Mauve Footpads: Which Breeds and Colors Have Them?

Mauve Footpads on a Russian Blue Cat

Does your cat have mauve footpads? Maybe you’re looking for a cat with mauve footpads?

You’ve probably discovered that mauve colored footpads is rare in cats, and limited to a few breeds in particular.

While it’s a very niche topic, here is everything you should ever need to know about the color of cat’s paw pads, and mauve footpads in particular!

What Does the Color Mauve Look Like?

Colors are never straightforward. Mauve is a shade of purple, then there are various shades of mauve.

To give anyone who isn’t familiar with this color a good idea however, this is a typical shade of mauve:

What Does the Color Mauve Look Like on Cat Footpads

Which Breeds of Cat Have Mauve Footpads?

It’s not about the breed of cat, rather the color of a cat’s coat. The color of a cats paw pads is directly related to the color of their coats (with some exceptions as always).


  • Pure black cats will almost always have black paw pads.
  • White cats will typically have pink color pads (there aren’t white pads).
  • Orange cats with typically have orange paw pads.
  • Mauve cats will… no surprise. …have mauve color footpads.
  • and so on, just take a look at your cat’s own combination of coat and paw pad color for yourself.

Which Breeds of Cat Are Mauve in Color?

The reason why you will not see mauve pads very often is that mauve color cats are not very common.

You will almost never see a mauve coat within a lot of breeds. The breeds that do have mauve cats and mauve paws are pretty much limited to:

  • Russian Blue
  • British Shorthair, and British Longhair
  • Korat
  • Nebelung
  • Chartreux
  • Mixed Moggy

Even then, the shades of their paw pads are going to vary. I think the Russian Blue is probably the best-known for having the ‘pure’ mauve color pads if I had to name one.

What Color Are Russian Blue Cat Pawpads?

This is a question that comes up a lot. To address it individually I can confirm that Russian Blue and Russian White cats typically have mauve color pads.

If you’ve adopted a cat and you’re trying to identify its breed, don’t just go by the color of their pads though.

The Korat and Chartreux look a lot of the Russian Blue, particularly when they are young. Get a vet to make an identification to be really sure what breed of cat you have.

What Color Are Seal Point Cat Pawpads?

When describing cats seal point refers to a certain type of color mix that a cat has. Although Siamese cats most commonly have seal point colors, it’s not limited to any particular breed.

Seal point cats have beige or fawn coats, darker legs, ears and tails, and the pads on their paws will be anywhere between mauve and brown.

So, if you’ve heard someone say their seal point cat has mauve paws while not having a mauve color body, it may well be true!

Here are some visuals of what you can typically expect when looking at the color of cat’s paws:

Grey color foot pads on a cat with a light brown and grey coat

This cat has a coat of several colors. Black, greys, light browns, and the result is a light grey color paw pad.

Light pink paw pad on a mixed color cat

A common color for moggies with a mix of light colors in their coats is pink footpads. This guy has little black spots too as he has bits of black in his coat.

Light grey color paw pads on a light grey color cat

This is a paw from a light grey tabby, just like the ones in the Whiskers ads. No surprise then that he has a light grey pad on his foot.

Chartreux Cat with Mauve Footpads

This Chartreux has a lovely blue coat and mauve pads. But judging by the look on his face it’s not going to be easy to get a photo of him holding up his paw!

What color cat do you have and what color are their paw pads? Feel free to share below, let’s see if we have any unusual and unique colors!


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