Why Do Cats Eat Flies? It’s Gross but Not That Weird!

Why Do Cats Eat Flies

One of the many curious questions that come up about cats it, why do cats eat flies?

Not all cats eat flies. But if your cat is one that does, it’s a pretty gross thing to witness.

Although there is the added benefit of your kitty removing that annoying fly from the room, but still…

The main reason for cats eating flies is because they are natural hunters, and they love chasing things that move around in random directions.

A fly is almost like the ultimate toy for cats. It flies around, usually not afraid to get near the huge threat that is a cat, and will buzz past their faces.

It’s too much to resist for almost any cat. One of my cats is a lazy 18 years old, yet it will get up for a fly if it’s buzzing around in her personal space.

As for eating the fly, it’s just too much for most cats to resist. After catching the prey they’ve chased it’s normal for them to bite it or play with it in their mouths.

Being as a fly is so small there is only one way it’s going to end up. That is by being eaten pretty quickly.

Will Eating a Fly Make My Cat Sick?

Eating flies shouldn’t make your cat sick, no.

Cats are intelligent animals and generally speaking will not eat insects that make them sick. Although, some cats seem to be lacking in this ‘survival’ instinct area.

One of my cats licks and eats just about any plant it comes across and has been sick more times than I can remember.

Nothing serious. But still, it’s not nice seeing our kitties throwing up. Nor is it pleasant to clean up when it’s indoors.

There are some insects and bugs that can potentially cause some gastric issues and sickness, but flies shouldn’t cause this.

So next time you see your cat chasing and eating a fly don’t panic, there is no harm that can come of it.

Just turn the other way if it grosses you out. It’s one of those cat things we as owners have to accept.

Cat Eats Fly Gif

Just in case you wanted to see a cat eating a fly – here you go!

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