirit is present.

9. You See Their Name Somewhere

If you went years without seeing or hearing your cat’s name anywhere other than directed at them, but now suddenly see it somewhere. It’s a sign they are sending to you to remind you of them.

10. A New Cat in Need of a Home Appears

If a stray you’ve never seen before starts hanging around, you see a cat at a shelter or come across another cat in some unusual way, this is a sign from your deceased cat. They want you to be happy again, they know how much it means to you to have a cat around.

If you feel a connection there with a new cat, take them in. Don’t second guess it if it will make you happy. It’s ok to move forward with a new pet, it’s what your previous cat wants for you.

Will My Cats Spirit Visit Me?

There is no way to say for sure, and there isn’t anything you can do to increase the chance that your cat’s spirit will send you a sign or make themselves known.

All you can do is be mindful and aware of everything that’s going on around you. If you think you notice one of the signs I’ve detailed above, or something else specific to your cat don’t write it off.

Pay attention to what you’re seeing and feeling. Smile and remember the love you had for your cat when they were with you. Remembering our pets after death is important, as is celebrating the times we had with them.

I hope you found this article helpful and interesting. If you want to explore this topic further, please read this article about the power and spirituality of cats.

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  1. I got my cat from a shelter over 5 years ago. he was 7 years old at the time. he had been in the shelter for nine months. he hissed at me in the shelter when I tried to touch him. took him home with me the next day. the first night he was with me I went to bed and he jumped on the bed within about 2 minutes, walked across my stomach and slept on the bed all night. every single morning since then he is the first thing I see and it makes me very happy. neil

      1. Chelsey Ginoza

        When my beloved cat Angel passed away on 6/25/15 he proved to me that there is an afterlife and that our pets spirits can communicate with us. Not too long after he passed I started experiencing signs from him. I could feel his presence at night when i’d be in my room, I would feel something jump up onto the bed or subtle movement on the mattress it felt as though Angel was walking on it. I’d hear loud knocks at around 3 am (I think it’s because that was the time he passed away) and when i’d ask my spouse if he heard it he would look at me as if I were hearing things. This happened almost every night. Angel’s presence was so strong I started to think I was losing it so I would record videos and take pictures every time i felt his presence. I have one video that shows a white dragonfly like object flying up and when it gets to the top of the screen it resembles a white dove. In another video I have a white mist that appears near the wall next to my bed and if you look closely I swear I can literally see Angel in a transparent like form. I know it sounds crazy but if you see the videos you’ll know I am noy making this up. I have screenshots from videos that shows a white orb and you know that it is not dust or anything because it there is almost like a face that you see on it and the way it moves it’s really nothing like i’ve ever seen. Anyway just wanted to share about my experiences and how Angel proved to me that spirits can communicate with us and they do show us signs we just have to be open and aware of them.

        1. Carmen Jenkins

          I am a devout Christian but I also believe animals have an afterlife. My cat Penny age 17 years had a benign cyst growing on his throat which literally was choking him to death. It came up fast within 30 days I had to euthanize him. He was starving to death because he could not swallow his food or drink water due to the cyst sitting on his windpipe. He would choke and vomit. After several trips to the vet I had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize him. This morning at 12:15 AM I woke up to the sound of my television turning off by itself, and the sound of a cat drinking water and crunching his food it lasted maybe 5 to 7 seconds. Turning my head I realized it wasn’t Penny’s birth mate cat who was sleeping next to me. He and I stared at each other, he was scared like he couldn’t understand what was happening. But I did. Penny came to tell me he was eating and drinking and was at peace. My heart is broken but I will go on and I will miss Penny forever. His birth mate brother is having a difficult time grieving and I have to give him a lot of attention. I don’t think he knows Penny is dead but he knows Penny is not around anymore.

        2. Just lost my cat and I hope that this message reaches you. The neighbor shot her with a bow and I found her seconds later and have no proof cops dnr can do nothing. I wondered if I could see the video footage. I’m struggling with all of it and hear her at night. I buried both cats in two days one of old age and best freind 2 days later. Saw them both take their last breathes. Sorry to vent.

          1. It’s ok I know how heartbroken you are August 30 my year in hafe year old cat came up missing them on Sept.3rd my 17 year old cat died.My little Golden Boy had never been seen and my baby Waldo Ray well I’m really having a hard time loveing without him he was my one one are souls were connected

        3. This gives me hope about my Kittybee she lived a long helthy happy cat life of 21years passed away 7-26-22 yesterday afternoon and I have been going through the motions of depression.But this somewhat leaves me hopeful in a way. I had a dream last night I heard the crunching of a paper sack., she always liked to play ball but the running jumping & the landing on top of plastic sacks., visioned she was in the kitchen and I tryed to catch her but she slipped through my hands, this my be a sign that she is still with me.

