Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets? 4 Reasons

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets

Does your cat snuggle up under blankets? It’s one of the cutest things seeing a cat or a kitten sleeping under a blanket or in your bed.

It’s something very specific to a cat’s personality though. Not all cats do it, but some love nothing more than curling up under a blanket for a snooze.

So, why do cats like being under blankets? Is there an explanation for this behavior?

There are reasons behind everything cats do, yes.

The short answers are; some cats feel secure under a blanket, some use a blanket for warmth (as we do), and some use it as a way of bonding with us.

4 Reasons Why Cats Like Being Under Blankets

To further elaborate on these reasons, see if any of the following resonate as being the reason why your cat crawls under your blankets:

They Feel Secure

Cats feel secure hiding under blankets

Feeling secure while sleeping is incredibly important to cats. It’s still hard-coded into their DNA to make sure they’re as safe from predators as they can be.

This is why most cats choose somewhere higher than floor-level to sleep. If you observe your cat’s sleeping habits, you’ll also notice they tend to face the entry point to a room and their ears will perk up if they hear a noise.

For some cats, sleeping under a blanket gives them that secure feeling. It sounds counter-intuitive as they can’t see well, but for some cats, it meets this need.

It’s Nice and Warm

You don’t have to be an expert in cat behavior to know that cats love finding a nice warm spot to sleep or laze around in.

There are few spots warmer than under a blanket. Especially a fuzzy or wooly blanket, and even more so if you’ve been in it and it’s holding some body warmth.

In my experience, they don’t get attached to certain blankets like dogs tend to. They’ll use whatever takes their fancy at the time. As long as it’s warm, that is.

It’s a Quiet Hiding Place

Cats also like quiet spots where they can get some alone time and not be bothered. For some cats, this will mean the top of their cat tree or a quiet room like the bathroom.

For others, crawling under a blanket so they can’t see any of the commotions in the home does the trick just fine.

Again, it’s one of the behaviors that go against the grain for most cats. They’re completely letting their guard down in regard to being able to keep an eye and an ear out.

They Like Your Smell

Cat hiding under blanket because they like your smell

Cat’s have a great sense of smell, and they use their noses for more than just detecting food.

They use scents to communicate, mark their territory, and feel more comfortable around scents they are familiar with.

Despite what you may think, you have a smell that’s unique to you. Your cat will become familiar with this smell over time and it’ll give them comfort.

After all, your cat loves you. Even though they don’t always act like it.

Once you’re aware of this, you may notice your cat likes sleeping on your clothes and other possessions of yours too.

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Related Questions

Is It Safe for Cats to Sleep Under Blankets?

It is safe for cats to sleep under blankets. The chance of oxygen deprivation is minimal, they’ll soon enough get out from under the blanket if they can’t breathe well enough.

There is a greater risk of harm from someone not noticing they are there and placing something on the blanket.

My cat often sleeps under the blanket I have on top of my bed. Sometimes I can just about make out a curled up cat shape, but I know her well enough to always check first.

Do Cats Like Being Covered by Blankets?

Sleeping under blankets is one of the behaviors that splits the cat community.

Some cats absolutely hate having anything on top of them or having their ability to see compromised.

While some cats love it. All I say is if your cat voluntarily puts themselves under a blanket, leave them be so as not to spook them and let them enjoy it.

It’s a good sign that they feel really safe and secure in your home though. Cats are particular about where they sleep, take it as a good sign.

Why Do Cats Sleep on Pillows?

Why Do Cats Sleep on Pillows

Cats will sleep on your bed pillows for most of the same reasons as I covered above for why they sleep under blankets.

If you have a cat that doesn’t feel comfortable being under a blanket, they may choose your pillows or a spot on your duvet next to you as the next best thing.

In Summary

Now you better understand your cat’s motivations for sleeping under your blankets, hopefully, it’ll strengthen the bond you two have.

In a nutshell, it’s cute and a good sign that they feel comfortable enough to sleep under a cover without any worries.

All you need to do is make sure that you don’t disturb them!


Image credits – Header photo by Francesco Ungaro, cat photos by D E M, Carolina Sánchez, and Настя Коркуть on Unsplash

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