Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All of a Sudden? (It’s Not All Bad)

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All of a Sudden

Has your usually loving and affectionate feline suddenly started ignoring you? Have you noticed they’ve stopped getting under your feet when you’re in the kitchen or jumping on your bed and waking you?

If you’re asking yourself the question, “Why is my cat ignoring me all of a sudden?” You’re not the first cat owner to ask this, and you won’t be the last!

Cats are interesting and animals, there’s a lot going on inside their little heads that we can’t always figure out.

But, to reassure you, chances are they aren’t giving you the cold shoulder because you’ve done something wrong or they don’t like you – there’s usually a simple explanation.

Here are some of the most common reasons why it feels like cats suddenly start ignoring us:

They’re Just Being an (Individual) Cat

Cats are very different from us, as I’m sure you’re well aware. This includes their temperament and what their needs and wants are from social interaction.

For the most part, we love engaging in social interaction, especially with our cats. There are few things more enjoyable than a sleepy cat purring on our laps, or cuddling and petting that soft fur ball.

But a lot of cats just don’t get the same satisfaction out of interacting with us. Some cat breeds in particular, like Bengals, Egyptian Maus, and Scottish Folds are known to be more solitary and like their own space.

Maybe as your cat is aging they just need less interaction with you, or it’s their personality.

They’re Sulking or Moody

Cat ignoring someone because they are moody or sulking

Don’t be mistaken, cats do have a good memory and they will remember if you’ve done something to annoy them. It might not even have been something deliberate, but they’ll be moody they’re blaming you.

It may be something you did indirectly too. Such as changing their food, moving home, or something else that has unsettled their daily routine. Cats like routine, any changes can cause them to be stressed or anxious – which will affect their behavior towards you.

They’re Relaxing (Which Is Very Important, You Know)

One of the biggest mistakes new cat owners make is wanting to play with their cat on their terms. These people tend to learn pretty quickly that most things are going to happen on their cat’s terms!

If your cat is relaxing, as cats tend to do for most of the day, they might straight up ignore you. I know my two cats’ priorities just fine; food, sleeping, interacting with me. If I try to interrupt the first two, I’m going to be ignored.

They’re Not Feeling Well

This is where it gets serious. Cats tend to isolate themselves when they are not feeling well, and they aren’t good at communicating that there’s something wrong. It’s usually on us as owners to pick up on the cues that something is up.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

If there are any signs that they are in pain or experiencing discomfort, get them checked out by your vet. As I said, they hide illness and pain really well, a professional examination is your best option.

Related Questions:

Why Does My Cat Suddenly Hate Me

Why Does My Cat Suddenly Hate Me?

Hate is a strong word, I don’t think cats hate anyone. Especially not a loving owner, as I’m sure you are. It’s likely that one or more of the reasons above is causing them to give you the cold shoulder and you’re interpreting it as “Hate”.

If they’re being aggressive towards you you’ll need to get to the bottom of why. Ignoring is one thing, but aggressive behavior is demonstrating there is something really upsetting your cat.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Scared of Me?

If your cat is acting scared of you, such as cowering, running away, or hiding under the bed – it’s likely they have attached some trauma to you or something you’re doing.

I’ve had rescue cats that were scared of me at first due to their traumatic upbringing. I’ve always been able to change this behavior over time, however. Keep doing everything right to reassure them there are no threats from you or your home and they’ll warm to you.

My Cat Wants to Be Alone All of a Sudden – Why?

If you have noticed a big difference in your cat’s behavior and they’re starting to isolate themselves, there may be a health issue.

You should have them evaluated by a vet as the first point of action to rule out any health concerns. Once you have the all-clear there, you can start figuring out what, if anything is causing them to behave like this within the home.

You can read the most common health issues for cats and how to spot them here.

In Summary – Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All of a Sudden?

If you’re dealing with a cat that seems to be ignoring you, I hope you found the information in this post helpful.

Do remember that every cat is different and has their own personality traits. It’s hard to understand cats’ preferences sometimes and how they can align with ours and how we can coexist.

Just as with any family member it takes a little time, some give and take, and we all need some alone time now and then. This is especially true with indoor cats as we’re sharing a small space.

Any questions, comments or feedback welcome. Here’s to a happy and fun relationship going forward!


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