Why Do Cats Meow At Humans?

why do cats meow at humans

Why do cats meow at humans?  The different sounds that come out of your cat’s mouth sometimes can be interesting.  Cats have different types of meows because they all means something different.  When a cat meows it’s there way of saying they they need something.  If you listen to your cat’s meow closely you will be able to tell differences in the sound and pitches.  Let’s dive into some of the reasons cats meow at humans.

Your Cat Is Meowing Because He Is Hungry

One of the main reasons a cat will meow at a human is because they are hungry.  If you have your cat on a good feeding schedule then you can expect them to start meowing at certain times of the day.  This type of meow will be a constant type of meow almost to the point of bugging you.  What your cat is trying to say is that it’s time to eat!  You cat might even follow you around the house with his tail in the air.  This time of meow that he lets out will sometimes be mixed with a quick growl followed my a meow.  At no point will your cats meow sound angry by any means.

If you let this go on for longer than your cat likes he may even start to nip or bite at you.  Out of all the cats I have owned only a few have portrayed this behavior.  Not all cats will bite or nip, but don’t be surprised if this type of behavior is displayed by your cat.

Your Cat Is Meowing As Sign Of Pain Or Illness

Your cat might be trying to say that he is in pain or sick.  Study your cats position while he is meowing.  If your cat is in pain you can first check for any visual cues as to if he is injured.  Sometimes you can see a slight limp in one leg.  Some injuries are harder to spot and may require you to search his skin under his fur.  If you have an outdoor cat he could have gotten into a cat fight and was scratched or bitten that can cause a break in the skin.  Look for any signs of missing patches of fur or red spots that can indicate bleeding.

If there are visual signs of wounds on your cat then there is a possibility he may be sick.  Study your cat throughout the day to see if he does all his normal daily activities.  My cat loves to go in the window sill everyday to look outside.  He also has certain spots in the house that he likes to explore everyday and nap at.  If your cat is spending an unusual amount of time in one area and is trying to prevent as much physical activity as possible then your cat may be sick.  Cats that are sick tend to be more lazy than they usually are.  The meows that come from you cat may be small short meows that might sound out of breath.

Your Cat Just Wants Attention

Yep.  You Guessed it.  Although cats are known to be very independent they still like attention.  Have you ever noticed when you get home after being gone for awhile your cat will sometimes come up to you meowing while rubbing against your leg?  What your car is trying to say is that they are glad to see you home.  This type of behavior may also be accompanied by purring.  In order to satisfy your cat just go ahead and give him a nice warm welcome with a little neck scratch or a few strokes across his back just to show you acknowledge him.

Your Cat Meows When He Wants To Go Outside

I’m sure you have all witnessed this type of meow at one point or another.  This is the annoying type of meow your cat will make when he wants to desperately explore the outside world.  This meow is not hard to spot.  You can usually expect your cat to be sitting near a door or window that he may have escaped from in the past.  His meow will be pretty distinct and will come off as somewhat annoying.  When your cat meows he may change the tone and pitch during the meow.  Some of the meows may also be prolonged and at different lengths.

Iv’e witnessed this type of cat meow oh too often.  This type of meow usually occurs right after dinner time when the sun is just starting to go down.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop your cat from meowing near the door or window.  The best thing to do in this situation is ignore it.  If you don’t give your cat any attention then they will soon give up.  If you end up letting your cat outside a few times then the situation may be more difficult to deal with in the future.  Your cat might be more persistent and sit longer at the glass door meowing away until you give in and let him out.  If your cat is an indoor cat only then don’t give in.  Stand your ground.

Your Cat Is In Heat

Both male and female cats will meow when they are in heat and oh is this type of meow annoying.  You will definitely know what is going on whenever your cat is in heat.  A female cat will constantly be meowing at you and seem very loving with you.  They will arch there backs, lie down with their belly facing the sky, or even just constantly rub up against your leg.

A male cat will usually constantly do long howling meows to let you know when he wants to go outside and have some fun.  It will be long drawn out meows that will get very annoying very fast.

Your Cat Feels Threatened

If you have ever heard 2 cats fighting outside then you probably know what this meow will sound like.  If a cat feels threatened by you or another animal they will usually have this type of meow.  The meow will usually have growling mixed in with it.  It will also be a prolonged type of meow instead of small short bursts.  This is to indicate that they are going into attack mode.  They will usually hiss at you and meow at the same time.  You can also see visual signs as well if a cat feels threatened.  Their fur will start to stand up on their back and tails.  They will also sometimes arch their back and expose their claws to let you know to stay away.

Open The Door!

You may experience your cat meowing constantly if they were accidentally left in a room with the door shut.  This will be a constant type of meow and will usually be accompanied by scratching at the door.  I have done this quite a few times to my cat because sometimes they decide to take cat naps in the oddest places.  Sometimes a closet, the pantry, or any other dark place that looks comfy to them.

Final Thoughts

Your cat will meow for various reasons.  Just take note of any visual cues, the time of day, and any other variable that may be causing your cat to meow in order find out what they are trying to say.

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