  2. I moved into senior housing one year ago.
    Seven months later on Christmas night, I felt something on my bed. It was very active, I could feel it walking, then trying to get close to me. I always sleep on my sides and this thing (believe it to be a cat) always heads for my back side. He keeps me awake often all night. I need to get rid of this spirit.

    1. I wish I could see my cats spirit. I’m heartbroken. She had to be put to sleep 8/19/2021. A part of me has died. She was almost 19 years old. Be blessed you have any animal that wants to be near you even in spirit. It shows that they care about you. Talk to them.

      1. I understand your feelings completely, Candace.
        I am completely heartbroken, as well.
        My Much-Beloved Friend had to be put to sleep on- September-2nd/2021′- and he was 2 weeks shy of 17 yrs.
        A part of me seems like it has died as well, and I wonder if I will ever be right again, without him.
        I sympathize very much with some of the other comments on this page, as well.
        My Cat and I were ‘Almost Constant’- Companions/and Best Friends- really, for so many years.
        He had always been such a healthy cat- so I always thought he might be a cat that could make it to 19 or 20 years.
        So the way he went into such a quick decline- at the end/-and that we didn’t find out how very sick he was at the end- until 2- days before his passing- has left me shocked- and heartbroken.
        I know it will take a long time for healing for me- on this one.
        He was such an important part of my life.
        They really are such- loving/loyal, and Therapeutic Healers/and True Friends.
        So- don’t ever turn their love/and Affection away- not for a second.
        I would give anything to have my little Best Friend back beside me- purring on the bed- just one more time.
        And I very much look forward to seeing/or hearing/or smelling- signs that he/his Spirit- is still here with me.
        I know he is !
        And I know(-on some level)- ….’W’e’ll always be Together’- !!

        1. Just Amy landlord forced me to get rid of my cats and kittens or he would kill them. My daughter said take them to the cemetery there are people lives close to the cemetery they will be ok. Then a couple weeks later my baby Merlin appeared on my bed looking at ne then disappeared. Found out a coyote had killed my cats.
          I looked at my baby Merlin photo before nothing but his face, then one day a orb appeared under left eye shape of a tear. I have seen a few of my pictures with orbs next to their head. I cry missing my babies. I had some that were7 years ti 2 months and I think of them. I had found this saying and I love it, it said YOU MADE HAVE LEFT MY LIFE , BUT YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE MY HEART.

          1. Dear, I don’t knw why cruel people r inhuman to our pets, my beloved Minnie was too killed by dogs in her new surroundings as she was no longer allowed to share a small space in my office large campus.I resigned from such toxic n hateful place.Plz pray for my Minnie😘😘❤️❤️

        2. I love your story straight from the heart, and yes if you get to have The experience of having that one very special cat to take 100% of your heart and you love them with all your heart and soul it is a very hard and difficult thing when you suddenly lose that very special thing in your life. At this present time I’m experiencing that pain I know it’ll never go away I can only try to keep it under control for I will miss him the day I’m gone and I hope that we can be reunited once again.

        3. I recently had the same experience losing my beautiful cat at 12.5 years. Ken, everything you have said I am also feeling. Maybe one day we will be reunited, I hope so as I miss her so much.

        4. Ken this is a wonderful story. I am going through the exact same thing. Thank you for sharing. I am distraught at the moment. I help my Felix last night as he took his final breaths. 15.5 years of deep companionship. A part of me was taken with him.

        5. Aww I feel exactly the same about my Cat Coco who died after 17 years, I thought she would live on to 19/20 and rapidly went downhill over a few weeks. I am absolutely heartbroken she was my baby, best friend, comforter and I would also do anything to give her a fuss again and to see her bright green eyes and to hear her purring again.

          She was the best most loyal and inocent loving cat 🐈‍⬛ RIP Coco…

          I have seen her in my dreams telling me she is okay and happy and I saw her name twice while I was on the bus when it stopped clearly for me to see.

          This gives me great comfort but a lot of healing is needed I’m still getting my head around it all.

      2. Hi Candace, I hope some time has passed and you feel a bit better. I lost my cat of 16 plus years last week. I feel exactly like you….a part of me has died. We were so close and I feel like my magic is gone…my purpose is gone. He came through lights…..two nights in a row. I have xmas lights all year on trees outside my kitchen window, and there has been one strand that hasn’t worked for months. I had just said his name to my husband and the lights turned on…but like brighter than normal. I started crying immediately. Then the next day, my light over my piano turned on by itself. I miss him so. I hope there is such as reincarnation and they return to us.

      3. I love this….just lost my much loved 18 year old Blue burmese Milly. Hard to move on even though I have four other much loved cats. Just so so sad.

