Can Cats Eat Grasshoppers?

Can cats eat grasshoppers?

It’s fun watching cats chasing bugs and insects around the garden. It’s in their DNA to hunt, chase, play with their prey, and also eat what they catch.

I’ve seen my cats eat all sorts of insects in the garden. From flies and butterflies to grasshoppers, ladybirds, and all sorts in between.

If you’ve seen your cat eat a grasshopper, in particular, you’re probably wondering – can cats eat grasshoppers and not get sick?

The good news is that it should be fine. By fine, I don’t mean it’s fine to see your cat eating a grasshopper as that’s pretty disgusting, but it should be fine for their health.

It’s kinda hard to believe sometimes that your beloved, domestic pet that sits on your lap and may even lick you eats horrible insects, isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, this is something that is completely normal for a cat and part of their natural predatory instincts.

If they see an insect jumping around, walking past them, or flying within reach, a cat is more than likely going to try and catch it.

Just as they do with toys – but real life prey is so much more fun!

Is There Any Nutritional Value in Grasshoppers?

Well, no, not really. While a grasshopper isn’t toxic per se there are no real nutrients that your cat can draw from them. A little bit of protein, sure, but other than that it’s mostly a hard and sharp exoskeleton. Watch out or your cat can cut or scrape its mouth.

What Happens If Cats Eat Grasshoppers?

Not much is going to happen to be honest. If a cat does catch a grasshopper they’re going to play with it for a while, and possible eat the whole thing once it gets tired of the game. Most likely nothing is going to happen – cats eat most anything small that moves in nature.

Can Grasshoppers Make Cats Sick?

There is always a slim chance that a grasshopper might not agree with your cat and they will be sick.

If this happens it should just be a one-off incident and hopefully, your cat learns its lesson.

Some people worry about insects passing internal parasites onto cats, but this doesn’t really happen in my experience.

Your kitty is much more at risk from external insects and bugs like fleas and ticks etc, so you should focus your efforts more on keeping them clear of external parasites.

Hopefully, this has helped ease your mind. So, next time you see you see your cat eating a grasshopper just turn away if it’s grossing you out, but don’t worry about any ill effects.