How to Care for a Pregnant Cat

How to Care for a Pregnant Cat

If you have a pregnant cat at home, hopefully it’s not a complete surprise and you are somewhat ready. Most people in this situation have planned a litter of pedigree kittens.

It’s also an all too common situation for people with a cat that hasn’t been neutered or spayed. Unfortunately too many unwanted litters are being born, but that a story for a different post.

Making the decision to breed your cat is a thrilling, and interesting prospect. Seeing nature take place like that in front of your eyes for the first time is magical. But it comes with responsibility.

In this article I will cover the most important tips you need to be aware of when breeding your own cat. Paying attention to these tips will ensure a smooth and comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Make Sure You Have Good Homes before Planned Breeding

Once you decide you are interested in breeding from your cat, you need to arrange homes for the kittens from the litter.

The best way you can do this is to start looking around what demand is like. There is no reason to breed a specific breed of cat if there is no demand for the kittens.

When you find there is demand you should make enquires to have owners lined up ready. Obviously you will not know the exact amount of kittens, or their marking and when they will be ready.

But lots of people line up people who are interested. You must, at the very least be aware that there is enough interest that you will not have a problem housing them.

You Cat Should Be Kept Indoors Once Pregnant

Female cats can be impregnated by two separate males. Having a mixed litter as a result. SO once you know your cat has mated, it’s important you keep her indoors.

When cats are in season or on heat, they act quickly. So don’t take any risks.

Make You Vet Aware That Your Cat Is Pregnant

If you are registered with a vet’s practice, it’s always advisable to make them aware your cat is pregnant. They will usually have lots of free advice and tips for you that may help.

It also makes it a lot less surprising and difficult if you have to drop in suddenly for any reason.

Check into Any Medications Your Cat May Be On

If your cat is currently on any medications, anything at all – run them by your vet and check that are safe while a cat is pregnant.

If your cat does take medication, it’s also worth considering why they need to take this medicine. Do they have a condition that could potentially be passed on?

Prepare a Cat Litter Box with Easy Access

You will either be keeping your cat indoors, or it will likely spend a lot more time indoors. So you need a litter box that has easy access. Easier than a normal box at least.

Have the sides as low as possible. Not only for the queen to use, but for the young kittens to become accustomed to.

For safety reasons it’s recommended you use a clay-free, non-clumping litter. Keep the box very clean too so it stays appealing.

Make a Comfortable Nesting Area for Your Queen

Pregnant queens are well known for finding their own little comfortable spot to see out most of their time as the birth draws closer.

Once this has become obvious, provide plenty of clean blankets and put a water bowl nearby. Don’t intrude though, they like privacy. I’m sure you can understand.

Be Aware of What You Need to Feed a Pregnant Queen

As you can probably imagine, the cat’s need for food will increase. They need the extra calories for all those little bundles of joy they are carrying.

You can be advised of the best food by your vet if you’re unsure. It’s worth picking up some premium food, you want to help in every way possible.

Keep Your Cat Safe and Free from Stress

A heavily pregnant cat is not able to defend itself properly. This is why you should be keeping her indoors.

If you have other cats indoors too I’m sure they all get along great. But try and keep the nesting area separated from the other cats.

Make sure the area she is nesting is quiet and free from disruption too. Make it as safe a haven as possible.

Marvel at the Wonder of Nature

Finally, after all the preparing you have put in, it’s time to enjoy the wonder of nature. Seeing kittens brought into this world is a wonderful sight,

I will write more articles in the future about newborn kitten care, and post pregnancy care. But as far as this article goes, you can enjoy seeing the new kittens taking their first steps, opening their eyes, and before you know it – causing a storm around your home.