Teddy Bear Cat Haircut: 6 Adorable Cuts You Have to See

teddy bear cat haircut

While cats are more than just accessories, it’s hard to deny that it’s a lot of fun to fashion them in a variety of different styles. You could go with any number of different styles, but for a good reason, giving your cat a teddy bear trim is one of the best approaches you can take.

It is a downright adorable style to give to your cat, and one that is sure to turn more than a few heads wherever your cat is showing up.

What is a Teddy Bear Cut?

The teddy bear haircut (also known as the comb cut, comb trim, or cat’s pyjama trim) is a style that a lot of cat owners go with for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that it is cute. It is a relatively long hairstyle, and for many, is a most attractive length to give their cat.

Professional teddy bear haircuts bear some similarities to a lion trim or lion clip, but there is plenty of differences to be found. Many champion cats use an advanced trim like these.

One thing that’s nice about this is that, even after a complete shave, their hair won’t have issues with regrowth. Thus, when champion cats re-enter the cat show ring, it won’t affect their aesthetic. Returning to the show ring should be no problem for them.

Here are some Cat Teddy Bear Cut styles that are to die for!

But hey, for all of you who are here just to see the cutest long-haired cats, don’t worry — we have you covered.

Oliver (smittenkittenshop)

Oliver looks like such a teddy bear with his new style, and he looks darn happy to have gone to the spa! Not every cat out there is a big fan of the spa, but Oliver sure as heck is. We expect he can’t wait to go there again!

Honestly, Oliver’s fur seems like it is just too soft for this world, and we don’t know if we could keep ourselves from burying our faces in it.

Chloe (wccatgrooming)

If you were skeptical about whether a teddy bear length is ideal for your cat, we think Chloe should be able to get you to choose one side of the fence, with a style somewhere between the short-haired cats and the long-haired cats. She looks like she knows just how good she looks, and frankly, she is right to feel that way. A regular beauty, Chloe is.

Bobby (coopersgroomers)

One of the big differences between a teddy cut and a lion cut is that, frankly, the teddy cut goes a long way to making your cat seem way fluffier. The owner here didn’t have Bobby’s hair shaved so much, but we think his owner found the best teddy bear length for this handsome lad.

That is an A+ grooming job right there!

Cream (cookiecream.theprisoners)

If ever there was a cat that showed off just how gosh darn adorable a teddy bear or lion cut can be, it would have to be Cream here. Seriously, we wouldn’t be surprised if the owners (or, as she calls them, slaves), keep mistaking her for an actual stuffed teddy bear all the time!

In addition to being ridiculously cute, it really helps Cream with her fur, which unfortunately used to get severely matted. The last thing we want to do to our adorable little friends is to let them be uncomfortable, right?

Penelope (p_squared_and_monty)

Penelope is not the only cat in this household, but for some of us, we can’t help but think that this style makes her look the cutest of all three of them. In our opinion, the teddy cut is a perfect complement to Penelope’s features. Just like a teddy, Penelope looks like she is perfect for snuggling.

Of course, that’s not really a fair competition; getting a teddy cut or lion cut is pretty much a cuteness cheat code. Still, it’s pretty impressive that the other cats come close!

Rudy (molly_gloss)

Rudy, like a lot of cats, get into trouble with their fur. Be it matted fur or terribly snarls, longer fur can be a huge problem for these poor cats. By going with this style, Rudy is going to feel a lot better.

While it is a lot of fun to make our cats look as pretty as they possibly can look, it is just as important that we make sure they are at maximum comfort levels. Thankfully, Rudy’s owners understand this fact quite well, and are going to lengths to make his life a breeze.

Why should I give my cat a teddy bear trim?

Giving your cat a teddy bear trim can also be a good way to help accentuate aspects of your cat’s body. If you decide to get a teddy bear cut, lion cut, or any other style for your cat, be sure to either have expertise in what the styling process demands, or look for someone who specializes in cat grooming.

Cat grooming is not a simple process, so having it be done by a professional cat groomer helps a lot.

Another benefit of the teddy bear haircut is that they correctly lower maintenance demands with your cat. The feline’s hair will be more easily managed, thanks to this low-maintenance style.

Things to know about getting a teddy bear trim package

If you do go with this cut, make sure to let your long-haired cat grow their fur out for a few weeks before bringing them back for more grooming appointments. The process won’t use scissors or naked clipper blades, and on top of giving them an adorable style, they can also help with other problems they have.

For instance, if the cat’s tail has stuff stuck in it, you can go in for a bath n comb package to give them a proper cleansing. They will use the most cat-appropriate products to make sure that your cat’s fur is looking as good as is humanly possible. They can also modify the size of the mane and the tail lengths.

Be sure to only go in for professional grooming, as an amateur may not be able to provide quality cat grooming services. For example, some groomers have a penchant to do some things that don’t benefit the cat, like trimming whiskers.

But is doing that to the cat cruel? Well, it is, because they use their whiskers for a variety of things, such as navigation.

Why shouldn’t I give my cat a teddy bear trim?

Not every style is going to be a good fit, and the teddy bear cut is no exception to this rule. In general, a cat that is overly aggressive will not be a good fit to get this kitten cut. A more patient kitty will definitely be more well-received by a true feline professional and will be more willing to take such a request to give you a stylin’ kitty.

A longer grooming session will certainly require much patience, especially if you plan to do a regular grooming appointment for your kitty. If your cat fought with a groomer in the past, they may generally not be a good fit for anything less than a highly professional groomer.

Further, if they are easy to anger or startle, they may express with their anal glands, which will cause trouble for cat owners and a certified feline master groomer. If they are afraid of cat hair clippers, that makes it even worse for them.

How to help your cat

teddy bear cat haircut

However, it’s still important to understand that cats won’t always be aggressive; in fact, a cat owner who puts in the work to train them better can help cats learn to be more relaxed around a feline stylist (among other situations). There will inevitably be a bit of a learning curve for the both of you, but eventually, your cat should be good to go into grooming visits.

Another point to consider is whether you can keep up with a grooming maintenance plan. A lot of it comes down to the owner’s preference, but there is a lot that goes into making your feline companion happy and healthy. So make sure that you take good care of your cat’s coat and cat’s skin, as they need that protection.

Sometimes, however, you may find yourself simply not having enough time to take adequate care of your cat, and the last thing you want to do is treat your cats like second-class pet citizens. Try to make time for their care, and if you can’t, find other ways to do it, like having your family and/or roommates wash your cat from time to time to take the pressure off of you.

This protection does become an issue as they age, however. For example, the short fur a cat has with a lion cut affects them, thanks to their advanced aging makes them more vulnerable to harm.

Be sure to keep an older cat’s hair longer, as this offers skin protection to your aging kitty. Just make sure you keep up on cat grooming!