    2. Hi, I am sorry for your loss, but there are spirit guides you can call, people that are able to talk to your cat, they can help them to go to the light, somethings in his life confuse the cat, or he is a bit confused what is happening. Please search for an animal communicator online and find someone you connect with. The cat can explain it to the communicator, and perhaps there are things the cat wants to tell you. My cat was put to sleep two days ago and we have had so much detailed information, that helped us to decide what to do, he said it was good if we put him to sleep and even asked to be buried in the garden. And my cat communicated the things he loved about us and his most precious memories.

  3. My baby passed 2 days ago and I so want to see his spirit It was awful I wish I cod have been holding him but I was sitting in the floor with him and he screamed and jumped on my shoulder and it scared me so I laid him on the floor and was stroking him He screamed again and then was acting like he was having a seizure I was shaking him trying to get him to move calling his name one of his legs jerked and he never moved again I looked in his mouth and there was white foamy stuff I just want to know what happened to my baby
    I am beyond sad Did I do something wrong Was it my fault I have such guilt I loved that cat more than anything I keep thinking was he still alive and just paralyzed I took him to the vets office to wait on the crematory to pick him up I know there have been instances where a human has woke up in the mortuary because they were paralyzed to the point that they were declared dead but they were not.Can this happen to a cat ? He was still very warm when I got to the vets office with him.

    1. I’m Sure the Vet confirmed he had passed and was no longer in his body. He doesn’t blame you at all. He loves you and watches over you. Talk to him.. You are Very loved

  4. Catherine J Fusco

    Your story is very touching I lost my beloved black cat “‘Girlie”” Aug 10th 2021 I am devastated I cry most of the day I keep calling her name “”Where are you my baby Girls?”‘ Mommy’s here”” I always told her Mommy’s here when she would lie on my bbed I am crazy with grief and loneliness II’ve had depression for the past 55 years but my life was bearable because I had Girlie I am waiting for a sign and I am so worried that maybe she is lost because I know she loved me so much I’m so sick because she has not visited me YET We were so close I was home every day except once a week when I had to go out Perhaps only a medium could answer these questions but maybe someone here can answer my questions and comfort me as to If and when I will get a sign and that just because I haven’t yet does not mean she is not still with me Thank You I shall never recover having lost my “‘Girlie””

    1. Catherine – be happy she shared in your love and you gave her a good life. She will be in heaven young and fit and joyful. You will see each other again when the time is right and it will be a joyous reunion. Let her move on and enjoy the afterlife. Perhaps she will come back to visit but time is different in the dimension she’s in. Love and hugs, Glynis xx

    2. I completely understand as I lost my Mia on October 26th, 2021- I did get this beautiful sign..I was holding a Musical statue of Jesus and a lamb- I said, “Mia, please let me know if you’re okay!”- and it started playing by itself! I was So Happy- Your baby is not lost- he or she is watching over you! Make an appt with the Pet Mediums of Karen Anderson- hugs

  5. Callum Coates-Keddy

    I Have had all of these happen. Our cat got ran over at two weeks before his first birthday. Its been a month and I still cry every day. I kept on seeing flooding images of him walking a long with me when I went for a walk After he died. Me and my girlfriend both could hear him purring the first night we found out he had died when we was imagining stroking him. We buried him in the woods, then a flood of kids came running from the other direction and couldnt have possibly seen us as we buried him out the way of any paths. One kid ran past and shouted “remember the beast of the dead”. Which i thought was a strange thing for even a kid to say. We whent back up that night in the pitch black and lit a candle. My girlfriend said she herd a voice go listen and a bell wrang then it just started chucking it down with rain so we left.
    A couple of weeks later and I woke up in the middle of the night to see a clear image of an Egyptian looking cat man with my cats face and personality it was glowing in the night. Was very surreal. I loved him more than anything in the world he was proper like a son to me. my girlfriend got nipped on the leg when we was in bed the first night we realised he was gone. He had brought his first mouse in but didn’t kill it. We put it in a box and gave it some food. It had a heart attack and as it died I thought that may have been the ultimate symbol that he had died. Then it was confirmed by a vet nary that he had been brought in dead on a rival from the side of the road I miss him every day .But apparently its quite common for younger male cats who haven’t been neutered to wonder and thus more likely to get ran over while exploring looking for a female.

    1. Callum Coates-Keddy

      Oh yes and a tabby cat came crashing through our window after he had gone. That has never happened in the whole 3 years we have been here.

  6. My baby died 23 days ago.I cry every day.I went to the shelter to see these 2 specific cats While I was there a cat named Charlie started patting me on the shoulder then licking my hand Was this a sign for me to adopt Charlie ? Either from my cats spirit or ? Then there was another one named Tammy that was kind of laid back like she was shy or scared.Something keeps telling me I should take her and Charlie cause if I dont adopt her she could be there for a while cause a lot of people might think she is unfreindly but I just think she needs patience and love. I cant take all 4 but these two have been on my mind a lot.Is my baby’s spirit talking to me through these 2 cats or what? Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this delicate of mine? Please let me know.Thank you

    1. Yes, it is possible…or your cat led you to these two..because your cat knows they will help heal you.
      Please read Karen A. ANDERSONS Book on Afterlife Communication with Pets- it talks about Messages through other cats. Your baby is with you.

