Using Turmeric for Cats with Worms – A Natural Remedy

How to Use Turmeric for Cats with Worms

If you’re looking for a home remedy or natural alternative to rid your cat of worms – using turmeric for cats with worms is a safe and effective option that may just be the cure you’re looking for.

Turmeric is a powerful spice. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is great for the immune system, joints, and digestive system.

It has a wide range of healing benefits for humans, but let’s take a look at how to use it to help kill worms and intestinal parasites in cats.

Why Use Turmeric for Worms in Cats?

Why Use Turmeric for Worms in Cats

There are a number of reasons why people decide to try turmeric over the more traditional medicines that a vet will prescribe.

Maybe you just prefer natural solutions where available, the medicines are too expensive, they aren’t working, or you want to use turmeric as well as medicines to make sure you kill all the worms.

Worms are horrible for cats. Not only do they cause them some serious discomfort, if left untreated they can lead on to some serious health issues,

Giving your can some turmeric is a safe way to help kill worms. I’ve done it on a couple of occasions and seen the results for myself.

Symptoms of Worms in Cats

There are different types of worms, and cats can be affected differently, however, here are some of the general symptoms to look out for if you think your cat has worms:

Different Types of Worms Cats Can Have

Different Types of Worms Cats Can Have

Although people use the general term ‘worms’ when cats have worms, there are actually a few different types of worms that cats have.

There are some differences in how the worms behave, the effects they have on cats, and how a vet would advise treating them.

While you should always get a vet to confirm the type of worm your cat has, here are the most likely types for your reference:

Heartworms – These are one of the most dangerous forms of worm, but also the least common, fortunately. The most common way a cat gets Heartworms is from a mosquito bite.

Hookworms – Although much more common in dogs, cats can get Hookworms via skin contact or ingestion.

Lungworms – As the name suggests, Lungworms make their way to a cat’s lungs and cause them serious breathing issues among other symptoms.

Roundworms – These little parasites are the most common type of worm in cats. Not a serious problem in most instances once you’ve identified them.

Tapeworms – These are also fairly common and usually come as a result of ingesting fleas.

What Are Worms in Cats That Look like Rice?

One of the first signs a cat has worms for a lot of cat owners is seeing what looks like rice either around their read end, in their bedding, or their stool.

I know it’s a gross way to think about it comparing worms to rice. But when a cat has tapeworms they will shed pieces of the worms and it does look like rice.

If you’re seeing small white segments in any of the places I mentioned above, it’s almost certainly tapeworms.

You should always get a professional opinion from your vet though.

How to Give Your Cat Turmeric for Worms

There are two ways to incorporate turmeric into your cat’s diet;

  • One is to add some turmeric to their food.
  • The other is to use a turmeric supplement.

If you’re going to use turmeric in a power form like the one below, the main issue is the smell and taste.

Some cats will be wise to what you’re up to and if they don’t like the smell or taste of turmeric they will not eat it.

As cat owners, we all know how stubborn cats can be, so if your cat won’t eat the powder I recommend trying the supplement below.

A lot of cats will either be unaware or just want to eat their food so much that they will eat it, however.

You should use no more than ¼ tsp of turmeric per day. Mix it into some wet food most cats will eat it up without a problem.

Turmeric Powders

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While not as effective in my experience, curcumin supplements are designed to promote healthy digestion, defense against worms, support a healthy immune system, and most of the other benefits turmeric offers.

Some people prefer to use supplements, and some cats prefer to eat them over raw turmeric. There is less of a scent, so I think this makes it easier to slip past those fussy, clever cats.

Turmeric Supplements for Cats

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When using turmeric for cats with worms my best advice is to seek the advice of a vet to ensure you’re doing everything right by your cat.

As I covered above, worms are not just uncomfortable, they can cause some other potentially dangerous health issues. You need to take action sooner rather than later.


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