Do Cats Know When You Are Pregnant? 11 Safety Tips

Do cats know when you are Pregnant

If you’re pregnant and owning a cat, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered if your cat can sense when you’re pregnant. It’s a valid question cats are known for being particularly observant creatures. So Do cats know when you are pregnant?

Cats have a very powerful sense of smell, and they can easily judge many human hormonal changes inside the body.

This article is a comprehensive guide for feline sensing human pregnancies. We will also let you know about the danger of having or grooming a cat during pregnancy.

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Do cats know when you are Pregnant?

The answer to the question is yes and No. Cats do have a keen sense of smell, so it’s possible your cat could pick up on the subtle changes in your hormones that indicate you’re pregnant. Some cat owners have also noticed behavioral changes in their cats when they become pregnant. Your cat might be more clingy or affectionate than usual, especially if she senses a change in your energy or mood.

Experts agree that cats can sense you’re pregnant, but don’t know exactly how they pick up on the changes in your body chemistry.

How do cats sense pregnancy?

Many cat owners and experts conclude that cats can sense changes in their owner’s body chemistry during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, chemical changes in your sweat and breath indicate you’re carrying a child. This helps cats to sense your pregnancy before their symptoms start showing.

Is owning a cat during your pregnancy is safe?

No, this is best to avoid contact with cats while you are pregnant to avoid the risk of Toxoplasma. Toxoplasma gondii is a dangerous parasite for pregnant women and causes the disease Toxoplasmosis.

How do cats act when the owner is pregnant?

cat with pregnant woman

Cats are very intuitive animals. If your cat can sense a change in your hormones, she may become more affectionate or clingy as a way to bond with you and protect her territory.

They’re often more anxious around strangers and sometimes even avoid the home altogether.

Some cat owners also notice behavioral changes in their cats when they become pregnant. Your cat might be more clingy or affectionate than usual, especially if she senses a change in your energy or mood.

How to avoid cats when you’re pregnant?

Health professionals often suggest pregnant females avoid cats friends for the pregnancy period to reduce the risk of suffering from Toxoplasma gondii.

If you have a cat at home, there are subtle things you can do to protect yourself from her during pregnancy.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid your cat and prevent yourself from the Toxoplasma gondii during pregnancy.

1) If your cat is extra clingy or affectionate, try putting her in a separate room when you’re expecting a baby, feeling ill or exhausted.

2) Avoid your feline grooming activities and cleaning the litter box. Hand over the task to another caring family member.

3) Make sure to change the litter box on a daily routine basis. Toxoplasma parasite needs a time of  1 to 5 days to become infectious after the shed. 

4) Concentrate on your feline diet don’t give uncooked and raw meats and foods. Give recommended dry and canned food

5) Keep your kitty indoors and prevent the entrance of outdoor or stray cats. 

6) Do not adopt or buy a new cat while you or some family member in the house is pregnant. 

7) Make sure to Keep outdoor sandboxes covered.

8) Make sure to wear gloves and a mask when cleaning home gardening to avoid the risk of contamination if the toxoplasma is present in any form in your home. 

9) You should also make sure she’s not around when your labor begins since the change in your hormones can cause her to become anxious and protective during this time. If possible, keep the cat out of the delivery room altogether.

10) Do not leave your kitty alone. Make a proper arrangement and hand over the responsibility to another caring family member.

11) Provide proper cat toys and arrange a comfortable cat bed and letterbox for your feline. 

Can I sleep with my cat while Pregnant?

No, sleeping with your cat during your pregnancy is dangerous for you and your newborn baby. Cats are the leading carriers of Toxoplasma Gondi, a parasite that can cause compilation for pregnant women and can badly affect the newborn child’s health.

Avoid sleeping with your kitty while you are pregnant. 

Should you stay Away from cats when pregnant?

cat wit exercising pregnant lady

Yes, this is safe and recommended advice from health professionals to avoid owning, grooming, cleaning, and sleeping with a cat when you are pregnant. The reason behind this is to reduce the risk of a parasite known as Toxoplasma Gondi that is considered dangerous during pregnancy. 

Can cats smell Pregnancy Hormones?

Yes cats can smell pregnancy hormones. Felines  are very curious and have a powerful sense of smell and can easily observe and smell many hormonal changes inside the body. 

Why should you not clean litter box when pregnant?

You should avoid cleaning cat litter boxes when pregnant because cats’ feces contain a parasite known as Toxoplasma Gondi that can transfer to humans. This protozoan parasite is considered dangerous for pregnant ladies and newborn children. 

Can I be in the same Room as cat litter while pregnant?

The safe idea is to separate your cat and its litter box from your room when pregnant. Keeping the kitty or its litter box in your own Rome during pregnancy is not considered safe and has a risk of suffering from the Toxoplasma parasite. 

What happens if you touched cat poop while pregnant?

Cat poop may contain the Toxoplasma that can be transferred to you and your upcoming baby. Toxoplasma may have a minor to severe impact on your child. So do not touch or clean cat poop during pregnancy.

grooming cat

Do cats get Clingy when you’re pregnant?

Yes, your cat can get clingy while you are pregnant. Felines are curious to sense human hormonal changes easily and can adopt behavioral changes. Your kitty may become clingy, aggressive, supportive, and caring when she senses pregnancy. 

How soon can cats sense Pregnancy?

Cats are among the known animals that sense humans hormonal changes so quickly. Your cat can sense your hormonal pregnancy changes soon as they sense other hormonal changes. 

Why do cats attack pregnant woman?

Feline sense power is so powerful they are curies to sense any chemical or hormonal change inside the human body. Cats can adapt to behavioral changes when they sense any hormonal changes. A cat can become aggressive and rarely attack pregnant women. 

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