  7. When I was younger, I used to play with the kittens my neighbor had when I would babysit their kids. They mostly became outdoor cats through the years. One of them would ALWAYS come to me as soon as I came out my door, or got home at any time of the day. It was almost unusual for him not to greet me at last once a day. I would always pet and feed him, or let him hang out in my car when it was cold when I would go out to smoke. He would meow and say hello as soon as I would open my front or car door. Recently, both cats passed (not totally sure how) about 2.5 mo ago. About a month ago, I came home, opened my car door, and heard a meow sounding similar to one of said cats. I panicked, thinking I had run over or hit a poor kitty! To my pleasant surprise, I did not see anything under the car and brushed it off as a creaky door. This evening, the EXACT same thing happened! I looked under my car, in the trunk, under the hood, and even so far as to stick my head in my car and open the door at different speeds trying to catch a creak or squeak from it. Nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m not losing my mind or hearing things, and after it happened again this evening I am almost positive I am hearing my little buddy, just as he used to do whenever I would come home. Kinda cool and made me happy! I look forward to hearing from him again.

  8. I came across this blog after what I experience last night Nov.05.2021. Tuty, (pronunciation in English is “Tootsie”), my sweet and lovely cat who died on Oct.31.2021 in my bed where we sleep together (me & her) for years, she visited me last night. I know this sounds “crazy” but it is true and I want to share my story. I went to bed to sleep,
    but I was still aware of my surroundings with my eyes closed, time was around 2:40 am after 30-40 minutes, I feel her jump on my mattress ( like she always did when we were ready to sleep),I feel her paws coming from the legs to my head position, then she suddenly stops and I feel the mattress shaking and moving for a few seconds and a growling, guttural meowing sound like she was getting into a fight and trying to protect me for a bad spirit or something. I was scared, I know she love me and i love her too, but I need to admit that I was scared. I jump from the bed and left the living room area going upstairs to my husband bedroom and I closed the door. I was awake in my bed next to my husband who was sleepy and I heard the hard floor on the stairs making noise and after a little a while, I felt again 3 times slow paws on the cover. Also, on Oct.30.2021 a beautiful Bengal black & white cat showed-up to my backyard door when Tuty (pronunciation in English is “Tootsie”) was still alive in the house but very sick, and dying. She heard his “Meow” and she raised her head a little bit. I went outside with her in my arms and showed her for the last time, the backyard where she spent her life, and I took a seat on the chair and the black & white male cat came again meowing from the outdoor table, I’m not sure if she saw him because her vision was bad, she was loosing a lot of weight, she was dehydrated and she stoped eating and drinking water a few days before her death on Oct.31.2021 but she knew he was there for sure. Because I didn’t decide to bury or cremate her and I refused to believe her end was near, I ordered late Friday Oct. 29.2021 a small casket with pink cover from Amazon, $172.11 but the delivery was delay supposed to come on Nov.04 and now I’m expecting today Nov.5.2021. She’s in refrigerator for 5 days .I cover her body in a towel then I put her in a glade brand trash plastic bag and tie it tightly. I touched her fur every day and looked in her beautiful green eyes ,so i decided to not choose cremation to burn her in a ecologic way. She gave me, a 71 yr old sick mom and my 10 yr daughter’s so much Love & Joy. Tuty never scratched or destroyed something in the house like other cats do, she never bit me aswell.. She was “Special” and was 1 in a Million, a sweet & lovely cat. She always listened to me, she was a more indoor than an outdoor cat. If she would like to come outside she would stay only 5-10 minutes and then she would ask to come inside, or if I call her she came immediately. Her breed was domestic short hair and had colors of grey, and brown. She woke me up in the morning with her kisses and she made sure I don’t stay late on computer because she wanted me to sleep. She will always be in my heart. I Love you Tuty!

  9. My lovely cat died yesterday. He suffered severe head trauma from a car. We tried with the vet to see if we could save him for 3 days but the vet said he didn’t look happy yesterday so we decided to put him down. (back story.. I LOVE thunder and lightning and also love clear stary night skies, I haven’t seen thunder and lightning in over a year) when my husband started digging his grave there was a flash of lightning and when he was finished the burial there was another flash.. I had to stay inside with my sons coz it was a bad night outside.. After my husband came in we had to go to town. Now it was raining and hail stoning just a few minutes prior.. When I walked out the skies were crystal clear and I could see all the stars… I still have goosebumps.. He was a very special cat.. He was a wild hungry kitten who wandered into our shed and I started feeding him.. We had him for 2 years.. Not long enough 😔 but the memories and feelings he gave me are so big its as if he was part of my life forever.. Love you Rhaegar baby xox

  10. My beloved Chloe, a beautiful Siamese, passed on 12/10/21. She showed steady decline but in the day of her passing started panting heavily. We rushed our sweet girl to the vet who diagnosed a serious heart problem. The decision to euthanize was painstakingly made and now she is gone. She was 19 years old. So many emotions are going through us and we are totally heartbroken and depressed. It really hurts.

