Why Do Cats Put Their Paws on Your Face? 10 Reasons

Why do cats put their paws on your face

Being a cat owner, you may enjoy many memorable and joyful events with your pet. Cats explore the world around them with body gestures, especially pawing behaviors. Why do cats put their paws on your face?. Sometimes certain kitty behaviors may become annoying and make you tense such as when your cat puts their paws on your face. You probably try to know what causes the behavior. 

Not all behavior of your feline friend will be abnormal; many kitty behaviors are considered natural and normal. So, getting proper knowledge about such actions is essential. 

If the cause of any particular action is normal, then you don’t need to be worried. But if there is something to be concerned about, you need to timely and adequately address the issue.

This article will let you know about all the possible causes of why cats put their paws on your face? And how you can stop your kitty from the annoying behaviors. You can use the table of content for smooth navigation. 

Why do cats put their paws on your face?

Cats’ behaviors are categorized into two forms. Natural(Normal) and Abnormal. According to Pet experts, your cat can put their paws on your face for many reasons such as, Fell hungry, marking their territory, seeking your concentration, showing love and affection, wanting to play with you, Claiming You, copying your actions, To be cuddles and pet, trusting you or felling  Pain.

Reasons for Kitty pawing at your face can vary. Some are considered normal and natural, while some need to be discouraged to protect you from uncomfortable situations with your feline friend.

Let’s now deep dive into these reasons one by one. 

10 Reasons cats put their paws on your face.

cat pawing

1. Showing Love and Affection

We love our pets as much as we love our babies. Dogs and cats are among the most faithful pets. Sometimes if you feel tense or fall ill, your cute kitty can judge your emotions and show their love and affection by adopting certain behaviors such as pawing at us, licking us or even putting their paws on your mouth. 

Being a cat parent, you will feel grateful and joyful for your pet’s kind gestures. It would be best if you reward your pet with recommended cat treats

2. Demand food or Going out side

Cats hate the boring environments as well as the boring owners. Therefore, proper pet care by food,  nutritional requirements and outdoor exercise or walk is among the integral parts to win your pet trust and faithfulness. 

Cats cannot speak; they convey their messages by developing certain gestures. For example, sometimes your kitty feels hungry or gets bored and paws you to grab your attention.

If you fed your faithful companion a long time ago, make sure to provide him with the super and beneficial food for cats.

3. Wants to play with You

Like small babies, pets are unable to judge what you are doing. They can be in the mode of playing with you any time. Your kitty often wants to play with you and will be pawing at your face or putting their paws on your hand to alert you that I am in playing mode.

If you’re free, you can play with your kitty; however, sometimes, you may have a busy working schedule then discourage the behaviour by avoiding it. 

Instead, you can keep your feline friend’s playing with cat Toys.

4. Copying your Actions

Cats and dogs are curious pets. They can judge your action and can repeat it any time from their memories. You may have noticed some time that your pet exactly tries to repeat some of your movements or gestures. 

Kitty pawing behaviour is considered a repeatable action and can sometimes even put their paws on your mouth without any reason. 

5. To be Cuddled and Petted

Cats love to be cuddled and petted. Many times when you massage your kitty, he enjoys the movement and memorizes your kind gesture. Whenever they have a mode to be cuddled or petted again, they may paw your or will paw on your face or hands.

However, if you put your face close to your cat and it puts its paws, then this does not mean the same. It will then indicate that your pet is stopping you from invading you in its space.

6. Claiming You

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are curious and intelligent pets. They can judge the owner parent’s emotions, happiness, tiredness, or sadness. Therefore, sometimes when you go through any uncomfortable situation, your cat may try to calm you by developing many gestures such as pawing at you, licking you or sitting in your feet etc. 

7. Seek your concentration

Pets often want the owner’s concentration on many occasions. For example, sometimes you may lay in your bed and maybe busy in reading a book, mobile phone or laptop, and your kitty starts rubbing your face with the paws or licking your face, then it means your faithful companion needs your concentration. 

8. Marking their Territory

Marking the territory in many ways is famous in wildlife and some pets like cats and dogs.  The kittens have scent glands in several parts of their body, including paws. Your kitty can use these glands to mark their territory.

Cats believe their owner is their territory, so they will try to transfer the scent on you and often paw your body, hands and face. Some cat spray urine to mark their territory.

9. Trusting You

As with humans, pets also may face some terrible and uncomfortable situations. Helping your cats in such cases will help you win your pet trust. Cats pawing at the owner’s face on certain occasions is a sign of confidence and satisfaction. Your pet has a strong bond of trust in you, and he is sure you will help him in every situation. 

10. Pain or Illness

Cats are similar in many behaviors to humans. Pain or illness compels humans and animals to develop irregular and strange behaviors. A kitty in pain or ill may need immediate help and veterinary attention. Cats can convey their messages through their behaviors and actions.

Next time when you notice your cat is pawing at your face, make sure to confirm if your pet is in any pain or health issues. Contact your vet for immediate medical attention if you see an uncertain situation or symptoms. 

Should I Stop My Cat pawing at my face and Mouth?

Should I Stop My Cat pawing

Stopping any pet behaviors depends on certain factors. For taking a gentle decision, we have categorized some of the factors that will help you in decision-making whether to stop your cat pawing action or not. 

1. Injury

Usually, cats put their paws on your body gently. However, we are not smart enough to judge the mode of the pets. Therefore, some time in playing or in aggression, there are chances to be scratched and injured due to this behavior.

2. Encouraging Behavior

Encouraging certain pets actions sometimes put owners in very uncomfortable and shameful situations. Such as encouraging pet behaviors, like cat approaching your mouth and face, Licking your hands, sitting at your feet etc.

These actions are not considered ideal because sometimes you may have a busy work schedule or a guest at your home. Then the action could be very uncomfortable for you.

3. Illnesses and Diseases

Many zoonotic diseases are easily transferred from pets to their owners. Yes, cats are adorable and clean animals; however, their paws may have some contamination that can endanger your health. 

4. Your Choice

Many cat owners love and enjoy the particular behavior of their pets. If you are ok with the behavior and assured about your cats’ health condition, cleanliness, and vaccination, it’s up to you whether to stop or not your pet from any behaviors. 

5. Our Suggestion

Approach your pet to your face and mouth is not a good and safe idea. Discourage your cat action by avoiding or by proper training. 

How Do I Stop My Cat From Touching My Face?

No doubt we all love our cats a lot, but their actions may often irritate us. For example, if your kitty is continuously trying to touch your mouth and face with their paws and you want to stop the cat pawing behaviours, you must follow the below-mentioned steps.

Find the Cause: Any pet behaviors developed due to a specific reason. In the article above, We have explained the 10 possible causes of your dogs touching your face and mouth. 

The first step you need to do is find out the cause of the behaviour and deal accordingly. 

Discourage the Behavior: Many pet owners develop certain pet behaviors independently without knowing its future complication. Discourage all the irritating actions of your kitty by avoiding and lack of concentration.

Early Training: Early training is essential in the behaviors development of pets. Train your cat on words or by action so that they follow your commands.

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