Do Kittens Sleep a Lot When They Are Growing? (Yup, A Lot!)

Do Kittens Sleep a Lot When They Are Growing

Just adopted a kitten? You’re in for a world of fun!

Few domestic animals are as crazy, hyperactive, fun, and of course energetic as a new kitten.

They will nibble on your toes as you try to sleep. Scale the curtains, walls, and furniture in your home, and at times it’ll feel like you can’t get a break as they run from room to room as fast as they can.

But is it really that bad or hard work?

PS – You can find out how to calm a hyper kitten here.

No. It’s not. And, you’ll miss the kitten stage when you have a lazy adult cat more interested in sleeping than playing with you. Trust me.

The most interesting point of all is that kittens actually sleep a lot. They need to recharge all that explosive energy and let their bodies develop as they grow up so fast.

So, do kittens sleep a lot when they are growing and how much sleep is normal?

Let’s take a look….

How Much Should My Kitten Be Sleeping a Day?

How Much Should My Kitten Be Sleeping a Day

While there is no hard rule for how many hours a day your kitten should be sleeping, anywhere between 18-20 hours a day is perfectly normal.

So, when your getting stressed out or frustrated with your little kitty running circles around you and tearing up your house – you can tell yourself it’s not going to last long.

This isn’t going to be in one long stretch though. It will be split up into many cat naps throughout the day and night.

Kittens are notorious for being awake and keeping owners awake during the night, so expect some interrupted sleep for the first few weeks.

It felt like my last kitten would be awake all night. It was a nightmare for 2-3 months. While in reality they probably slept most of the night broken up into a dozen or so naps.

I would either feel a pair of piercing eyes looking at me or feel him walking over me while I slept. Then if I so much as moved a toe he would jump on it. Sound familiar?

How to Get a Kitten to Sleep at Night

How to Get a Kitten to Sleep at Night

I thought I’d offer some tips and tricks to help you get your kitten to sleep more at night. As I pointed out above, it can be really frustrating having they jumping all over you while you’re trying to sleep.

I wish it was as simple as shutting them out of the room. This isn’t always possible, and the scratching on your door or wondering what they are destroying elsewhere in your home might keep you awake anyway.

Here are a few things you can try to get your kitten to sleep more during the night when you’re trying to get some uninterrupted sleep:

Tire them out Before Bed Time – You probably don’t need many excuses to play with your kitten, it’s always fun. Make sure you’re giving them a good play session before bedtime to tire them out.

Provide Comfy Sleeping Spots – Most cats are fussy and inconsistent when it comes to choosing where they sleep. So make as many comfy and enticing places (that aren’t in your room) for your kitty to sleep.

Feed Them Before Bedtime – We all sleep better on a full tummy and our bodies use a lot of energy digesting food. This is no different for kittens, you might get a longer sleep out of them if they eat just before you go to bed.

Ignore Them During the Night – As hard as it is, try ignoring your kitty if they are looking for attention from you during the night. They are more likely to redirect their attention elsewhere if you don’t react.

How Long Does the Kitten Stage Last?

How Long Does the Kitten Stage Last

As a rule of thumb, when a cat reaches a year old they are no longer considered kittens. They are now adult cats.

Adult cats sleep less than kittens (they no longer need all those extra Zzzz to fuel their growth).

Adult cats still sleep around 16 hours a day though. Cats love their sleep, and when they are not sleeping you can usually find them relaxing somewhere.

In Summary

Like I said earlier, it’s not an exact science. But you can expect to see your kitten sleeping less as they age.

They will start out sleeping around 18-20 hours a day while they are in their growth and developmental stages.

This will taper off as they become adults at around 12 months old. By this time they will be sleeping nearer to 16 hours a day.

With their sleep broken up into so many cat naps, it’s hard to keep track of. It’s something to keep an eye on, however, as excessive sleep may indicate your cat has some underlying issue.

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