What Does it mean when cats lick each other? 6 Strange Reasons

What Does it mean when cats lick each other

It’s a common sight of two cats sitting next to each other, licking one another’s body. But What does it mean when cats lick each other?

Is there a reason behind this behavior, or is it just an innocent way for them to kill time?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why cats lick each other and what it means for their relationship. So if you’ve ever wondered about this quirky behavior, then keep reading!

What does it mean when cats lick each other?

Cats lick each other for many reasons, but the most common are showing affection, grooming and calming the partner, mother loving the kitten, making a solid bond, and displaying dominance, injury, or wound.

Why cats lick each Others?

Why cats lick each Others

Below are some of the common reasons of cats grooming each others.

1. Love and Affection

Felines can lick each other to show love and affection for their partner. They do so by licking areas such as the face, neck, and ears, where the scent glands are located.

This way, they can mark each other with their scent and strengthen their bond.

2. Groom and Calm the Partner

Cats that lick each other frequently might be just trying to groom one another or calm them down.

Grooming each other is an expected feline behavior where they lick each other’s fur while removing dirt, dead hair, or fleas.

They do that by using their rough tongue and very sharp teeth.

3. The mother love for the kitten

Cats are known for being devoted mothers, so if your cat is licking her kittens, she might just be showing her love! Being their nurse, their mother might clean and lick them to ensure their cleanliness, safety, and health.

4. Display Dominance

The way cats express their dominance or submission can vary from cat to cat, but it also involves showing affection! Cats that sense threat from another might show their deference by grooming the dominant one.

In return, the dominant cat might give the subordinate one few loving licks. There are other ways to show your dominance, like sitting on top of another cat.

5. Injury or Wound

If you notice that one of the cats is licking an area of their body over and over again or even chewing on it, this could mean that they have injured themselves – either by getting into a fight or they hurt themselves while playing.

Similarly, some cats might lick their wounds to sanitize them and prevent infection.

6. Welcoming ritual

Cats that haven’t seen each other for a while might be carrying out some welcome ritual. Like how dogs greet one another by sniffing each other’s butt, cats might be licking each other to the same end.

Your kitties might seem like they are mad at one another, but if you notice them licking each other, it could be a sign of an emotional reunion.

Why do cats lick each other’s ears?

Why do cats lick each other's ears

When two cats lick each other’s ears, it might indicate dominance or a friendly welcome. But it can also indicate love and affection, especially when they do it to the face or neck area. Felines can also lick the ears of another kitty when they sense any infection, ear mites, or wounds.

So next time you see your kitty licking one another’s ears, they might just be revealing their love.

why do cats lick each other’s Heads?

Cats might lick their partner’s head because they love them. If you notice your cat licking your other kitty’s head, it could mean that they adore them.

The same goes for cats licking humans; perhaps your kitties are trying to tell you something by showing their affection this way!

why do cats lick each other’s bums?

When your kitties start grooming each other by licking butts, it could be a sign they are trying to mark each other as they would do with their scent. If you notice your cats licking the genital area of another, this might be them showing dominance.

It could be that your cats are diagnosing each other for any wounds or injuries that happen on their back. When they lick each other’s bums, it might also mean they are trying to sanitize the area. Cats also do this when they come across poo!

why do sibling cats groom each other?

A study has found that cats might be more affectionate than we assume. The researchers found that our feline friends display more affection towards their family members, particularly siblings, than with strangers or a new family member.

Cats often lick each other’s faces or rub their heads together, which can be signs of affection.

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What does it mean when cats lick each other? The most apparent reason cats lick each other is because they enjoy doing it. Cats become familiar with each other by licking paws, faces, necks, and ears.

This occasionally happens during the first stage of getting to know one another, which some experts call the “socialization period.” Still, it can also happen between two cats that have already developed a strong bond.

Cats are known for being entirely independent animals, but they enjoy physical contact now and then. Cats usually lick each other around the cheeks, the neck area, and the base of the tail, where it meets the body.

This can happen between any pair of cats; it doesn’t necessarily have to be mother-to-kitten behavior. If both kittens and adult cats display this behavior towards one another, it means they like each other very much.

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