Why Do Cats Freeze When Something Is on Their Head?

Why Do Cats Freeze When Something Is on Their Head

If you love funny and cute cat videos I’m sure you’ve seen some of the videos where objects are placed on cat’s heads and allow it to just balance there.

But, why do cats freeze when something is on their head?

Well, why do some cats allow this to happen? I know for a fact my cats wouldn’t tolerate this, so it’s not an auto-response from all cats to freeze and balance things on their heads.

Cats with Stuff on Their Heads – Video

Here is an example of what I’ve been talking about:

Why Do Cats Freeze When Something Is on Their Head?

The main reason why the cats in the videos are allowing things to be put on their heads is down to them having a placid personality and some training on the part of their owners.

Cats can be trained to do a number of things just like dogs and other pets. The easiest way to do this is with repetition and treats when they do what they are being trained to do.

In some of the videos, you’ll see the owners giving them treats to reward them for keeping still. So this is clearly something they have been working on.

Not every cat can be trained to keep still when things are being placed on their heads though. Some cats are easier to train than others, I know I”ve had a few stubborn ones over the years.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to train your cat to put up with objects balancing on their heads though. It’s not exactly something the cat wants to do, I mean, how would you like it, right?

Is It Cruel to Put Things on Your Cat’s Head?

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. It’s fairly obvious that a cat doesn’t want to balance something on its head, regardless if they shake it off or not.

It’s being done for the entertainment of others. I don’t find it particularly interesting or funny, but looking at the number of views some of these videos get it’s clear they are popular.

Cats typically don’t like having things placed anywhere on them. If your cat has ever had something stuck to their coats you might have seen them freaking out or moving strangely.

Whenever a cat feels like their movement is being restricted it can make them act in strange ways. It’s important to remember that it’s causing them stress, whether or not they are visibly showing it.