Best Cat Stroller for Two Cats

best cat stroller for two cats

Purchasing a cat stroller is a great investment if you want to be able to take your cat out in public.  A stroller is more convenient as you do not need to carry a heavy carrier or train your cat to walk on a leash.  It also works great if you have two cats that you want to take out at once.

When searching for the best stroller you have to keep in mind the stability and amount of room the stroller has.  I have listed a few of the best cat strollers for two cats to make it easier for you to choose which is best for you.

Many of these strollers are advertised with dogs in mind, but the strollers are interchangeable to be used with cats as well.  Cats are usually much smaller pets and therefore will fit just was well if not better than a dog.  If these strollers can keep a dog safe and secure, then keeping your cat safe will be no different.

Pet Gear No Zip Double Cat Stroller

This double cat stroller by Pet Gear is an awesome pick if you want to take two cats out at once.  It is on the pricier side, but the quality and a trusted brand name make it well worth the investment.  You can check the current price listed by clicking here to see it on amazon.  The pet gear no zip double cat stroller lineup is one of the top competitors out there for strollers.

They offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from which can satisfy almost any taste.  This extra-wide carriage design offers a spacious, comfortable ride for both one or two cats.  No zipper means that there is less fighting with the stroller to get it open and closed.  The tires offer a very smooth ride with its quick-release air tire technology.

Also included with the stroller is a bolster pad and a weather cover to block the rain or sun if you are out with your cat in not so great weather.  Another great feature this stroller has is an elevated paw rest.  Your cat can easily look out of the stroller by using the front bar as support.  The big panoramic view will let your curious cat see his surroundings while keeping him safe inside the stroller.

User Reviews

Overall the reviews of this double cat stroller on amazon are positive.  Most of the positive reviews from user have stated that the stroller is very roomy and is a smooth ride. 

There are also a few negative reviews from some users.  The main negatives that most users have commented was about the stability of this cat stroller.  Some have claimed that it feels unstable and some sides are higher or lower than others which can cause an uneven ride for your cat.  This doesn’t seem to be the case with all of the strollers so this may be fixed by contacting pet gear directly.

BestPet Extra Wide 3 Wheel Cat Stroller

This cat stroller by BestPet is a great option to choose if you are on a budget.  This stroller is listed at a very cheap and competitive price.  To see the current listed price click here to see it on amazon.  Don’t let the low price scare you.  The manufacture has stated that they use original plastic and not recycled for the cup holder so it will not crack or break.  All the joints on this stroller are made up of nylon which makes it more flexible and forgiving than plastic joints.  The zipper is made of a high quality material and is easy to zip and unzip without getting caught.  The stroller easily folds in under 6 seconds.

There is also a decent amount of storage space in this stroller.  It contains a large storage basket and cup holders.  These are where you can store your treats, toys, water bottles, and anything else you would want to bring with you.  Also on the stroller is a front and rear entry top, front and rear ventilation mesh window to keep bugs out while allowing proper ventilation for your cat.  The large 6″ wheels roll easily over rough or smooth terrain depending on your location.

User Reviews

The overall ratings of this cat stroller are positive.  The positive review users have stated that the stroller has lived up to their expectations.  The stroller is very roomy and lightweight which makes it great for traveling.

There are quite a few negative reviews posted about this stroller as well.  A few users have stated that pieces on the stroller started to break prematurely.  Some of the pieces like the cup holder, front wheel, and zipper have broken for different users.

Oxgord Paws and Pals Double Cat Stroller

This cat stroller for two cats is another great choice by Oxgord.  You can check the current price by clicking here to see it on amazon.  For starters, this stroller is lightweight and fold-able.  You can quickly fold this stroller to pack it away for easy storage and daily use.  There are multiple windows that allow for the proper ventilation for your cats as well as giving them an awesome view at the same time.  Keeping your cats well ventilated is important.  Some double strollers do not offer enough room or are cramped.

This particular stroller offers two separate compartments for your cats.  It allows them to have their own experience without fighting with one another for space or view of the outside.  There is a decently sized storage compartment for and pet supplies, toys, treats, and food.  At the front is a convenient cup holder right next to the handle where you can place a water bottle or cold drink.  Furthermore, there is also a large undercarriage, seat belts leash, rear brakes, and a top window.  The stroller boasts 4 wheels which gives better stability than just 3 wheels.  Each wheel has its own lock for added safety if you are on an incline or small hill. This stroller also meets the GB14748 stroller safety standard.

