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Can cats eat Puppuccinos Pup Cup? [Ultimate Guide]

By Gunnar Bengtsson

Puppuccinos also known as Pup Cup is a popular treat for dogs at Starbucks made with whipped cream and are a favorite among pups. But can cats eat puppuccinos? The Puppachino has become a popular treat for dogs because it’s a sweet and delicious way to show them some love. Many feline owners often want […]

Can Cats Eat Vanilla Yogurt? [Ultimate Guide]

By Gunnar Bengtsson

Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or a long-time pro, there are always new things to learn about taking care of your feline friend. One question that often comes up is, can cats eat vanilla yogurt? Just like people, cats may also like to enjoy treats. While there are many cat-safe snacks you can give […]

Can cats have vanilla Ice Cream? Safe or Toxic?

By Gunnar Bengtsson

Have you been in a fantasy of giving your cat a little treat? Who doesn’t love a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day? Maybe you’ve seen your cat eyeing your ice cream and wondered if they can have it. But can our feline friends enjoy this treat as well? Can […]

Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream? (I Explain the Pros and Cons)

By Phil

I love whipped cream. Who doesn’t? My cat loves it too, I know this because she has stolen a lick more than once, but can cats eat whipped cream without having an upset tummy or any other issues? Because that’s the question we should ask ourselves every time our cats steal a crafty lick (or […]

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream?

By Kristin

You accidentally left the tub of sour cream out on the table and your cat got his nose into it. Now you are left wondering. Can cats eat sour cream? The simple answer to this question is yes. Cats can eat sour cream in moderation. The next time you are dressing your baked potato, feel […]

Can Cats Eat Cheese? Here’s the Results

By Phil

Can cats eat cheese? How safe and healthy is cheese for cats? Let’s find out…. We all know that cats love dairy products like milk, cream, whipped cream, and even ice cream (my cats love ice cream!) even though they these products are not the best for them as a lot of cats are lactose […]