6 Reasons to Play with your Cat More

Reasons to Play with your Cat More

Playing with cats can be so much fun. Most people think of dogs when it comes to playing and having fun with a domestic pet. But cats can be just as fun, in fact, maybe I’m bias but I think they are more fun than dogs.

But beyond the selfish reasons of having a good time yourself interacting with your cat, there are some pretty good and important reasons. So pick up some fun cat toys, get yourself off the sofa, and start playing with your cat.

6 Reasons to Play with Your Cat More

More Fun Means a Healthier Cat

If you give your cat an excuse to sleep more, they will take it. Domestic cats sleep anywhere between 16-20 hours a day, which is staggering really.

They don’t need all that sleep. And having a good play session will only make it more beneficial when they do sleep. So this is as good of a reason as any.

Cats have explosive, fast twitch muscles, so they need to be worked out. This means using a toy that will encourage them to jump, run, and spring into action is perfect.

You Can Keep an Eye on Any Changes

When you play with your cat on a regular basis you will notice any ‘off’ days. Or even any long term changes as they age.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, cats slow down and become less agile as they age. But it’s a good thing if you can keep an eye on them incase there is anything else going on.

If you think there is something stopping your cat from functioning fully, or an injury of any kind you should seek professional advice.

Sometimes cats are just in a super lazy mood and don’t want to play mind. Don’t be offended if this happens more often.

It’s Mentally Stimulating

Keeping your cat mentally sharp is just as important as physically sharp. Cats have heightened senses, and need regular stimulation to keep those senses operating at a high level.

Like humans, keeping the brain functioning and stimulating will improve their brain function and will likely help them live longer.

Toys that allow you to keep them alert and chasing around will do this well. Like a laser pointer, or a feather on a long cord you’re pulling around.

It Curbs Their Hunting Behaviors

While it’s important for a ca to be able to hunt. I’m sure you will agree it’s not really important for them to bring home dead prey on a regular basis.

All cats have a natural instinct to hunt. They learn these skills at an early age, and will chase birds and mice all day long.

However, playing with your cat indoors a lot will make them less likely to bring in dead prey. Not only do it tire them out a little, but it fulfills some of that natural desire to hunt and kill.

I like the effect of this, as I like the local wildlife to be safe. So this was something on my mind as I made my cat run all over the house chasing that laser pointer dot.

Its a Great Bonding Experience

If you own a cat you can’t just leave it be and then expect it to show you affection when you want. Cats need attention and bonding time with their owners.

Playing with your kitty is the best way to do this. They will be aware that you are part of this playing session, and will associate the fun and adrenaline with you.

It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout. You can sit and fuss your cat as well. All the human to cat interaction is positive. Forming a stronger bond and giving them a more secure feeling towards you.

Cats are affectionate and loving animals and love this kind of interaction. It’s one of the biggest plus points of being a cat owner, enjoy it!

Cats Get Bored Too

It’s not just us as humans they get bored. Cats also get bored if there is nothing to do. Sure they sleep most the time, but they are awake and looking for something to do for a few hours a day.

They also have a lot of coiled up energy. If you have ever seen your cat just going crazy for a burst of a few seconds, that’s their way of burning off that energy.

It can be more productively spend playing with toys. For the other reasons mentioned above, it’s more beneficial than just running up and down the stairs.

So next time you think your cat looks bored, think how you feel when you’re bored. It’s not the best feeling, so dip into that toy box and find something fun,