    Twice, I have heard her meow. I passed it off as my memory playing tricks on me. After all, she was a VERY vocal cat.

    We also had bad storms that started right at the moment of her passing. Our power went off and on several times that night and when it came back on, a Christmas light that was turned off came on inside our house.

    Last night we were awakened by a loud “pop” noise inside our house that we never heard before. We still don’t know what it was.

    Was this her? How could I possibly know? I want to believe it was.

  11. We lost our baby December 14th and we have not stopped crying every day. She was a beautiful tuxedo cat, about 17 yrs old. She was healthy until we noticed sudden weight loss. We were told she was in renal failure and started to not eat or drink. We did not want her to suffer so she was euthanized. She had been to the vets for a checkup about 3 months ago and was fine then. It all happened so quickly and grief has been made worse by the holiday season. I thought I saw her twice today. Also, she would always look at a squirrel on a tree outside our window. Suddenly, we have been seeing the squirrel on second floor porch.this never happened before. I’m hoping these are signs that she is ok.

  12. We lost out Baby Katie 10 years old, 3 days after thanks giving due to her lungs filled with fluid not able to breath and de hydrated badly. We were terribly upset cried a lot for weeks , still remember her with tears, Exactly after a month 12/27/2021 Yesterday after middle of the night 1 was up for a water. I saw her image for few seconds she was walking going towards her Bed where she use to sleep. Miss my Katie so Much. Living in my heart for Ever.

  13. I had to put my / sister cat to sleep Tuesday after she struggle with kidney failure. My sister fell on hard times and I took her Ella in and found out at a vet check up that she was in stage 3 at the time. She slept with me every night for 4 years and was like a child in a way with wanting to be held, very talkative and followed me everywhere. She love to sit on your shoulders like a parrot. Last night I swear I felt her walk up on my legs like she would always do. I have 5 other cats (senior and geriatric). Only one was in our bed next to my husband, the others tend to sleep on the couches. I was wide awake when I felt it and sat up but no Ella. I swear it was her. I even got up to check to see where the others were at. It’s comforting and heart breaking at the same time. I miss her little mustache face and her deep purr.

  14. I had to euthanize my cat after 16 years. Cosmo was my best friend. He was there for me at my lowest point and he made me feel safe. We were there for him at his lowest point and helped him to feel safe and loved. The between years were filled with toys treats and love. Thank you Cosmo. I do feel him sit by me. I catch a glimpse of him. My husband too senses him in the home. Cosmo is so missed. He was a kind and gentle kitty that could never be replaced

  15. My Cat Died in front of me…she had cancer Age 17 years old in my house …Does that mean anything when a pet dies in front of you…? She passed on 2/20/2022..still love her and still thinking for her ….she will always be in my heart …
    i have her Ashes…

  16. My almost 17 year old cat Marshall was euthanized this morning. He was failing and I realized the other day it was time to let him go. I am heartbroken. I keep wondering where he is now, and reading these posts has really helped me. I am hoping I will feel his presence. I felt my other cat Pepe jump on my bed at night after he died almost 3 years ago. My daughter and I adopted both Pepe and Marshall almost 17 years ago. I feel good that we gave them a good, safe home and they had to know they were very much loved.

  17. my cat died about a month ago, We had him for about 7 years he was such a sweet heart but sadly he got hit by a car and passed away. a couple weeks ago this tiny little kitten who looked exactly like him followed my family she was so kind she wanted to come inside and when we let her in she sat exactly where my cat used to live laying i thought it was a sign, sadly we couldn’t keep her . When it’s quiet i hear meowing it reminds me so much of his meows i miss him so much.

  18. My cat Belle suddenly became seriously ill, and I had to have her euthanised a few days ago. She was a rescue cat that we had for five years, and was the most gentle natured and loving member of our household. I am now suffering with guilt for mistakes I made in her care over the years, and for not picking up on the little signs that she was becoming unwell. I miss her terribly.
    When we lost our previous cat Eric in very similar circumstances, I remember being aware of his presence late at night when I was alone watching TV. It felt like he was sitting on the couch at my shoulder, and there was a distinct chill in the room.
    As yet, I do not feel as if I’ve had any kind of “visitation” from Belle. I just want to feel that she forgives my errors, and realises that I loved her dearly. I was so fortunate to find her and have her in our home.

