When A Stray Cat Chooses You – Spiritual Meaning

For centuries and across many different cultures, cats have been a symbol of spirituality. We love them as our pets, but they have earned deep respect and admiration in many corners of history. Some cultures have even considered cats to be supernatural deities. It’s not uncommon to hear a story of a cat showing up at the right place at the right time, or how they love to stare endlessly at the ceiling or sky at something we can’t see. They’re known for their independent, savvy, and serene natures. 

However, maybe you’ve come across a stray cat recently and it seemed to choose you, by plopping down at your feet or following you home. Here’s everything you need to know about the spiritual meaning of when a stray cat chooses you.

When a Stray Cat Chooses You

History of Cats in Spirituality and Religion

Ancient Egypt birthed the idea of cats being sacred spiritual beings. While they did not worship cats, they found so much camaraderie in their relationships with these feline friends, that they became the earthly personification of their gods.

They likened the courage, strength, and loyalty of cats to the divine entities they worshiped. In fact, according to History, cats were so loved and cherished by their owners that they were mummified side by side after death. Owners often shaved their eyebrows to mourn the loss of their cat.

Active domestic cat walks in the deep snow in winter park
Active domestic cat walks in the deep snow in winter park

In Ancient Egypt, cats were mostly used to symbolically represent the goddess Mafdet, the goddess who protected against snakes and scorpions, and Bastet, the goddess of home, domesticity, fertility, and childbirth. Aside from their symbolism, they also served the many purposes they’re known for today: vermin control, protection, and companionship.

In Christianity, old folklore states that if a cat is found sitting on someone’s grave, that person’s soul was possessed by the devil. Black cats in particular have been associated with witchcraft. Cats have also been the face of several superstitions around the world.

According to Mental Floss, it’s believed in Japan that if a cat grooms itself, it means an unexpected guest will make a visit. In Southern Europe, it’s believed that if a cat jumps across someone’s grave, that person will rise from the dead as a vampire. With all these widely held beliefs and superstitions, it’s easy to see why cats are considered spiritual creatures.

What Does It Mean When a Stray Cat Chooses You Spiritually?

We’ve all heard at least one story in our lives, or have told the story ourselves, of a stray cat following someone home. Cats are naturally curious creatures and are considered to be great judges of both character and energy. Sometimes, it may seem that a stray cat has in fact adopted you!

Cats aren’t like dogs in the sense that they will seek out a person if it’s not needed. They are very independent and like to operate on their own time. In most cases, a cat following you home is not a cause for concern, but rather a blessing. Even if you’re not a superstitious person, a cat choosing you is a big deal! 

While there may be some physical and mental incentives for the cat, like the promise of food or treats, their natural curiosity, or search for shelter, cats are naturally very intuitive. Chances are, if you believe in the supernatural, a cat may choose you to act as your spirit guide or spirit animal.

Spirit guides can take a physical or nonphysical form. They “guide” you through the physical and material world by sharing their wisdom and providing you signs. Spirit animals, on the other hand, are supernatural beings that are believed to help humans get in touch with their spirituality and can serve as both guides and protectors. 

Naturally, with that being said, it’s sometimes believed that if a cat “chooses” you by following you home, begging for your attention at the animal shelter, or comes into your life in some peculiar way, that they’re serving a spiritual purpose by providing emotional support and supernatural guidance. 

What to Do When a Cat Chooses You

Animals and pets are a lot of work. While cats are no exception, they do have a tendency of seemingly ‘finding’ their owners. They’ll often come into your life during significant times, such as the death of a loved one, a recent move, sickness or illness, loneliness or hardship, or a painful breakup or separation. Cats have a habit of showing up at the right time, right when we need it the most. They are arguably one of the most emotionally intelligent creatures, which elevates their spiritual natures.

According to Utah State University’s Extension, it’s estimated that there are about 600 million stray cats worldwide, with China topping the list at 53 million strays. When a cat chooses you, it may seem like it’s just a basic necessity for them. But, they also probably chose you not only because they have basic wants and needs, but they like you and want to serve a divine purpose, just like their ancestors did in Egypt thousands of years ago.

gray domestic cat walking on green grass
gray domestic cat walking on green grass

It will usually be fairly obvious if a cat chooses you. Whether they follow you home, start coming around more, or hop into your lap at the shelter, it is a great honor. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know how deep their love and loyalty runs. They don’t take love and friendship lightly. Once a cat fully commits to you, they will be there for the rest of their lives.

When a cat chooses you, it’s important to take care of the basics. Food, water, shelter, toys, and bedding are among the main supplies you’ll need. A trip to the vet to sterilize and vaccinate them can help prevent the epidemic of excessive breeding and overpopulation, as well as reduce their risk of both disease transmission and infection. 


Cats will go to the ends of the earth for you, both as your pet and your spirit animal or guide. They may wander into your dreams, just as they wandered into your life, and send you messages about your divine purpose or any messages they want to send to you from beyond the physical realm. Stray cats are all over the world. But if they choose you, it’s usually for a meaningful and spiritual reason!

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