Cat Proof Paper Towel Holders: 4 Picks to Keep Your Paper Towels Safe!

Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder

Does your cat shred, tear, bite, and play with the paper towels in your kitchen?

You’re not alone.

Cats like ripping up paper (and being mischievous). But let’s be honest, it’s kinda an annoying habit we’d like to put a stop to.

A cat proof paper towel holder is probably the best way to keep your cat’s mitts off your paper towels. While still allowing you to have a roll of paper towels on hand in your kitchen when you need them.

This doesn’t mean you have to hide them behind lock and key. There are some stylish and functional paper towel holders that do a great job of being cat proof.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand your cat’s behavior, and more importantly put a stop to it!

4 Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder Options to Protect Your Paper Towels from Your Cat

I have four different paper towel holders to show you, each offering an increased level of protection.

If your cat is only a ‘light’ paper towel fiend, then the first one by UpGood might be sufficient. If you need more protection check out the towel holder from Vremi, and to lock out the most persistent of cats check out the holder from Blomus.

UpGood Brushed Stainless Steel Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder

UpGood Brushed Stainless Steel Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder

I think this holder hits a middle ground as being stylish while offering some protection against cats, kittens, and even small children.

Obviously, the roll is half exposed. This is why I said above that it’s an option to deter cats that aren’t too persistent at destroying your paper towels.

If you’re tired of finding claw or chew marks on your paper towels, pick a good spot facing the opening against the wall and I think it’ll be enough to deter most cats.

It’s hard to make a paper towel sound fun or interesting, but to cover the specifications; it has a non-slip base (so your cat can’t push it off the countertop), holds rolls of all sizes, and is available in a few different colors.

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Vremi Decorative Cat Proof Paper Towel Dispenser

Vremi Decorative Cat Proof Paper Towel Dispenser

This paper towel holder from Vremi is stepping up the security a notch. When it’s facing one way you can’t see the paper, then a quick swivel reveals the paper for you to tear off.

It’s actually designed this way to keep the paper dry when cooking or just splashing around, and for easy tearing when you want to pull some out.

Rotating the holder is a small price to pay for keeping it safe from your cat in my opinion. When you’re not using it just keep it facing a wall or something your cat can’t move and you can rest easy knowing your paper towels are safe.

It’s available in three colors, has a non-skid base, finished with a deep polished look, but it’s worth mentioning it doesn’t hold those jumbo-sized kitchen towel rolls.

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Blomus Cylinder Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder

Blomus Cylinder Cat Proof Paper Towel Holder

This is about as secure and cat proof a towel holder can get while still letting you in to pull sheets out!

It almost completely encases the paper towels in a stainless steel cylinder. Leaving just a thin slit where the end of the roll sticks out.

It’s actually a really neat idea. You can take this outside for BBQs and cookouts, splash it, spilling things on it, and your paper towels are going to be exactly where you left them, dry and ready to be used.

With a non-slip base and weighing in at 3lbs, cats that like to push things off countertops aren’t going to be able to shift it either.

I’d like to see the look on any cat’s face when this replaces the old stick that was holding the paper towels. No more fun time for them!

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Extreme Solution – Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Extreme Solution - Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

If you are at your wit’s end and have already tried something similar to the holders above, why not move to wall-mounted folded paper towels?

I know, it sounds and looks like a drastic step to take. But as an idea that’s 100% sure to work, I felt like it was worth mentioning.

Well, it’s only 100% if you can find a spot your cat can’t reach that’s still convenient for you. But that shouldn’t be too hard.

I had a wall-mounted paper towel holder in my old house and like the convenience of having paper towels at arms reach, so it’s something I’d put up again.

It wasn’t in a place that would stop my cat playing with the paper, but she wasn’t bothered anyway.

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Why Do Cats like to Shred and Eat Paper?

Why Do Cats like to Shred and Eat Paper

To help give you a little insight into why your cat has been attacking your kitchen paper towels, here are some common reasons why cats shred and eat paper:

They like the Feel of Paper

This is an obvious statement. They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t like the feel of tearing up paper, right?

Still, it’s one of the reasons why cats rip paper towels, toilet rolls, newspapers, and other things around the home you’d rather they didn’t destroy.

They Are Playing

Paper towels are light and fluffy (especially the expensive super-absorbent ones), so cats can get a lot of enjoyment chasing the little bits around.

Cats also like destroying things if you hadn’t noticed. I have cat-resistant sofas, have to hide food, use cat proof toilet rolls holders, and more just to keep my two in line.

They Are Being Mischievous and Curious

I know we all love our little angels but let’s be real here, cats are mischievous little creatures at times. I’m still not convinced some of my cat’s behaviors aren’t deliberate to get a rise out of me…

If your cat turns their attention to destroying something else after you cat-proof your paper towels, you know you have a bad kitty on your hands.

Have you had to find a solution to your cat attacking your paper towels? What was the best solution you found?

Do you have a cat-proof paper towel holder? Did it help?

I’d love to hear any comments or feedback. Just drop me a note below, thanks.

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