    1. I totally can relate Niall, I’m experiencing this now. On May 22nd, I had to make the hardest decision to put my kitty girl of 12 years to sleep. Back in the end of March, I noticed she was loosing weight and not pooping much or eating as much. I decided to take her to the vet. They recommended I do different test but at the time, I opted for an enema and stool softener, because she still seemed in good spirits, but just not pooping. It did work for a little but she got constipated again and stopped eating again, so then I did the tests. All test came back ok, but her problem was still going on. Finally they did an ultrasound mid May and found a 4cm intestinal mass. I can’t even begin to explain the pain I felt as the vet told me and pretty much told me to spend my time because she wasn’t gonna get better. He said operating wasn’t an option for him and didn’t suggest it to be a route to take due to her age and condition. Now I realize there were so many signs moving to those months that I unknowingly ignored just thinking they were regular. One was vomiting after eating. She’s always done it since a kitten, so I never thought to take her sooner. I also feel like I should’ve noticed the weight loss and not pooping sooner as well. I also now come to find out dry cat food is the worse for a cat and that’s all she liked, never was a big wet food eater. I can’t even begin to explain all the guilt I’m feeling and cannot forgive myself for. I feel I let my girl down and because of my negligence, I no longer have her. I cry everyday and my heart is torn. I also wish I didn’t opt for the steroids she started after being diagnosed, because I truly feel the 2 shots caused her to decline faster. The day after her 2nd shot on May 20th, she pretty much lost all mobility. I should’ve just let her be until she couldn’t anymore but instead I just tried more treatment. I don’t think I’ll ever bounce back from this or forgive myself. The pain is unbearable. I would give anything for a sign from her, I just can’t move forward from this. She was euthanized at home, and I sat with her and rubbed her and told her how sorry I was and how much I loved her. On June 10th, I will get to see her one last time, before she is cremated. I truly did not want to cremate her, but I can not afford a burial, and I live in an apartment, so have no where to bury her. But then I think about even if I buried her, and had to move, I’d be away from her, so maybe cremation is best so she can always go where I go until we can be buried together. Just the thought of burning her beautiful fur and body, haunts me. I’m going through tons of emotions and no one understands me. But the guilt is eating me up inside and I just don’t know how to move forward from it.

      1. Am holding Sophie’s ash (in sachet) now close to my heart reading these comments. Just got her home. Showed her everything again. She is home with me. Physically transformed that’s all.

      2. Stephanie, I feel all of this so much- the grief, the guilt, the heartache. You are not alone in your feelings for your fur baby. Our beautiful Grace Marie, a green-eyed Bombay, passed away on June 9, 2022. Just ten days before that, we took her to the vet to see why she seemed constipated- we didn’t imagine that we would be told that she was in end stage kidney failure and her body was shutting down! 😞 We took her home and out of desperation tried every herbal or supplemental treatment I could research to reverse the disease (frustratingly, my vet did not allow for home sub q treatments) but it was not enough, and she was already too far gone. Eventually she stopped eating and drinking completely, and lost all ability in her legs and arms…my poor sweet girl. My husband had to hold her over her litter box so she would remember to urinate. 😭 I am riddled with guilt as now, looking back, I see the early signs of kidney disease so clearly. But because she was being herself, was still so sweet and lovey and affectionate and had a wonderfully voracious appetite, I didn’t think she was in danger. I fed her a raw diet and I had no idea but it was too much phosphorus and not enough calcium and it probably sped up her disease! 😭💔 I feel so horrific about that. The whole ten days between the vet’s diagnosis and her passing I didn’t eat or sleep and felt such intense anxiety that my stomach was constantly in knots. The day she passed we had called a home vet to come help her end her misery, but she ended up passing just an hour before they arrived. She died in our bed, surrounded by my husband and I as we sobbed and spoke all of our love to her. Seeing the light go out of her beautiful green eyes was something I will never forget. 💔 We live in apartment also and chose to have her cremated so when we move, we have her with us wherever we go. I don’t think that even if I had a house with a yard that I wouldn’t want her out in the cold. I need her close. I have not had any signs from her, either, though I have prayed for them and looked for them…but I think she is content and happy to be out of pain, and I keep envisioning her walking alongside our daughter who we miscarried last year. ❤️ I keep praying that God would express our unending love to her, that He would kiss her on her precious head as we used to, hold her soft paw and tell her how sorry we are, and that we can’t wait to see her again someday. ❤️🙏🏻

  19. Lonenamekian

    I feel very sorry for all People that lost their beloved Cat friends, I understand how does IT feel because my cosmic Brother Michael passed away last sunday at the Age of 13.5 after second vein blockage. Male cats have bigger chance to have sick heart than females. I Just wanted to tell he somehow healed from first blockage after 4 days at vet clinic, but after 8 months of taking medicine every Day second blockage occured and after two days at vet clinic his condition suddenly began to deteriorate dramatically, and I Got call he wont make IT to another day, when I arrived and they bring him to me he was barely alive, hard breathing and still with no blood supply to the hind legs, for 2 days unable to move his back legs was his last days of life… And even he was SO weak he managed to do his last meow for me, meow with pain and grief that all of this is over too fast, and we decided to relieve his suffering…
    Two things – love your Animal every Day because you dont know if its not the last, and second, if your Cat have sick heart and already had first vein blockage and made IT alive, his health is allready in very bad shape, and probably he is gonna live maximum 2 years after first blockage occured. In memory of my beloved cosmic Brother Michael, that passed away in big pain and grief, I hope your soul will reincarnate in another Cat and you will find Just as loving home, as you loved me dear Michael. The only thing that keeps me going is fact i believe we will reunite after I die, please wait for me dear friend SO we can See each other again, and stay together forever