User Reviews

The overall ratings by users from amazon for this product are positive.  The positive review users have stated that it works great with no issues. 

There is also a negative review left by a users that stated their opinion about the product being of poor workmanship.  There are a limited number reviews for this product so there may not be enough information to conclude that the negative review is true or just an opinion.

Do Cats like Riding in Strollers?

This is a very controversial topic.  No two cats are the same.  Cats have different personalities and will react differently to almost any type of stimuli.  One cat might be horrified once you set them in the carrier, but will soon get used to it.  Another cat may have no issues at all.  It all depends on how skittish your cat is, and nobody knows your cat better than you.  If you still want to use a cat stroller even if you have a very skittish cat, then I suggest that you make sure the carrier is very well built and enclosed so your cat cannot escape.

If you find that your cat just absolutely hates being in the stroller, then you can always return the product stating that it just wasn’t for your cat.  There’s no harm in trying it out.  If your cat ends up liking the stroller, then you just made your life that much easier.

Are Cat Strollers a Good Idea?

Cat strollers are actually a very good idea if you want to take your cat out.  A stroller has many benefits when compared to just a carrier or a leash.  One instance is that your cat is safe and secure.  All of the strollers that I listed above are all completely enclosed.  They will keep your cat safe from escaping as well as harm from the outside environment.

A stroller is also a great way to transfer your cat from one area to another.  For example, if you are traveling to the vet, you can keep your cat in a carrier during the ride.  Once you get to the vet you can then transition your cat into the stroller to make transportation even easier.  Carrying a carrier isn’t always the most fun thing to do, especially if its a long walk from the parking lot to the office.

How to Get a Cat Comfortable With Using a Stroller

  • Stroller Size: The size of your cat’s stroller matters. The size of the stroller must be able to accommodate the amount of cat’s being placed inside comfortably. A cramped and small stroller will make it much more difficult for your cat to get used to liking it.
  • Introduce the Stroller Slowly to Your Cat: Start by slowly exposing your cat or cats to the stroller. Do this by bringing the stroller into your home. You know what they say about curiosity killed the cat. Let your cats freely explore the stroller. They will probably be intimidated at first. If your cat or cats actually jump into the stroller themselves then you are headed in the right direction.
  • Place Your Cat in the Stroller: Now it’s time to start placing your cat in the stroller. The best way to encourage your cat to like the stroller is to reward them with a treat for staying inside. This is positive reinforcement and will help get your cat used to being inside a stroller.
  • Slowly Close the Lid: The next step in warming up your cat to the stroller is to close the lid. This may frighten your cat at first because they may feel trapped. You can shut the lid for a few seconds to see how they react. Repeat this process until you are able to close the lid for an extended period of time without your cat being frightened. Again, don’t be afraid to reward them with treats at this time. Providing as much positive reinforcement as possible will help with this exercise.
  • Give Your Cat a Test Ride: While keeping the stroller inside your home, place your cat inside and close the lid. Slowly walk your cat down the hall or around your house to see how they respond to being pushed. It’s better to use a test environment in your home before making taking them outside in public. If they portray negative behavior in your home you can try to correct it or at least know how they will react if you were to take them out in public. Your cat won’t be exposed to the outside elements yet, but at least you will get a feel for how they ride in the stroller.
  • Keep Your Cat Contained: If your cat tries to jump out of the stroller be sure to gently put them back in and reward them with treats. Make this a priority in your cat’s stroller training to ensure they will be cooperating when you actually leave your house.
  • Take Your Cat Outside in the Stroller: Take your cat outside using a harness and leash to protect them from running away. Place him in the stroller and slowly close the lid. Gently start pushing you cat around the block and gauge his reactions. If you have an indoor cat, they may react more wildly due to all the extra outside stimulation. Don’t forget to bring extra cat treats to reinforce positive behavior. Repeat this a few times a day for a few days to make sure your cat is ready to be regularly transported in a stroller.

Final Thoughts

A cat stroller might sound weird to some people, but it’s actually a very smart way to transport or travel with your cat.  Some may think it’s inhumane to stick your cat in a small cramped cat carrier.  You can eliminate this by using a nice, spacious stroller.  As I stated previously, your cat may need to first get used to the stroller in order to use it fully without any problems.  If your cat is already used to regularly going in a carrier or being walked on a leash then this learning curve may be very small for your cat.

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