Best Cat Steps for Older Cats

Steps for elderly cats to get on the bed

Your cat is starting to age and his physical ability is starting to show it.  It may be hard for your cat to jump onto your bed or even your couch.  I found 3 of the best cat steps for older cats and compiled them here for you.  Every cat ages, and with age comes disabilities.

Using a cat step can immensely help your cat move around the house like he used to when he was young.  Using cat steps will also help prevent injuries if your cat fails to make a proper jump.

Pet stairs can also be used in a play area for your cat.  If you have a cat tree, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add this next to it to give your cat an extra area to play and tire out.

Solvit Plus Pet Stairs

The Solvit Plus pet stairs is one of the best price to quality stairs you can purchase.  You can check the current pricing from amazon by clicking here.  When choosing the right kind of cat steps for older cats you have to make sure you look for what really matters.  How much weight the stairs can hold, and how heavy they are to move around. 

The last thing you want to do is be hauling around a 20 pound staircase to different locations in your house.  The Solvit Plus pet stairs only weigh 5 pounds which makes it very lightweight for easy transportation and relocating.

These cat steps are built with safety in mind which is best for an older cat.  The steps are sturdy enough to support up to 120 pounds.  That means your cat Garfield can climb up these steps onto your bed without the worry of it breaking.  Although it is able to support up to 120 pounds, these steps should not be used by humans since they were specifically designed for pets.  The steps also have added safety with an anti skid material on the steps as well as built in side rails for extra stability for heavy pets.

The medium sized stairs make this perfect for use with medium sized animals.  Cats, dogs, and any other pets you have will be able to use this with ease.  Don’t let its big design fool you.  When you are ready to put it away, simply fold it and tuck it away for easy storage.

Solvit also has a number you can contact them at for customer support for their product which is awesome.  There are not many manufacturers that will stand behind their products quality, so this goes to show how confident they are which is another reason I rate these steps in the number one spot for the best cat step.

Petmaker Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

The Petmaker folding plastic cat steps is another great product you can purchase for your older cat.  You can check the current pricing here on amazon.  These steps are very strong and durable made up of a tough and durable plastic.  The mains selling point of these cat steps are that they are easily cleaned and stored.  It can be safely cleaned with water and soap, and easily stored by folding it flat.

The Petmaker cat stairs are easy and convenient and easy to use.  Simply unfold the stairs and place it at the edge of your couch, bed, or any other problematic area for your cat.

The extra safe steps have non-slip foam pads as well as build in side rails for added safety and security for your older cat.  These steps are recommended for medium sized pets only.  These steps also work very well in that they will not slide if you have a bigger pet like a dog. The maximum allotted weight is 120 pounds.  These steps work best for heavier pets in general.  As always, these steps are not intended for human use.

Unfortunately there is no customer service line to contact petmaker about their pet stairs, but they do stand behind the quality of their products.

Petmaker 3 Step Pet Stairs

The last recommended pet stairs are once again made by Petmaker.  These stairs are best if you are on a budget.  They are almost 50 % cheaper than normal pet stairs.  Check out the current price here from amazon.  These steps still have the reliability like reinforced frame with side rails, and non-slip steps.  The main difference of these stairs are the size. 

These stairs only come with 3 steps instead of the opposed 4 steps.  This makes these steps less versatile when it comes to its functional use, but it makes up for it with it’s cost.  You can almost get 2 of these pet steps for about the same price as one of the other ones.

These steps are easily stored just like the other 2 pet stairs.  Simply fold the stairs flat and store them under the bed or in your closet.

Before purchasing these stairs, make sure the width and height of these steps are right for you and your senior cat.  It wouldn’t be of much help if these steps don’t fully reach your couch or bed.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of different cat steps on the market for older cats.  The main points to focus on are the size of the steps, and the safety.  Make sure the steps are big enough to reach the desired height for your cat, and make sure the steps are durable enough to hold your pets safely. 

Remember, the main reason for theses steps are to help your cat get onto places that he can no longer get to.  Hopefully you now have enough information to make a decision that best suits your needs.

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