  20. My buddy “Felix”, 15.5 year old orange and white brat of a cat, who took on much of my personality passed in my arms last night. He was diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure on 4/10 and for a month we pumped him full of electrolytes via a subcutaneous IV every day. For years he was a robust and Alpha male cat. When he was three, we brought in a 10 day of gray tabby….Peter. They were the best brothers. Wherever Felix went, Peter was in tow. Same with sleeping. Felix was a good big brother, sometimes hissing at Peter as he wanted his own space haha. During Felix’s last 30 days, I took him outside to enjoy the healing energy of the sunlight. He was mainly an indoor cat, so this was a treat. I would sit outside with him while he basked in the sunlight while he could still walk. Every day you could see a decline. I could not bring myself to euthanize him. Selfish? Probably, but I am human and don’t know how I would have dealt with the guilt. I’m already feeling like a part of me is gone and what is the point of existence anymore when our pet companion ceases to exist. So the last few weeks have watched him completely stop eating and drinking as his organs shut down and didn’t have the need for hunger or thirst. I scheduled to have him go to sleep permanently on 5/14. On 5/12 I had to work and was distraught at having to leave him at home. A neighbor took him for the day. His breathing was labored and short that afternoon and evening. Around 11pm on 5/12 there was more time between breaths. I was sitting on the couch with him curled up next to me. I closed my eyes to rest my eyelids and opened them at 12:04am to check his breathing. It had paused while he took 4-5 deep breaths and then let go. His muscles relaxed and he left me. 15.5 years had to come to a stop. How do I do it? I still have Peter who is 13 and has a SLOW moving sarcoma cancer who the vet thinks they got all of it. I have to keep an eye on him the next number of months. I am afraid of what may come to light when I take HIM to the vet for another check up. I can only handle so much. I am glad Peter is around as he is the lasting connection to older brother Felix. Anyways, Felix has a FAVORITE cat bed that he sleeps in religiously during the cold months. After I took Felix to the vet this morning, all wrapped up, so they could handle the cremation, I put his cat bed on my bed. When I got home from work this afternoon, Peter was laying in it. Peter ALWAYS KNEW better than to go near or sleep in Felix’s cat bed. So to find him in it was quite interesting as it hadn’t even been 24 hours. Could Peter sense that Felix’s spirit was gone? Did Felix’s spirit come through the house and comfort Peter enough to encourage him to feel close by laying in his bed? So as my emotions come and go today, I was on the phone with the pet crematorium looking at urns. I found a great wooden urn with 3-slots for pictures. I enlarged the photo of the urn to see the sample inscription and the name under the photo of the cat was “Felix.” Out of ALLLLLLL the cat names in the world, this one was chosen as an example. Was Felix trying to reach out knowing that I am in a state of shock and trying to help me grans/comprehend all of this? What a coincidence his name was on there. It would have been even more spiritual had the picture been of a white and orange cat…maybe even with the same birth and death years. Thanks to everyone who has posted their wonderful stories. We as pet owners know and understand the deep bod that is made and does not entirely go away when our babies pass.

    1. Hi Andrew reading your post reminded me of Ruby and some of her traits, she loved hugs. I’m sorry to hear about your cat Felix he sounded like a good friend/ companion. Sending you hugs, each day gets a tiny bit less painful. Don’t be afraid to cry. We’re all human. Blessings. 11,47/

  21. My cat Ruby was almost 19 when she passed away on our settee Sun 8 May just over a week ago. I was deeply shocked by how quickly she declined. We were helping her regards her back legs, and now she’s passed I have heard the living room door open slightly. Part of me feels like I’m nuts but I’ve had other experiences with Sapphire the younger cat still with us.

    Times I have called her by other long gone cats (and a dog’s) name and she has turned her head and stared at me eyes fixed. With Ruby when she passed away at 02,50 I felt rotten and guilty that maybe we missed something that was wrong with her? Three days it took from loss of appetite to barely drinking (we used a syringe given with her medication).

    I’m still in shock after this short time so I will take the days and weeks ahead see what else happens but I feel her. I feel spiritually aware in general and had dreams about things that happened months later.

