36+ Tea-Inspired Names for Cats!

Tea Names for Cats

If you’re a tea lover (like me) and you have cats in need of a name (like I once did) then you’re at the right place – because in this article I’ve put together a huge list of tea names for cats.

I have a grey and white tabby, and I almost named her countess Grey – the female equivalent of an earl (grey).

But that was just a bit too elongated, so I settled on Chai. A nice short name that lets everyone know I consider myself a bit of a tea connoisseur and I think it works well as a kitty name.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect tea-inspired name for your fluffy feline, hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for below:

26 Tea-Inspired Names for Cats

Assam – A rich, Indian black tea with a deep, intense flavor.

Barley – A staple tea in China, Japan and Korea, it’s taste is on the nutty and smokey side.

Black – A Nice and simple name for black cats, or any color cat if you want to confuse people.

Chaga – This tea comes from Siberia and is made using mushrooms.

Chai – This combination of black tea and herbs is a personal favorite of mine and the tea I named one of my cats after!

Chamomile – Known for its relaxing properties and sweet taste.

Cinnamon – My favorite spice, and I’m also partial to a cinnamon tea.

Dandelion – An interesting tasting tea for an interesting and curious cat maybe.

Earl/Countess Grey – It was a bit long for me, but I reckon someone will snatch up the name of this classic British tea for their grey cat.

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Hibiscus – Made from dried petals and with a sour taste, an interesting tea.

Jasmine – One of the female cats.

Laoshan – An Asian-inspired name, it’s a creamy and smooth tea.

Licorice – A good name for a black cat.

Lotus – A strong tea made from lotus leaves and popular across Asia.

Masala – A rare tea, I recommend trying it if you get the chance.

Matcha – I’ve come across a couple of cats called Matcha before, must be a good kitty name.

Mint – Nice and simple.

Nettle – A good name for a lively kitten!

Oolong – Oolong is one of the “true” teas; it’s also an interesting sounding word.

Peppermint – A pungent, bold, and flavorful tea.

Pu-erh – I think this would make an awesome name for a cat.

Rooibos – More commonly known as red bush, this red tea would make a good name for a ginger cat.

Rose – A fairly popular pet name, and makes for a lovely cuppa.

Sencha – A common Japanese green tea.

Tea – Why not make it very obvious that you’re a tea lover.

Yunnan – This chocolatey black tea is the perfect name for a black cat.

Some Tea-Related Words That Could Make a Great Kitty Name

Some Tea-Related Words That Could Make a Great Kitty Name

Aroma – Ahh the aroma of a good cuppa.

Brew – A slang term for a cup of tea. Does anyone fancy a brew?

Cha – Another name for a tea, often said as a “cup of cha”.

China – Some say tea is best experienced with a fine china tea set.

Leaves – Tea is made from tea leaves.

Milk – Believe it or not I’ve met a cat called Milk. He was a white fluffy Persian.

Sip – Are you a sipper or a glugger?

Spoon – Tea needs a good stir.

Teapot – All the best teas are brewed in a teapot.

Tips for Choosing That Purrr-Fect Cat Name

Naming a cat – or any pet for that matter – is one of the most fun and difficult things to do. At least I think so, I’ve named dozens of pets and it’s still an agonizing task!

It makes sense to start with a topic that you love though, that makes it easier. So, being a tea lover and picking a tea-related word narrows it down.

For me, the next step is to think of a word that matches up with some characteristics or colors of my cat.

Even if it’s really obvious, like “black” for a black cat, that’s an interesting talking point right there!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I was thinking about naming my grey tabby after the earl grey tea.

I settled on Chai as it was a lot shorter and makes it very obvious I’m a tea lover. No regrets, I’ve had to call out “Chai” pretty loud at night to call her in, and to date, no one has shouted back “yes please” or anything similar!

Anyhow, feel free to let me know how you got on or if you have some other tea-related names I can add to the list.

Good luck! I’m off to go brew a nice cuppa. 🙂

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Image credits – Header Photo by Amanda Klamrowski, in-body image by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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