Huge List of Majestic Female Cat Names

Majestic Female Cat Names

Looking for a special name for a new addition to your home? You might just find what you’re looking for in this list of majestic female cat names!

Why a majestic name?

The dictionary definition of the word ‘Majestic’ is:

Majestic; adjective

Having or showing impressive beauty or scale.

As parents to our little fluffy bundles of joy, I’m sure we all see our kitties as being wonderfully beautiful and majestic, right?

Well, there are those moments when they just won’t let you sleep, claw the furniture, scratch at the door to be let in/out late at night, and so on….

But overall, our cats are awesome.

That’s why we love them so much, and why cat owners are some of the most passionate pet owners (maybe I’m a little bias).

So, I’ve put together a list of powerful, majestic female cat names to help you find that perfect name for your new addition.

Especially if she already looks and acts like a cute little princess (or a diva).

I know it’s a really tough decision, but do let me know how you get on and what name you’ve settled on, I’d love to hear about it.

Good luck!

Majestic Female Cat Names with Meanings

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Aksha – Means ‘blessing’ in Hindi.

Alazne – Means ‘Miracle’.

Alexandra – Means ‘Man’s defender’ in Greek.

Beatrix – Means ‘blessed’.

Behati – African version of Beatrice.

Belle – Means ‘Beautiful’ in French.

Calithea – Means ‘Beauty’.

Charlotte – A regal name meaning ‘Free’.

Clara – Means ‘Bright’.

Dondi – Means ‘Lady of Rank’.

Elizabeth – Means ‘God’s promise’ and nother regal name.

Elqenna – Means ‘Superior’.

Genevieve – Means ‘God’s blessing’ in French.

Gwyneth – Means ‘Blessed’ in Welsh.

Ingrid – Means ‘Beautiful’.

Jasmine – Named after the fragrant flower.

Kamalei – Means ‘Close to The Heart’ in Hawaii.

Karishma – Means ‘Miracle’.

Leia – Means ‘Delicate’.

Marvel – Named after a character in “The Hunger Games”.

Marvella – Same as Marvel.

Miracle – As it sounds, a Miracle.

Mirai – Also means Miracle.

Mireya – Means ‘Miracle’ in Spanish.

Nessa – Means ‘Miracle’ in Jewish.

Nasya – Means ‘Miracle’ in Hebrew.

Odine – Means ‘Wise Woman’ in Latin.

Philomena – Means ‘Lover of Strength’.

Rosalba – Means ‘White Rose’ in Spanish.

Sachi – Means ‘Miracle’ in Japanese.

Tamika – Means ‘Child of The People’ in Japanese.

Valentina – Means ‘Brave’.

Victoria – Named after the mighty Queen Victoria.

Winifred – Means ‘Blessed peacemaker’ in Welsh.

Zara – The daughter of Princess Anne, a very regal sounding name.

Ziva – Means ‘Brilliance’ in Hebrew.

I hope you found the name you were looking for in this list of Majestic female cat names!

Please do drop me a note and let me know what name you settled on. or, if you have any suggestions to be added to the list I’m open to that too.

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Good luck!

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