    I talk to her daily “hello Ruby I love you.” I say it when I look out to the garden where she’s buried.
    On the cat menu I still put her name “Ruby you are in my heart” I love her and miss her. 11,28/ 11,33/

  22. Kerry Chamness

    I lost my 8 year old cat Pete two days ago, he was more than just a cat he was my best friend. We were inseparable as I am with my other cats and my dog. He was purposely run over while he was lay grooming himself on the pavement. Since his passing I’ve spent most of the hours I’m awake crying, I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact he’s gone. My two other cats won’t leave my side and they both keep staring in one area of the room, I feel like Pete is there and they see him. I find it comforting in a way. Sending love and healing to all who are going through this grieving stage. It’s heartbreaking to loose a fur baby

  23. I am allergic to cats but I still love them .My beige male cat Simba was 3 yrs old in human years, when he got ran over by a car and it broke his neck😥 I never thought I would feel this bad. I always brought food outside and water every morning and evening and he would always be by the door waiting., but 3 days ago I came out with his bowl and didn’t see him. I glanced at the road and there he was, laying on his side. I was devastated. I’m grieving, it hurts so much. I don’t want another pet. Ever. The pain and heartbreak is too much to bear. People are such assholes when they drive. They don’t slow down ….I’m so sad. I hope my Simba comes back in spirit.

  24. I too had a boy cat that died last year around the same time yours did it broke my heart and paces I had to put him to sleep because he could not breathe Even today I think of him. I have his ashes in a bracelet. someone gave me a pillow with his picture on it that also said remember me always as I will remember you forever it was the best gift anyone could ever give me I cherished my boy and still do

  25. Hi, my cat Kizzy passed away last year. 12th July Kizzy appeared in spirit. Since then Kizzy has visited every night its been amazing. For 2 days I’ve felt kizzy around me most of the day and all night, apart from when I’m in work. I honestly don’t know what to make of it

  26. A stray cat turned up at my home one night. I already had 2 and couldn’t take in another but bit my bit he ended up moving in. He was aggressive. I called him Mr Wendal. Most days I didn’t like him but I loved him and kept on telling him I loved him even though he bit and scratched. Then one day, something scared him outside and he crawled into my arms and needed my clothing. That was the moment. True love happened right there. We became inseparable. But two years later one evening he came to me as I was trying to sleep, put his paws aside my face, licked my lips, nibbled my nose and kissed both of my eyes. I didn’t question it at the time as I felt so tired. Next morning he has died. I could barely leave my bed I was in so much grief. Two days later there was a huge bright flash in my bedroom. I think he left that moment. I’ll see him again some day, but never will there ever be another Mr Wendal.

  27. I was visited by 2 of my cats who had passed within a month of each other. They were buddies in life and they appeared at my back door together one night. I went out to see them and they vanished into the night.

  28. Stephanie, every word you said, I have echoed from the passing of my Cat Mr. Whiskers who I had to put to sleep on November 18th 2022 and so I totally understand where you are coming from. I did the same thing, I had him cremated and have told all my friends and family to remember that I want his Urn to be buried with me. He was my heartbeat, I don’t even know how I am still standing without him. The tears have not stopped, the guilt of signs that I may have overlooked because he was in such good spirits right up to the last 6 weeks of his life. It hurts and I just want you know, you are not alone in the way you think or feel. Just know that you gave the best love you could have given to your fur angel.
    It is my hope that one day, I will see my baby again.
    Thank you for sharing.

  29. In October of 2020, my beloved cat Chazzy passed away. he was 19 years old, a golden-gray tabby with eager green eyes. he had the sweetest purr and liked to “talk” to me and bump his forehead on me. about 1 year ago, his kitty friend, Jazz died. he was also very old. Jazz was big, white and fluffy. I miss those two a lot.
    but, a few days before Jazz died, we adopted Gracie from our local shelter. she now follows me around all the time and “talks” to me like Chazzy did and has the same green eyes. a few months later in May, 2022, I adopted Hunter. I thought I was just being overly hopeful when he started purring and it resembled how Chazzy sounded, but then he bumped his forehead against mine and I knew it was meant to be. Hunter is mostly white and fluffy like Jazz was, but he has some gray splotches with faint tabby stripes and a long, stripey tail almost exactly like Chazzy’s. and what makes this even crazier is that Hunter was born right around when Jazz died.
    Aside from all that, I have vivid dreams about Jazz every month or so. every dream about him is a bit different, but every single time I just hold him and bury my face in his fluffy fur. he purrs and it always feels like he’s telling me that everything’s ok, even though he’s not actually saying anything.
    One last thing: several months ago, I was laying in bed and I felt something walk over me and lay down against my legs. it was exactly what Jazz used to do. I knew it wasn’t my living cats, because the door to my room was closed and they don’t normally sleep with me anyway. I did open my eyes and look eventually, and there was nothing there. as soon as I closed my eyes, I felt it again. now I know for certain Chazzy and Jazz are still with me in spirit form <3

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