Should I Walk My Cat? Harness Options

Should I Walk My Cat

Teaching your cat to walk while on a harness or leash is a great way to introduce your cat to the outdoors.

It enables you to keep a close eye on your cat, keeping them safe while the experience all the new smells and sights. Also, giving you peace of mind they won’t run away.

Outdoors activity reduces boredom, obesity, and other health problems indoor cats experience from lack of exercise.

Training your cat to walk on a leash or lead is also helpful for those trips out to the vet. With a cat accustomed to the leash, you can take them on trips easily.

Before you jump in and buy a lead, leash, or harness and strap up your cat. There are some things you need to know.

Being well advised will ensure your cat does not suffer any trauma or anxiety, and you have a safe and fun experience.

Can You Walk a Cat?

Yes, you can. It’s more common in some countries than others. But as previously mentioned, walking cat has a lot of positive benefits, and should always be considered.

Firstly, you need to understand that cats are very different to dogs. Thus, they behave very differently when on a leash.

You can train a go to walk along side you without pulling or running off. Well, at least that should be what you are training them.

Walking with your cat is more about just keeping the cat on the leash. You allow them to explore and go in whichever direction they want to.

How Do You Walk a Cat on a Lead?

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Although the younger the cat is, the easier it will be. Especially as you want to walk them more often going forward.

Some people like to get the car used to the lead and harness. Leaving it near places the sleep for days in advance. Also putting it on the cat in the house and allowing them to walk around.

Give them treats or their favorite toys to play with while doing this. You want to limit the trauma as much as possible. Show them praise too for doing well, all the usual pet training steps.

When you first put the harness on your cat don’t add the lead and cause tension. Allow the cat to walk around the house getting used to the feeling of the harness first.

Then add the lead before you go outside. Now the cat will feel the lead tighten as it walks, and generally speaking they learn they cannot just take off.

Now you can walk down the street with your cat. Some cats will be very interested in everything around them. So it may take some time to travel any distance.

What Are the Benefits to Walking Your Cat?

There are a number of benefits to walking your cat. If you have a house cat, the most important aspect is the exercise your cat will be getting.

House cats can become incredibly lazy. Which is why your should play with your cats. Taking them outside for some exercise is an excellent way to do this.

It also strengthens the bond you have. Helps you communicate better with your cat, and build trust. You can even combat some behavioural problems with leash training.

Do Cats Like Wearing Harnesses

Every cat is different, and some breeds react differently. As a rule of thumb, if you start with the lead training early the cat will not mind it too much.

You cannot approach training your cat as a quick goal. it takes time and patience. You always have to make sure the cat is ready. Never just strap on a harness and go outside.

Follow the instructions outlined earlier. By doing this you will surely be successful in taking your cat out on a lead, and it being calm and enjoying the experience.

Best Cat Harnesses for Taking Your Cat Outside

Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness

Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness This is one of the most popular harnesses. It only costs around $8, and it’s a high quality product. In the picture you can see the Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Medium, Royal Blue. But it’s available in a range of colors, and different sizes.

So you will find the perfect harness and leash for your kitty. I know some owners are keen on color matching, so take a look over on Amazon here and see if you can find the perfect match.

It’s made of nylon, so it’s nice to touch and won’t break. There are lots of ways to adjust the lengths of the straps, so you will get a nice snug fit. It’s a great harness, and will do the job just fine.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Kitty Holster Cat Harness I thought I would include this harness as it’s a stylish design. It also offers a more complete coat, as opposed to the straps of other harnesses.

It’s an award winning vest used by thousands of cat owners. So you know you’re getting a tried and tested vest. This Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Small/Medium, Red Bandana has plenty of adjustable fixings, so you’ll get it to fit most cats just right.

There are some other interesting patterns to check out too. Including most plain colors, and a nice tiger stripe effect!